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Distinctive Foliage
Rhizomatous Begonias

The largest group of begonias are the rhizomatous, possibly over 700 species, mostly from Central and South America. Most of the rhizomatous begonias from Asia and Africa are classified as distinctive foliage varieties.

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Begonia coriacea Begonia coriacea
Code: 20424
Price: $10.95

Quantity in Basket: none

Small, round, peltate, slightly cupped leaves, dark coppery color, red under. Deep pink flowers are produced almost all year. Lovely dwarf species from Sumatra. (F, D, T)


Begonia lanceolata Begonia lanceolata
Code: 90073
Price: $13.95

Quantity in Basket: none

(Syn.: Begonia attenuata)

Narrow lance-shaped leaves arise directly from a creeping rhizome. White flowers, with female flowers staying low close to the rhizome. Epiphytic, best grown in sphagnum moss in a basket or mounted on a board like a fern. Notice the naturally occurring oxalic crystals on the underside of the leaves. Brazil.


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