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Passifloras A - L

Passiflora 'Coral Glow' Passionflowers or passion vines derive their common name from the religious symbolism attached to their regular, but intricate flowers, which usually have five sepals and five petals united around a fringe-like crown and prominent column of stamens and styles, and are often large (to 5 inches) and colorful. Some varieties are grown mostly for their unusually shaped decorative leaves. Still others are grown for their delicious, edible fruit, best known as granadilla, and juiced for a refreshing tropical beverage.

Although in nature most passionflowers are large vines, they may be successfully grown indoors in containers and trained on wire loops. Remember, however, that indoor and greenouse plants grown for fruit production need to be hand pollinated. For best flavor, passion fruits must be allowed to fully ripen and fall naturally from the vine. Fruits are ready to eat when they become wrinkled and fragrant.

Family: Passifloraceae.

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