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Achimenes, Eucodonia, xAchicodonia,
xAchimenantha, and xSmithicodonia

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Rhizomes are shipped February through mid-April.

As the rhizomes harvest is not yet complete, some varieties in this list may end-up as unavailable. So, please choose some alternate varieties.

Important: Some varieties are always in short supply. If we are out of any, we will substitute equally good varieties of similar color and type, unless alternate choices have been selected. As the list is very long, be sure to jot down the names of some alternates. You can enter them on the substitutes page, which will open after you choose your primary selections.

Each variety chosen contains 5 rhizomes. These packets are priced at $8.95 each.

Shipping and handling is $10.00 plus $1.00 for each rhizome packet or plant ordered. Rhizomes can be combined with plants to help offset shipping costs.

Ordering Instructions: Click on the checkboxes of ALL the varieties you wish to order. If you decide to start over there is a clear button at the end of the list. Then click the "Add to Basket" button.

The page will reopen on the "Alternate Choices" page. Enter any substitutions that you have jotted down. These selections will display on the "Basket" page without any prices. If you wish, you can leave the "Alternate Choices" page blank and we will be happy to choose for you.

Be sure to check the shopping "Basket" to make sure your order is correct.

Each variety is $ 8.95 (5 rhizomes)
Achimenes Rhizomes

Code: RHZ5


  'Ambroise Verschaffelt' (Regal) - Large white, delicately netted purple.
  'Annie Belle' - Medium-large blue flowers with darker lines, small yellow center spot. Leaves dark with maroon reverse. Erect stems.
  'Aphrodite' (Himalayan Gardens, UK) - A rare tricolor variety with large 2.75" white flowers, pale lavender shading mostly at edges, and small yellow spot in center. Plant grows upright to 8 inches high.
  'Apple Blossom' (Mossop) - Large pink with yellow throat spotted with red.
  'Apricot Glow' (Brumpton) - Many large coral-pink flowers, dark red backed foliage, trailing.
  'Bernice' (Lane) - Large pinkish-purple flowers with fuchsia colored mid-veins on the petals. Erect stems.
  'Blue Bird' (Mossop) - Very large deep violet-blue. Compact.
  'Blue David' (Mossop) - Variegated light and dark blue.
  'Blue John' (Townsend) - Large pastel blue flowers.
  'Blue Planet' (Lane) - Large mid-blue with large white eye.
  'Blue Rose' - Large hyacinth blue double flowers.
  'Blueberry Ripple' - Large blush white with stripped rose variegation.
  'Boy David' (Mossop) - Large light blue variegated deep blue, distinctive.
  'Bright Jewel' - Orange-red with rose eye.
  'Caligula' (Worley) - Large velvety currant red flowers, trailing.
  'Cardinal Velvet' - Magenta rose with yellow throat.
  'Cascade Cockade' (Michelssen) - Large bright pink with large white eye.
  'Cascade Evening Glow' (Michelssen) - Large bright salmon-pink, trailing.
  'Cascade Violet Night' (Michelssen) - Large deep blue, compact.
  'Cattleya' - Blue-violet flowers with lighter throats. Trailing.
   cettoana - Small upright species with pretty blue flowers and dark green narrow leaves.
  'Chalkhill Blue' (Townsend) - Blue with large white eye.
  'Claret' - Large dark purple-violet flowers with brown spotted yellow throat. Erect form.
  'Coral Cameo' - Dark foliage with small coral-red flower, dark spotted throat.
  'Coral Sunset' (Brumpton) - Salmon-pink, bronze foliage.
  'Cornell Favorite' (Cornell Univ.) - Magenta-rose flowers, yellow in throat, purplish-red leaves.
  'Dale Martens' (Saliba) - Dark pink single or semi-double flowers with darker dots and splashes in yellow eye.
  'Desiree' (Worley) - Masses of large flowered, double salmon-red long-lasting flowers. Compact.
  'Donna' - Large medium blue flowers with dark purple stripes in the throat. Compact, trailing.
  'Dot' - Small light pink flowers with deep rose-pink netted eye. Trailing with a huge cascade of blooms. The name does not do it justice.
   dulcis - Species with medium-sized bell-shaped white flowers with a yellow throat. Native to Mexico.
  'Electra' (Lane) - Medium-sized blue-purple flowers with contrasting dark purple freckles in the yellow eye. Bronze foliage with burgundy reverse.
  'Elke Michelssen' (Michelssen) - Very large bright pink flowers, dark foliage.
  'English Waltz' (Michelssen) - Large striking fluorescent pink with a few brown spots on the small yellow throat. Green leaves, erect stems.
   erecta (Syn.: A. coccinea) - Small, numerous bright red flowers with small and narrow leaves. Small upright plant, eventually drooping. One of the first Achimenes species introduced into cultivation.
   erecta 'Tiny Red' - Small, mostly upright-grower with prolific 1/2 inch brilliant red flowers. Leaves slightly broader than species.
  'Erlkonig' (Syn.: A. 'Earl Konig') (Michelssen) - Medium-sized bright pink flower with rose eye on a compact upright plant. Name refers to Danish word Ellerkong (King of the Elves).
  'Fashionable Night' - Large blue with yellow eye, white throat, trailing.
  'Flamboyant' - Large abundant orange-red flowers, compact.
  'Flamenco' (Michelssen) - Large bright orange-red, compact.
  'Fritz Michelssen' (Syn.: A. 'Fritz') (Michelssen) - Large mid-blue with lighter blotch in the center. Upright with dark green leaves, burgundy reverse.
  'Gemini' - Trailing with large mid-blue flowers, lighter center area.
  'George Saliba' - Unknown hybrid with yellowish overtones.
  'Glory' - Older hybrid with medium-sized 1.5" bright orange-red flowers with a small touch of yellow in the throat. Medium green foliage. Often an award winner.
  'Golden Butterfly' (Saliba) - Medium-sized semi-double flowers with golden yellow interior fading to white, edges a light pink. Very compact shape, stems erect, and an excellent bloomer.
  'Habanera' (Michelssen) - Large bright orange-red, brown spotting on small yellow center spot. Erect, compact plant.
  'Hard To Get' (Saliba) - Relatively tall hybrid with each flower a combo of purple and yellow and ranging from single to double in form.
  'Harveyi' (Syn.: A. 'Shirley', 'Fireglow', 'Burnt Orange') - Unknown origin, probably a hybrid or variation of Achimenes erecta. Abundant blooms of small orange flowers on compact plant with narrow leaves.
  'Honey Gold' (Worley) - With its petals frilled and notched, this has double orange flowers with bright yellow centers.
  'Hughes Aufray' (Saliba) - Compact growth with beautiful medium-sized bright yellow flowers edged with purple. Erect stems.
  'India' (Michelssen) - Large flat deep violet-blue flowers, dark foliage. Easy to grow, upright plant, heavy bloomer. Serge Saliba states that this is a perfect Achimenes.
  'Jennifer Goode' (Worley) - Very large rosy purple flowers with unusual deep purple netting.
  'Jewel Glow' - Large bright deep fuchsia flowers, compact.
  'Jewel Pink' (Lyon) - Trailing with free flowering bright pink flowers.
  'Jubilee Gem' - Rosy purple, vigorous, upright.
  'Just Divine' - Large rosy purple netted flowers, compact.
  'Kim Blue' - Very large medium blue flowers with wavy edges. Trailing form ideal for baskets.
  'Last Dawn' (Saliba) - A stunning double flowered cultivar that varies from dark magenta red to yellow. Flower are large, fringed, and with dots on the petals. The various color combinations can be present at the same time. Glossy, light green leaves on a compact upright plant.
  'Lavender Fancy' (Brumpton) - Medium-sized rich lavender-purple flowers, cream spot in throat. Light green leaves, maroon stems.
  'Lemoncello' (Saliba) - With medium-sized bright yellow flowers and occasional red splashes, its sturdy petals can withstand the effects of full sunlight. This first class cultivar with light green leaves is erect, compact, and self-branching.
  'Lilac' (Muller) - Large mid-purple flowers, easy.
  'Lisa' (Lane) - Small light pink flowers, netted.
   longiflora - Very large blue, trailing species.
  'Luneberg' (Michelssen) - Large bright pink flowers with tiny yellow spot in throat. Erect, leaves dark green, burgundy reverse.
  'Margarita' - Large pure white, compact, trailing.
  'Mauve Delight' - Large pale lavender blooms with yellow spot at bottom of throat. Green leaves, burgundy reverse. Fine for baskets.
  'Minuet' - Large pastel pink with deep rose-pink netted eye. Trailing.
  'Mozelle' (Jacobson) - Small fuchsia-rose. Very compact.
  'National Velvet' (Brumpton) - Very large mid-purple.
  'Nocturne' (Saliba) - Medium-sized very dark red flowers, especially with cooler temperatures. Contrasting lighter color on the reverse side of the petals. Makes a magnificent hanging basket if pinched at least 3 times.
  'Opal' (Townsend) - Large blush-white with faint lavender on petal edges. Green leaves, erect.
  'Painted Lady' (Townsend) - Large bright pink flowers, yellow throat with purple halo and specks. Dark green leaves, burgundy reverse. Trailing form.
  'Paul Arnold' (Van Tubergen) - Large violet-purple blooms, upright.
  'Peach Blossom' (Borges) - Large pale pink blossoms with dark green leaves, burgundy reverse. Trailing with abundant flowers.
  'Peach Glow' (Brumpton) - Salmon-pink with yellow throat.
  'Pearly Queen' - Bright pink, lavender eye, yellow throat.
  'Pendant Blue' - Large very deep violet blue.
  'Platinum' (Lane) - Large white with pale blue edges, trailing.
  'Primadonna' - Large coral-orange, very compact.
  'Purple King' (Syn.: A. 'Royal Purple') (Park) - Large deep purple flowers with fringed edges. Leaves dark green, reddish reverse. Compact and easy.
  'Purple Queen' - Large rosy purple flowers with a white spot in the center with dots and dashes. Green leaves, erect.
  'Queen Elizabeth' - Huge light pink flowers with dotted centers that are pale yellow. Flowers completely envelope this sturdy upright plant. A real winner!
  'Queen of Sheba' - Medium-sized florescent salmon-pink flowers with brown dashes and dots on a yellow throat. Dark green leaves, burgundy reverse. Trailing.
  'Red Giant' - Medium funnel-shaped wine-red flower with yellow throat. Upright grower.
  'Rio Rita' (Worley) - Compact habit with scalloped double rose-pink flowers.
  'Rosy Doll' - Large bright pink, dark eye, compact.
  'Rumpelstilzschen' (Michelssen) - Bright pink flowers, compact.
  'Sauline' (Saliba) - Medium-sized yellow flowers sport a fuzzy wide pink border. The lobes are ruffled and finely toothed. Medium green leaves on upright plant.
  'Sauline Yellow' - Unknown hybrid with yellowish overtones.
  'Schneewittchen' (Michelssen) - Large white with touch of blue.
  'Shere Delight' - Very large bright pink.
  'Shy Sun' (Saliba) - An adorable miniature plant with small double ivory flowers that have a light lavender shadow along the edges. Very prolific and can quickly fill a whole pot.
   skinneri - Species with red flowers having a deep rose-colored border, the lobes notched.
  'Snoweetta' (Saliba) - A mini plant with thumb-sized abundant white blossoms with a narrow purple rim. Center with a bright yellow spot dappled with dark brown spots and dashes. Excels in direct morning sun.
  'Strawberry Lemon' (Saliba) - Medium-sized flower with a striking combination of mostly yellow with some red splashes. Under ideal conditions, the edges can even take on a salmon shade.
  'Summer Festival' (Easterbrook) - Large strong pink flowers with throat dark spotted and edged with a purple halo. Dark green leaves, burgundy reverse. Erect.
  'Summer Sunset' (Easterbrook) - Orange plus yellow eye. Compact.
  'Sunburst' - Pale lavender with yellow throat.
  'Tango' - Large rosy pink with small yellow spot in center. Dark green leaves, burgundy reverse. Erect.
  'Tarantella' (Michelssen) - Large salmon-pink. Compact, dark leaves.
  'Teresa' (Worley) - Large semi-double flowers of a deep fuchsia-red.
  'Tetra Meissner Porzellan' (Michelssen) - Large light pink flowers like porcelain, patch of yellow at center, green leaves, pinkish underneath, compact.
  'Tetra Orange Star' - Compact, large orange-red.
  'Tetra Orangerote Charm' - Large orange-red with yellow spot in center. Heavy bloomer, compact.
  'Tetra Rosamunde' (Michelssen) - The deep pink flowers are very large (up to 2 inches) with a yellow throat spotted and streaked with darker pink. Leaves are dark green, maroon underneath with stout strong stems up to 5 inches long.
  'Tetra Verschaffelt' - Very large white netted purple.
  'Topsy' - Large solid medium blue. Green leaves, burgundy reverse. Trailing.
  'Tracey Thornley' - Large purple flowers with dark brown center spot. Erect, green leaves, maroon veins on the reverse.
  'Vie en Rose' (Saliba) - Large flowers that are light pink with darker pink edges. Compact, erect, and a heavy bloomer.
  'Viola Michelssen' (Michelssen) - Large orange-red blooms, upright.
  'Violaceae Semi-Plena' - Old Victorian variety from the 19th century with medium small semi-double bright purple flowers. Leaves dark green with burgundy reverse. Upright shoots, eventually drooping.
  'Vivid' - Mid-sized bright magenta flowers, with yellow spot and brown specks at the throat. Green leaves. Trailing.
  'Wetterlow's Triumph' (Wetterlow) - Large textured pink blooms, trailing.
  'Yellow Beauty' (Lyon) - Best yellow flowers. Trailing, bronzy leaves.
  'Yellow Joy' - Yellow flowers with shades of peach, red-brown specks in eye.

Interspecific and Intergeneric Hybrids:

  xAchicodonia 'Shogun' - Large pink flowers with striped throat. Green leaves with white hairs.
  'xAchimenantha Cloe' (Worley) - Clusters of large bright coral-red flowers. Strong, compact grower, dark foliage. Winter flowering.
  'xAchimenantha Golden Jubilee' (Martens) - Pinkish salmon flowers, dark green leaves, reddish reverse.
  'xAchimenantha Himalayan Sunrise' (Himalayan Gardens, UK) - Very large flowering hybrid with a unique lemon yellow color. Upright growing 6 to 8 inches high. A cross between Achimenes and Smithiana, but looks like an Achimenes with hybrid vigor.
  xAchimenantha 'Inferno' (Worley) - Very large intense fiery red with large yellow eye veined red. Dark foliage, compact.
  xAchimenantha 'Pisces' (Mossip) - Large deep purple flowers with yellow spot and reddish-brown specks at the throat. Dark green leaves, sturdy, upright plant.
  xAchimenantha 'Star of Stars' (Martens) - Large orange-scarlet flower with toothed edges and a yellow spot with reddish specks at the throat. Dark green leaves, with burgundy veins on the reverse. Erect.
  xAchimenantha 'Texas Polar Bear' (Martens) - Large white flowers with yellow eye.
  xSmithicodonia 'Heartland's Joy' - Tubular deep purple flowers with reddish stems.

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Family: Gesneriaceae

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Keyed Cultural Guide: The following symbols are listed with many product descriptions. If so, they indicate special characteristics or growing requirements. Also, see "Cultural Information".
(B) Hanging
(D) Dwarf
under 12"
(F) Flourescent lights for
indoor light culture
(H) Humid
(M) Miniature
under 6"
(T) Terrarium
(W) Winter

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