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Achimenes, xAchimenantha, and xSmithicodonia Rhizomes

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Achimenes rhizomes are shipped March through mid-April only

Common names for Achimenes are Magic Flowers, Cupid's Bower or Hot Water Plants (so named, because in the 1800's, gardeners believed incorrectly that soaking in hot water was necessary to break dormancy).

Achimenes and their related hybrids are members of the Gesneriaceae family and are native to Mexico and Central America. Their flowers are available in almost every shade imaginable. They are easily grown from small scaly rhizomes planted in the spring. We offer rhizomes during the spring months only, March through April. Five rhizomes will make an excellent 5 to 6 inch pot specimen.

Pink Achimenes To plant Achimenes rhizomes, use an azalea pot, and fill with a light, porous potting mix. Plant the rhizomes horizontally, spacing them evenly around the pot. Cover them with about one inch of the potting mix and water thoroughly. Then, water sparingly until they sprout. When rhizomes have sprouted and have three pairs of leaves, pinch out the tip growth to encourage branching. This pinching should be done at least twice to produce greater bloom, and will delay flowering only slightly. Keep plants well watered during the growing season and fertilize regularly. Provide strong filtered light to produce compact plants with plenty of flowers. They love warmth and humidity.

Blue Achimenes When Achimenes have finished flowering in the fall, they should be allowed to die back naturally by gradually withholding water. When plants show signs of yellowing, it's an indication of the start of dormancy. The dormant rhizomes may be stored in the pot or harvested from the potting mix and stored in partially open containers or paper bags in dry vermiculite or peatmoss. In the spring replant in fresh potting mix, as above.

Achimenes rhizomes

    Achimenes are sold as dormant rhizomes only, not as potted plants.

Blue Achimenes Achimenes: 5 Rhizomes per Selection
Price: $12.95 per selection
Coral Achimenes

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Note: Some varieties are always in short supply. So, it's a good idea to list a few alternate choices. Otherwise, we will substitute equally good varieties of similar color and type.

Varieties chosen contains 5 rhizomes. These packets are priced at $12.95 each.

Shipping and handling is $10.00 plus $1.00 for each rhizome package or plant ordered. Rhizomes can be combined with plants to help offset shipping costs.

If you wish to order by mail, you may download our printable Achimenes List and Order Form below. As this printed list may not show "out-of-stock" varieties, check "Achimenes Order Page" link above for up-to-date availability and please list a few alternate choices.

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