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Ruschia pulvinaris

Shrubby Ice Plant

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New! This distinctive South African succulent flourishes in full sun, blooms a dark pink in the summer, and tolerates colder months. It's an enduring shrubby ice plant with a creeping, branching stem that's surrounded by dotted point-tipped leaves. USDA zones 6 to 10 Aizoaceae


Smicrostigma viride

Staghorn Ice Plant

Smicrostigma viride


New! This shrubby succulent is sure to please a collector of the unusual. It has blue-green curved triangular leaves that are fused into pairs at the base. The resulting growth resembles a staghorn, hence its common name. The 1 inch pink flowers occur in spring to summer. It grows about a foot high and 2 feet wide and will tolerate a mild frost. Recommended for dry mediterranean gardens, it also looks great in a container as it spills over the edges. Give it well-drained soil or cactus mix and grow it in bright sunlight. Native to the Cape province of South Africa. Aizoaceae

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