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Acalypha hispida

Brugmansia Peaches and Cream

Iochroma Queen

Carissa macrocarpa 'Humphreyi Variegata'

Duranta erecta 'Gold'

Plumeria pudica

Kartuz Greenhouses Plant Catalog

Justicia carnea Alsobia dianthiflora
Thunbergia grandiflora Augusta Blue
For over 56 years, Kartuz Greenhouses has been offering distinctive varieties of rare and exotic plants. Begonias, gesneriads, hoyas and passionflowers comprise our key specialties. Among the many listings in these plant families are promising new introductions and excellent miniature varieties. In addition to our own hybrids, we also list the finest new varieties from other leading hybridizers.
Begonia Orange County
We continue to search for improved varieties of ornamental plants that are suited to container gardening. Our catalog lists many fine plants for small spaces, including a number of plants recommended for terrariums or indoor bonsai. Because many of the plants we grow are rare in cultivation, we feel it is important to provide you with informative plant descriptions and cultural suggestions. An explanation of our culture codes, when given in parenthesis, can be found in the "Cultural Information" link on the left sidebar or at the bottom of the product pages.
Sinningia conspicua
Our selection of Rare Flowering Plants and Flowering Vines features varieties of many of the most famous tropical and subtropical flowers in the world and should be of particular interest to collectors in milder climates, as well as indoor and greenhouse growers. As always our emphasis is on a broad range of flowering and foliage plants.

Whether your collection consists of just a few plants or an entire botanical garden, we hope you will look to us for your rare flowering plants.

Michael J. Kartuz and Staff

Achimenes Rhizomes
Now being offered for late Winter - early Spring delivery.

Nematanthus Linda Jo Iochroma Purple Prince

Important facts:
  • We are a small family-run nursery in Southern California. We offer over 1,000 varieties of rare, hard-to-find starter plants, which are intended to be grown on by our customers.

  • Plants are sent in 2 to 3¾ inch sized pots. Be advised that they are not the fully grown in-flower plants that you would purchase at your local garden center. These are young well-rooted cuttings or seed grown plants. If you wish to send a plant as a gift, it's best to check with us first for suitability.
    Justicia brandegeana
  • It's a good idea to list alternate plant choices, as we often sell out of many popular plants.

  • We ship only within the United States, no foreign orders.

  • Currently, it's taking 1 to 2 week to process and ship most orders.

  • Postage and packing fee is $10.00 plus $1.00 per plant.

  • Please be sure to read "Ordering Information" for more details.

  • We no longer offer a printed catalog.

Greenhouse and Nursery Hours:
9 AM to 2 PM  Tuesday through Saturday
We are closed to the public on Sunday and Monday.

1408 Sunset Drive, Vista, CA 92081
Phone (760) 941-3613

E-Mail: kartuz@kartuz.com