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Alternanthera bettzickiana 'Rainbow'

(Syn: Alternanthera amabilis var. tricolor), Rainbow or Tricolor Calico Plant

Alternanthera bettzickiana Rainbow


This is a colorful tropical ground cover or bedding plant with dark green leaf edges and center areas tinged in orange, red, pink, and yellow. Great as a container plant in part shade to full sun. Trim occasionally to keep it compact. Use as an annual in temperate climates. Native to Brazil. USDA zones 9-12. Amaranthaceae


Alternanthera ficoidea 'Snowball'

Alternanthera ficoidea Snowball


Tiny irregularly shaped leaves variegated blush white on this variety of Joseph's Coat. Very compact. Easy. Used as a bedding or edging plant or for containers, hanging baskets, or as a houseplant. Give light shade or full sun and rich organic soil with good drainage. Native to the Caribbean, Mexico, and South America. (F,M,T) Amaranthaceae


Alternanthera porrigens 'Little Grapes'

Little Grapes, Teensy Weensy, Airy Bachelor Buttons

Alternanthera porrigens 'Little Grapes'


We prevously listed this as Gomphrena serrata 'Little Grapes'. However, it is actually an Alternanthera. Everyone loves this mini cultivar for its cute globe amaranthe type purple blossoms. They are held high above on wiry sprawling stems, thus creating an airy display. The abundant flowers can be used for cutting and also dry nicely. This tender perennial likes full sun, amended soil, and regular watering. It forms a mound about 3 feet high. The airy blooms combine nicely with other plants in the flower garden. It's recommended to cut it back in the winter to force fresh spring growth. Flowers summer and fall. It's native to western South America. USDA zones 9 - 11. Amaranthaceae


Iresine herbstii 'Blazin' Lime'

Blazin' Lime Blood Leaf, Beefsteak Plant, Chicken Gizzard

Iresine herbstii Blazin' Lime


This tender tropical perennial from Brazil has striking lime green leaves, veins with cream variegation, and rose colored stems. Its colorful foliage is prized for use in containers, annual beds, and tropical plantings. This low maintenance plant is both heat and shade tolerant. Grow it in filtered sun to part shade and moist, fertile, well-drained soil. The foliage color is more intense in bright light. Grows to 16 inch high and 18 inches wide. It's best to occasionally pinch to encourage a bushy habit. As it is not frost tolerant, it may be overwintered indoors as a houseplant. This cultivar is similar to or may be the same as Iresine 'Formosa'.

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