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Clivia miniata

Forest Lily, Fire Lily

Clivia miniata - Orange Fl


Clusters of deep orange trumpet-shaped flowers. Dark green wide strap-like leaves, evergreen. Grow in shade, cool greenhouse or conservatory in winter, outdoors all year in frost free locations. Flowering time is February through May. USDA zones 9 - 11. Native to South Africa.

Large blooming size plants in 4 inch pots. Amaryllidaceae


Clivia miniata 'Good Hope'

Good Hope Fire Lily

Clivia miniata Good Hope


Once offered at astronomical prices, we are pleased to offer this beautiful Clivia at an affordable price. Clivia 'Good Hope' is a superior strain of yellow Clivia, representing more than ten years of breeding and selection in Japan and the US. With beautiful clusters of clear yellow blooms and wide strap-like leaves, its flower clusters are large and long lasting, blooming from February through May. This clean yellow can be seen at a distance, making it an ideal plant to brighten dark corners. Wonderful for shady borders, containers, or as a houseplant.

Clivia are tough plants. Plant in a shady, frost free location. Allow to dry slightly between waterings. We offer large plants in 4 inch pots. Transplant into a larger container and in 12 to 18 months you should be rewarded with beautiful blooms. USDA zones 9 - 11. Native to South Africa. Amaryllidaceae


Hippeastrum papilio

Butterfly Amaryllis

Hippeastrum papilio


This evergreen bulb from Brazil sports orchid-like exotic flowers of deep burgandy and cream. Hardy outdoors in Southern California. It can also be grown as a houseplant with its strapping glossy green leaves in a sunny window. Flowering period is anytime from September to December. Plant with its neck above ground with good drainage in sun to part shade. Growing plants in 2¾ inch pots. Amaryllidaceae

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