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Deuterocohnia brevifolia

(Syn.: Abromeitiella brevifolia), Argentine Ball

Deuterocohnia brevifolia


This is an interesting miniature terrestrial bromeliad native to Bolivia and Argentina with small rosettes of silvery-green bristly triangular leaves. As it grows, it slowly forms a tight rounded pillow-shaped colony of hundreds of rosettes creating an unusual and distinctive potted plant. It usually blooms in winter or early spring with small tubular greenish flowers. Plant it in a cactus type potting soil with good drainage. Give it a sunny or bright light position and water moderately in the warm months, letting the soil dry between waterings. It is fairly cold hardy, but does not like to be wet in the winter. It can also be grown as a ground cover in suitable climates. Bromeliaceae


Orthophytum 'Copper Penny'

Orthophytum Copper Penny


This is a vintage Orthophytum bromeliad hybrid by Gary Hendrix of Homestead, Florida from around 1975. It's a cross of Orthophytum saxicola and Orthophytum vagans. It has shiny coppery leaves with greenish centers, colors becoming more intense under bright light and dry growing conditions. The leaves are somewhat soft and grow in a spiral. It multiplies easily with numerous runners, creating a large clump. Give it an epiphytic or succulent type soil mix with grit and bark added for drainage. It's a nice choice for both a succulent or bromeliad collection. Available in 4 inch pots. USDA zones 9b-12. Bromeliaceae


Tillandsia usneoides

Tillandsia usneoides


Spanish moss is the classic image of the deep South as it hangs from Southern Live Oak and Bald Cypress trees. This easy to grow epiphytic bromeliad thrives in warm, humid shady locations with tiny green and yellow flowers. Grow it in a greenhouse or use as a patio plant hanging from tree branches. Just drape it on an on a branch or overhang and sprinkle with water a couple of times a week in dry weather. Can also be used as a decorative element in floral arrangements, etc. Propagated by simply dividing the strands and hanging where desired. Native to southern United States and the tropics of South America. USDA zones 8 - 12. Supplied in a generous clump about the size of a football. Bromeliaceae

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