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Costus arabicus 'Variegatus'

(Misapplied: Costus amazonicus 'Variegatus')

Costus arabicus Variegatus


Beautiful white and green striped foliage. White flowers sometimes emerge from cone-like clusters on mature stalks. Grows to 5 feet tall in cultivation. Give shade, rich soil, and moisture. Incorrectly sold in the nursery trade as Costus amazonicus 'Variegatus'. Costaceae


Costus comosus var. bakeri

(Misapplied: Costus barbatus)

Costus comosus var bakeri


Large showy terminal cones of red bracts with yellow flowers. Smooth velvety green leaves, large, tall, tropical, easy. Hardy to 32F. Incorrectly known in the nursery trade as Costus barbatus. Costaceae


Costus pulverulentus 'Purple Passion'

Costus pulverulentus Purple Passion


This is a compact costus with beautiful dark green leaves with dark purple undersides. The green stalks are arranged in a spiral form with purple bands at the leaf bases topped with bright orange-red flowers protruding from the red cone-shaped inflorescence. This desirable plant is easy to grow and flower. Its compact height, to 4 feet, makes it a fine potted plant or landscape specimen. Give it moist well draining soil in bright shade and frost protection in the winter. It was first collected in a Panamanian garden and is considered of hybrid origin, possibly with Costus laevis as a parent. USDA zones 10 - 12. Our catalog previously listed this plant as Costus laevis in error. Costaceae

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