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Aeollanthus repens

Aeollanthus repens


Creeping ground cover from Africa with fuzzy 2 inch gray leaves and numerous lavender flower clusters, which have a very strong skunk-like odor. Used as a ground cover in Hawaii, in spite of this trait. Makes a nice hanging basket. Plant in a sunny location in a frost free area. Related to Plectranthus. Lamiaceae


Clerodendrum bungei

Cashmere Bouquet

Clerodendrum bungei


Strongly fragrant corymbs of rosy red flowers. Large leaves adorn this shrub from China. 25F. Lamiaceae


Clerodendrum x speciosum

Clerodendrum x speciosum


This beautiful hybrid is noted for its long lasting rosy red bracts and bright red flowers. Deep green oval leaves. 32F. Lamiaceae


Cornutia pyramidata

(Syn.: Cornutia grandifolia), Tropical Lilac

Cornutia pyramidata


Evergreen bush or small tree with aromatic velvety leaves with clusters of huge purplish blue flower spikes in spring and summer. Attracts butterflies. Native to Central America. Protect from frost. Lamiaceae


Faradaya splendida

Faradaya splendida


Large vine for tropical or subtropical garden. Showy white flowers in large terminal clusters in spring with fragrance of carnations. Leaves smooth, 6 to 12 inches long. Rare. Australia. Lamiaceae


Gmelina philippensis

Parrot's Beak

Gmelina philippensis


Tropical shrub with hop-like pendulous racemes of yellow flowers. Makes a beautiful espalier, patio tree or topiary in full sun. India, Philippines. Lamiaceae


Holmskioldia sanguinea 'Copper Flower'

Chinese Hat Plant

Holmskioldia sanguinea Copper Flower


Coppery red bracts and tubular flowers on this variety give the appearance of tiny, wide-brimmed chinese style hats. Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. Easy to grow. Full sun to part shade. Evergreen scandent shrub to 10 feet. USDA zones 9 - 11. Minimum temperature 32F. From India and the Himalayas. Lamiaceae


Holmskioldia sanguinea 'Red Flower'

Chinese Hat Plant, Mandarin's Hat

Holmskioldia sanguinea Red Flower


Deep red bracts and tubular flowers give the unmistakable appearance of tiny, wide-brimmed chinese style hats, and have made this a popular everblooming shrub in the tropics. Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. From India and the Himalayas. 32F. Lamiaceae


Karomia tettensis

(Syn.: Holmskioldia tettensis), Purple Chinese Hat Plant, Purple Cup-And-Saucer, Purple Mandarin's Hat

Karomia tettensis


New! This is a shrub or small tree with an upright bushy habit and small scalloped leaves. In warm months it has showy purple flowers with rosy pink bracts. After the flowers drop, the bracts stay colorful for weeks afterwards. It's an evergreen but may become deciduous in cooler climates. As a somewhat fast growing small tree it can be grown with a single trunk or be multi-stemmed. Grows 6 to 10 feet high in sun with moist, well-drained soil. It is able to tolerate mild frost and is native to Zimbabwe in Africa. Lamiaceae


Oxera pulchella

Royal Climber

Oxera pulchella


Large pendant waxy white trumpet-shaped flowers in winter. Vine with leathery leaves. Lamiaceae


Plectranthus barbatus var. grandis

(Syn.: Solenostemon shirensis)

No Image Available


Perennial from tropical East Africa, 6 foot high with 5 inch hairy leaves. Blooms with foot long clusters of ¼th inch mauve flowers. Part shade, moisture. Lamiaceae


Plectranthus ecklonii 'Purple'

(Probably variety 'Medley Wood'), Large Spur-Flower Bush, Cape Lilac

Plectranthus ecklonii - Purple


Attractive bold perennial with large deep glowing bluish-purple flower spikes in autumn. This slightly woody evergreen shrub with large deep green leave grows fast to 6 feet high. Can be cut back after flowering or in late spring to control height. Ideal for background mass plantings. Does best in part shade, tolerating full sun in coastal areas. Frost tender. USDA zones 9 - 11. Native to South Africa. Lamiaceae


Plectranthus ecklonii 'Erma'

Pink Large Spur-Flower Bush

Plectranthus ecklonii Erma - Pink


Attractive bold perennial with large pink flower spikes in autumn. This slightly woody evergreen shrub with large deep green leave grows fast 5 to 7 feet high. Can be cut back after flowering or in late spring to control height. Ideal for background mass plantings. Does best in part shade, tolerating full sun in coastal areas. Frost tender. USDA zones 9 - 11. Native to South Africa. Lamiaceae


Plectranthus ecklonii 'Tommy'

White Large Spur-Flower Bush

Plectranthus ecklonii Tommy - White


Fast growing, shrubby perennial for shade, related to coleus. Abundant, many-branched spikes of tiny, white flowers late summer to fall. This slightly woody evergreen shrub, with large deep green heart-shaped leaves, grows fast to 6 feet high. Can be cut back after flowering or in late spring to control height. Ideal for background mass plantings. Does best in part shade, tolerating full sun in coastal areas. Frost tender. USDA zones 9 - 11. Native to South Africa. Lamiaceae


Plectranthus ernestii

Bonsai Mint

Plectranthus ernestii


Small felted leaves with mauve flowers and distinctive caudex. Makes interesting bonsai. South Africa. Lamiaceae


Plectranthus forsteri 'Green on Green'

Plectranthus forsteri Green on Green


Furry green rippled leaves with margin of lime green. So. Pacific. Lamiaceae


Plectranthus forsteri 'Marginatus'

Plectranthus forsteri Marginatus


Showy upright plant with bright white margin on scalloped rich green leaves. Lamiaceae


Plectranthus neochilus 'Dwarf Variegated'

Fuzzy Wuzzy Plectranthus

Plectranthus neochilus Dwarf Variegated


Dwarf form with small leaves of various shades of green with white feathered edges. A new find for the indoor and outdoor variegated foliage lover. Use it in patio pots, window boxes, hanging baskets, or as a small ground cover in partial shade. Lamiaceae


Plectranthus spicatus

Spike Spurflower, Lavender Plectranthus

Plectranthus spicatus


New! This is a succulent plectranthus with small bright green, serrated leaves. It has a long bloom period of narrow 12 inch spikes of lavender blue flowers. In nature, it is found growing in full sun in hot dry rocky ground inland of Durban, South Africa. In gardens there, it is used as a vigorous ground cover and has been found suitable as a green roof plant. It's a tough groundcover that prefers dry conditions and grows in both sun or semi-shade. The shallow root system makes it ideal for shallow dry soil. Try it as a succulent groundcover for rockeries, slopes, or planted around Aloes or other large succulents. However be cautious, as it grows rapidly and might smother less vigorous smaller plants and can be damaged by the lightest frost. It does make an excellent potted plant where it has a more compact habit. Lamiaceae


Rotheca myricoides 'Ugandense'

(Syn.: Clerodendrum ugandense), Blue Butterfly Bush, Blue Glory Bower

Rotheca myricoides Ugandense


Beautiful clusters of brilliant blue butterfly-shaped flowers with long curving stamens. Prized by collectors as one of the finest blue flowered subtropical plants. 25F. For other clerodendrums, please see Vines and Climbers. Lamiaceae


Syncolostemon 'Candy Kisses'

(Syn.: Hemizygia 'Candy Kisses')

Syncolostemon Candy Kisses


This is a delightful perennial shrub with small brightly colored variegated green and white leaves with contrasting dark purple stems. From late summer to early spring, this Plectranthus relative is covered with sprays of pink salvia-like flowers. Grows upright to 18 inches high and wide. Give it a warm, frost free location with rich, well drained soil in part to full sun. Prune off flowers heads after blooming. Ideal for use as an accent or container plant. Australian hybrid of a South African native plant. USDA zones 9 - 11. Lamiaceae


Tetradenia riparia

(Syn.: Iboza riparia), Misty Plume Bush, Ginger Bush, Nutmeg Bush

Tetradenia riparia


New! This is a shrubby ornamental that bloom in wintertime with snow-white blossoms on long upright panicles creating a beautiful wispy mist. It is semi-deciduous, depending on the climate, in winter when flowering occurs. The thick light green velvety leaves have a scalloped edge and are very aromatic and medicinal. Grows 8 to 9 feet in height. Give it a frost-free position in well-drained soil in sun or partial shade, mulch well, and give regular summer watering, drier in winter. It respond well to pruning and can be cut back after flowering. Also, makes an excellent container plant, blooming at a young age. Native to eastern South Africa and eastern tropical Africa where it is common in damp places, often beside streams. USDA zones 9B - 11. Lamiaceae


Vitex trifolia 'Fascination'

(Syn.: Vitex trifolia 'Purpurea'), Arabian Lilac

Vitex trifolia Fascination


From Australia (not Arabia) comes this bush or small tree with purple leaves. Sprays of blue flowers on 8 inch stalks in summer. Can be used as a colorful hedge in subtropical climates. Lamiaceae


Vitex trifolia 'Variegata'

Variegated Arabian Lilac

Vitex trifolia Variegata


Bush or small tree with bright green leaves edged with creamy yellow. Grows 6 to 12 feet tall. Makes a great hedge. Blooms from spring to fall with spikes of bluish flowers. Native southeast Asia to Australia. Lamiaceae


Volkameria aculeata

(Syn.: Clerodendrum aculeatum), West Indian Privet, Prickly Glory Bower

Volkameria aculeata


Erect or vining spiny shrub from 3 to 6 ft tall with clusters of small white flowers in summer. Stems are grayish brown. The woody older branches are armed with spines at the leaf stalk bases. Hedge plant in tropics. It prefer a sunny situation on moist sandy loam soil. Native to the West Indies. A nice bonsai candidate. 32F. Lamiaceae


Volkameria inermis

(Syn.: Clerodendrum inerme), Seaside Clerodendrum

Volkameria inermis


Sprawling evergreen shrub with clusters of small fragrant white flowers and protruding maroon stamens. It's valued in landscaping as a groundcover or hedge plant, as it somewhat resembles a privet. It likes sun and is salt, heat, and wind tolerant. Can grow 3 to 6 feet tall. It can be grown as a topiary and is a great plant for bonsai. In Micronesia it's cultivated for medicinal uses. Native to Australia, tropical Asia and western Polynesia, where it grows along the seacoast. Can be invasive along tropical seashores. USDA zones 9b - 12. Lamiaceae

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