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Medinilla scortechinii

Medinilla scortechinii


Bright orange flowers with orange stems in panicles. Leathery dark green oval leaves on this low growing shrub. Minimum temperature of 40F. Melastomataceae


Medinilla sedifolia

Medinilla sedifolia


A beautiful but little known species for terrarium or small hanging basket, this elegant rare plant is slow growing and spectacular in bloom. In winter and spring 1 inch waxy flowers of bright magenta pink nearly cover the dark green foliage of closely set ¼th inch waxy leaves. Likes warmth, humidity. (F,D,T,B) Melastomataceae


Tibouchina heteromalla

Large Leafed Glory Bush, Silver leafed Princess Flower

Tibouchina heteromalla


This choice evergreen shrub grows upright 8-10 feet tall with spectacular 4 by 7 inch ovate green leaves with silvery undersides. 1½ inch purple flowers are borne in showy, upright clusters in summer through fall. This large leafed species blooms well in Northern California, preferring cool coastal climates. A beautiful foliage plant even when out of bloom. It makes a fine container specimen plant. Native to Brazil. Melastomataceae

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