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Uncarina grandidieri

Succulent Sesame

Uncarina grandidieri


This is a very attractive hard-to-find succulent shrub from the dry forests of Madagascar with thick stems, a caudex forming base, and lobed felty leaves. Blossoms are bright buttery yellow with dark throats that resemble the flowers of a "Black Eyed Susan Vine". The occasional small dry fruits have inwardly pointed barbs, so be careful about touching them. The shrub ultimately grows from 6 to 10 feet in height. In a container, plant in a cactus type soil mix. In the ground, give it full sun, fast draining soil, and a frost protected location. Provide regular watering and feeding from spring through fall, but very little in the winter when it becomes deciduous. Winter hardy to 30F if protected and kept dry. USDA zones 9b-12. Cutting grown. Pedaliaceae

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