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Arachnothryx leucophylla

(Syn.: Rondeletia leucophylla), Panama Rose, Bush Pentas

Arachnothryx leucophylla


Small woody evergreen shrub with rose-pink flowers, primarily in winter and spring with scattered blooms the rest of the year. Very attractive to hummingbirds and butterflies. It becomes fragrant after sunset. Grows 3 to 5 feet high. Full sun to part shade. It's a tender shrub that will not survive freezing. USDA zones 9 - 11. Native of Mexico through Panama. Rubiaceae


Augusta rivalis

(Syn.: Lindenia rivalis), Needle Flower

Augusta rivalis


This rare exotic shrub has 5 inch long white tubular flowers flaring to 1½ inches wide in clusters. It gets its common name from the needle-like unopened flower buds. Almost everblooming, even on young plants. Compact growing to 3 feet in height. Ideal for containers or small gardens. Plant in acid to neutral soil with plenty of moisture in full sun to part shade. It's cold hardy to the low 30's, but needs warmth and humidity to grow and thrive. Native to Central America where it grows along stream beds and is pollinated by hawkmoths. Some Florida commercial growers are selling this with the name Albertia sp. Belize in error. Rubiaceae


Coprosma kirkii 'Kiwi Gold'

Coprosma kirkii Kiwi Gold


The shiny small green leaves are heavily splashed with gold. Full sun or bright shade. Grows just a few inches tall and can spread more than several feet wide. Excellent bonsai or ground cover. Rubiaceae


Coprosma kirkii 'Variegata'

Coprosma kirkii Variegata


Evergreen ground cover native to New Zealand, grown for its attractive glossy leaves. Tiny oval leaves variegated green, edged white. Compact, prostrate. Excellent for bonsai. Full sun to part shade in well-drained soil. Rubiaceae


Coprosma repens 'Beatens Gold'

Gold Variegated Coprosma

Coprosma repens Beatens Gold


It's an excellent choice for bonsai or topiary with small green leaves with gold centers. In the ground, it grows as an erect shrub to 6 feet. Too much shade and it may lose it's variegation. Rubiaceae


Coprosma repens 'Coppershine'

Coprosma repens Coppershine


Very easy to grow shrub with small very glossy leaves that are bright bronze with a greenish center. Grows to 6 feet tall. Excellent at the coast, tolerating salt spray and wind. Rubiaceae


Coprosma repens 'Evening Glow'

Coprosma repens Evening Glow


Dramatic colorful foliage of deep green with blotches of gold changing to shades of bright orange and red in the fall and winter. Upright habit to 4 feet in a natural pyramid form, but can be pruned to any shape. Hardy to 20 - 25F. Rubiaceae


Coprosma repens 'Marble Queen'

Coprosma repens Marble Queen


Attractive white and green blotched and speckled leaves, giving a marble effect. Dense growth 5 to 8 feet tall by 4 to 6 feet wide. Hardy to 20F. Rubiaceae


Coprosma repens 'Pink Splendor'

Coprosma repens 'Autumn Splendor'

Coprosma repens Pink Splendor


Beautiful dense, mounding shrub with leaves of peachy pink, tan, cream and green with bright yellow margins developing a rosy pink glow in cooler winter months. Grows 6 to 8 feet high. Hardy to 20F. Rubiaceae


Coprosma repens 'Rainbow Surprise'

Coprosma repens Rainbow Surprise


Dense, rounded shrub with small shiny leaves, flushed with pink variegation with a pale cream margin. Leaves take on burnt orange to red foliage in winter. Easy shrub, growing 4 to 5 feet high. Tolerates shearing. Hardy to 20 - 25F. Rubiaceae


Coprosma repens 'Roys Red'

Red Mirror Plant

Coprosma repens Roys Red


A small dense shrub with shiny dark bronzy green leaves turning a deep purple-red in winter. Plant in full sun. Grows 3 to 4 feet high. Hardy to 20F. Rubiaceae


Gardenia jasminoides 'Glazerii'

Gardenia jasminoides Glazerii


An ideal corsage variety as flowers tend to be flat, 3 to 5 inches in width. Compact, bushy grower with intense fragrance. Plant in moist, acidic soil with good drainage in partial sun. USDA zones 9 - 11. Rubiaceae


Gardenia thunbergia

Gardenia thunbergia


Magnificent shrub with glossy dark green leaves and very large waxy white pinwheel flowers with wonderful sweet citrus fragrance. Commonly used as rootstock for grafting the ornamental Gardenia jasminoides varieties. S.E. Africa. Rubiaceae


Pentas Collection

Egyptian Star Cluster

Pentas Collection


3 different, our choice. Rubiaceae


Pentas lanceolata 'Crimson Star'

Pentas lanceolata Crimson Star


Tall grower, bright, deep red flowers. Rubiaceae


Pentas lanceolata 'Nova'

Pentas lanceolata Nova


Vigorous tall grower, extra large pink cerise flowers. Rubiaceae


Pentas lanceolata 'Orchid Star'

Pentas lanceolata Orchid Star


Tall grower, extra large orchid purple flowers. Rubiaceae


Pentas lanceolata 'Silver Star'

Pentas lanceolata Silver Star


Tall grower, pure white flowers. Rubiaceae


Pentas lanceolata 'Southern Star'

Pentas lanceolata Southern Star


Tall, bicolored flowers of clear pink shading to deep rose-pink centers. Rubiaceae


Pentas lanceolata 'Stars and Stripes'

Pentas lanceolata Stars and Stripes


Tall grower, variegated white and creamy lime leaves with deep red flowers. Rubiaceae

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