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Acnistus arborescens

Wild Tree Tobacco, Hollowheart

Acnistus arborescens


Related to Iochroma. Uncommon small to medium sized tree, growing 10 to 20 feet high. Soft bark is beige, corky with deep vertical ridges and fissures. Try growing orchids, tillandsias and other epiphytes on it's limbs. Very small ¼th inch bell-shaped scented white flowers clustered on branches are followed by tiny orange tomato-like inedible fruits that are popular with birds. Plant has anticancer properties, but no nicotine derivatives, as common name would suggest. Subtropical, it will survive brief frosts. We're not sure of it's landscape value, but it might be of interest to collectors. Native to Central and South America and the Caribbean. Solanaceae


Brugmansia 'Charles Grimaldi'

Golden Angel's Trumpet

Brugmansia Charles Grimaldi


An exceptional California hybrid with enormous 15 inch yellow-orange flowers and strongly recurved petal tips. This hybrid combines the orange flowers of Brugmansia 'Dr. Seuss' with the warm temperature vigor of Brugmansia 'Frosty Pink'. This outstanding year-round performer is the first hybrid of this color that flowers well in warm temperatures. Wonderful intense fragrance. A cubensis hybrid. (Schwartz and Brigham). Solanaceae


Brugmansia 'Ecuador Pink'

Pink Angel's Trumpet

Brugmansia Ecuador Pink


A rarer pink form of the versicolor species, with large pendant flowers aging from white to pastel and medium pink, darker in warmer temperatures. Southern Ecuador. Solanaceae


Brunfelsia americana

Lady of the Night

Brunfelsia americana


Wonderfully fragrant large creamy white flowers with a long tube. Light green leathery foliage. Solanaceae


Brunfelsia jamaicensis

Brunfelsia jamaicensis


Similar to Brunfelsia americana with larger very fragrant long, wavy creamy white flowers. Solanaceae


Iochroma Collection

Iochroma Collection


3 different; our choice (does not include Acnistus or Iochoma australe). Solanaceae


Juanulloa mexicana

(Syn.: Juanulloa aurantiaca), Gold Finger

Juanulloa mexicana


This showy tropical is a rare vining shrub with plentiful flowers each lasting only a couple of days. However, the brilliant waxy golden orange calyxes last for weeks. As an epiphytic plant, it should be planted in a course, well draining soil mix. Likes full sun and warm weather. Tender, protect from frost. From Central and South America. Solanaceae


Lycianthes rantonnetii 'Lynn's Variegated'

(Syn.: Solanum rantonnetii 'Lynn's Variegated'), Lynn's Variegated Potato Bush

Lycianthes rantonnetii Lynns Variegated


A rare white variegated form of the common potato bush. The purplish-blue flowers are in sharp contrast to the bold variegated foliage. Easy to grow, full sun or part shade, any soil, drought tolerant. Good in containers. Looks best with regular feeding. Tip frequently to keep bushy. Hardy to U.S.D.A. zone 9. Solanaceae


Lycianthes rantonnetii 'Royal Robe'

(Syn.: Solanum rantonnetii 'Royal Robe') Royal Robe Potato Bush

Lycianthes rantonnetii Royal Robe


Very floriferous, over a long season, covered with 1" deep rich purple flowers. Small dark green oval leaves. Often trained into small patio tree or espalier. Fast growing to 12 feet. Royal Robe's flowers are deeper purple than the species, which are lighter, more bluish in color. Native to Argentina and Paraguay. Hardy to 28F. USDA zones 9 - 11. Solanaceae


Solandra maxima

Cup of Gold Vine

Solandra maxima


One of the largest and showiest flowers of any vine is produced by this luxuriant Mexican species, which is also hardier to cold than other solandras. The 9 inch chalice-shaped flowers open yellow, then turn to gold, and have a delicious coconut scent. These magnificent blossoms may occur at any season, especially in winter. It is easily trained as a shrub or espalier, with handsome 6 inch glossy leaves. In mild climates, it's a spectacular garden plant. Solanaceae


Solandra maxima 'Variegata'

Variegated Cup of Gold Vine

Solandra maxima Variegata


Cup of gold vine with purple stemmed leaves variegated and edged creamy white. 28F. Solanaceae


Solanum muricatum 'Rio Bamba'

Melon Pear, Pepino Dulce

Solanum muricatum Rio Bamba


Deliciously sweet fruit is provided by this compact, colorful and unusual flowering plant from the Andes. Attractive clusters of 1 inch dark violet star-shaped flowers are followed by 4 to 6 inch purple striped oval fruits, which change from light green to yellow when fully ripe and ready to eat. The fruit has a nearly seedless, juicy flesh which is fragrant and tasty, like a blend of melons, bananas, peaches and pears. Offered are two cutting grown selections which are superior in taste and make attractive flowering plants. 25F.

'Rio Bamba' is a scandent, purple stemmed selection named for the area of Ecuador from which it was collected. 3 inch dark green leaves, free flowering. Cross pollination suggested for maximum fruit production. Solanaceae


Solanum muricatum 'Vista'

No Image Available


An upright, green stemmed selection that may set fruit better on its own. Bright green leaves. Big fruit, attractive purple flowers. Solanaceae


Solanum wendlandii

Costa Rican Nightshade, Marriage Vine

Solanum wendlandii


One of the finest blue flowered vines producing a spectacular display in the heat of summer with large clusters of 2½ inch lavender-blue flowers nearly covering the plant. Heat loving, it is deciduous in cold weather. 28F. Solanaceae

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