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Alpinia formosana 'Pinstripe'

Pinstripe Ginger

Alpinia formosana Pinstripe


This cultivar with white pinstripe leaves grows slowly to about 3 feet high. White, yellow and red flowers are showy on upright stalks. Usually only blooms in warmer climates or greenhoused. Needs shade, damp soil. Native to Taiwan. USDA zones 8 - 11. Zingiberaceae


Hedychium gardnerianum

Kahili Ginger

Hedychium gardnerianum


Large showy spires of fragrant yellow flowers with red stamens in summer. Native to India. 28F. Zingiberaceae


Hedychium greenei

Fire Ginger

Hedychium greenei


Terminal clusters of fiery red flowers, dark bronzy foliage. India. 28F. Zingiberaceae

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