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Begonia coccinea
Begonia coccinea

Code: 90494

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This begonia has been circulated under this name for many years, although it doesn't really seem like a cane or match the original description, or accounts by the first growers. This is a sprawling, nearly trailing plant with thick and waxy pale green, slightly cupped smooth edged leaves with a nearly constant supply of dangling bright red flowers. Not always easy to grow but worth the effort. It does not seem to do well with cold or overwatering, so it is easier to keep if grown indoors, in a greenhouse, or given some protection from cold weather. Make sure to let it dry out before watering. Makes a nice hanging basket and is a novel species to collect. Please be advised that it is not like other canes, nor will it grow 5 to 10 feet tall like Begonia 'Pink coccinea'.

Keyed Cultural Guide: The following symbols are listed with many product descriptions. If so, they indicate special characteristics or growing requirements. Also, see "Cultural Information".
(B) Hanging
(D) Dwarf
under 12"
(F) Flourescent lights for
indoor light culture
(H) Humid
(M) Miniature
under 6"
(T) Terrarium
(W) Winter

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