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Flowering Vines

Flowering Vines A - F

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Adenocalymma comosum Adenocalymma comosum
Code: 90348
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(Syn.: Adenocalymna comosum, Bignonia comosa)

This rare evergreen climber produces large 2½ inch trumpet-shaped bright yellow flowers from March to August. It's a slow growing woody vine with glossy leathery compound leaves. Give fertile, rich, well-drained soil, part shade to full sun. Ideal for growing on an arch or wall. Hardiness is unknown. Probably needs protection from frost. Propagated by seed or air-layering. Native to Brazil. USDA zones 10 - 11. Bignoniaceae



Birthwort, Aristolochiaceae. From this fascinating genus come many of the most unusual flowers in the world, most of them difficult to describe to the uninitiated. From the side, the flowers often look like birds or dutchman's pipes. Head on, many look like large maroon or green pouches. For our catalog, we've chosen what we think are some of the best of the genus. For all the intricacies of their flowers, aristolochias have no flower petals, just one fancy calyx.

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Aristolochia elegans
Code: 67116
Price: $10.95

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Calico Flower

A beautiful small vine from Brazil, bearing many 4 inch rich purple-brown flowers which from the side look like the proverbial dutchman's pipe. Attractive 3 inch heart-shaped leaves, summer to fall bloom period. 27F. Aristolochiaceae


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Camptosema grandiflora Camptosema grandiflora
Code: 80124
Price: $19.95

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Cuitelo, Cipo Tapia, Crista-De-Galo (Rooster's Crest)
(Sometimes miss-identified as a Mucuna species)

Spectacular vine from Brazil with long pendulous chains of fiery orange-red flowers. It can be brought to bloom after a couple of seasons in a large container, but this heavy vine needs a large support. It's best outdoors or in a conservatory or greenhouse where enough space can be given. An arbor is ideal so that the brilliant flowering racemes can hang down from the ceiling. Blooms in fall and winter. Prune heavily in spring after flowering. Give full or partial sun with adequate moisture and fertilizer.

It hails from the Cerrados parts of Minas Gerais and Sao Paulo states of Brazil at an elevation of 1,500 to 3,000 feet. Therefore, it can tolerate some drought and frost. It survived 4 nights that dropped briefly to 25F at the nursery without any damage. However, its hardiness range is not yet known, probably USDA zones 9b - 11. Fabaceae, subfamily Faboideae

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Clerodendrum thomsoniae Variegatum Clerodendrum thomsoniae 'Variegatum'
Code: 67462
Price: $9.95

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Variegated Bleeding Heart

Similar to the species, but with leaves beautifully variegated creamy white and pale green. A stunning foliage plant with added bonus of showy flowers. Lamiaceae


Clerodendrum x speciosum Clerodendrum x speciosum
Code: 67461
Price: $9.95

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This beautiful hybrid is noted for its long lasting rosy red bracts and bright red flowers. Deep green oval leaves. 32F. Lamiaceae


Dalechampia dioscoreifolia Dalechampia dioscoreifolia
Code: 67520
Price: $9.95

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(Dalechampia aristolochiifolia is probably the correct botanical name)
Purple Wings, Costa Rican Butterfly Vine, Bowtie Vine

Showy flowers with large striking iridescent purple bracts and a greenish-yellow button-like center. Small heart-shaped oval leaves on twining stems. Give full sun or partial shade, moderate moisture and well-drained soil. Blooms spring through fall. Native from Costa Rica to Peru. USDA zones 9 - 10. Euphorbiaceae


Faradaya splendida Faradaya splendida
Code: 67530
Price: $13.95

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Large vine for tropical or subtropical garden. Showy white flowers in large terminal clusters in spring with fragrance of carnations. Leaves smooth, 6 to 12 inches long. Rare. Australia. Lamiaceae


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