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Camptosema grandiflora

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Camptosema grandiflora

Cuitelo, Cipo Tapia, Crista-De-Galo (Rooster's Crest)
(Sometimes miss-identified as a Mucuna species)
Camptosema grandiflora

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Family: Fabaceae subfamily Faboideae

Spectacular vine from Brazil with long pendulous chains of fiery orange-red flowers. It can be brought to bloom after a couple of seasons in a large container, but this heavy vine needs a large support. It's best outdoors or in a conservatory or greenhouse where enough space can be given. An arbor is ideal so that the brilliant flowering racemes can hang down from the ceiling. Blooms in fall and winter. Prune heavily in spring after flowering. Give full or partial sun with adequate moisture and fertilizer.

It hails from the Cerrados parts of Minas Gerais and Sao Paulo states of Brazil at an elevation of 1,500 to 3,000 feet. Therefore, it can tolerate some drought and frost. It survived 4 nights that dropped briefly to 25F at the nursery without any damage. However, its hardiness range is not yet known, probably USDA zones 9b - 11.

Camptosema grandiflora arbor

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