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Hibiscus 'Dainty Pink'

(Syn.: Hibiscus 'Fantasia', 'Itsy Bitsy Pink', 'Old Hawaiian Variety', 'Pink Butterfly', 'Pink La France', 'Pink Psyche', 'Shirley Temple')
Hibiscus Dainty Pink

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Family: Malvaceae

This is an old fashioned heirloom hibiscus, dating back to the 1950's from Florida. It is now grown throughout the tropics. With miniature pink windmill type flowers, this tall growing shrub has thin stems and tiny leaves. If left unpruned, it has a slightly weeping habit. It sometimes sports pure white flowers, which are known as the cultivar 'Dainty White'. Makes a nice background shrub in a tropical landscape. USDA zones 9 - 12.

Keyed Cultural Guide: The following symbols are listed with many product descriptions. If so, they indicate special characteristics or growing requirements. Also, see "Cultural Information".
(B) Hanging
(D) Dwarf
under 12"
(F) Flourescent lights for
indoor light culture
(H) Humid
(M) Miniature
under 6"
(T) Terrarium
(W) Winter

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