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Stephanotis floribunda flowers

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Stephanotis floribunda

(Syn.: Marsdenia floribunda), Madagascar Jasmine
Stephanotis floribunda

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Family: Apocynaceae

Prized for the wonderfully sweet fragrance of its waxy white flowers which are popular in wedding bouquets. This is one of the most popular vines in the world. The 2 inch star-shaped flowers appear in clusters during summer and fall, and the shiny, waxy green 2 to 4 inch leaves are handsome all year. Twining growth and culture are similar to hoyas, to which it is related. The plant makes an excellent container subject. Best in bright indirect light. Native to Madagascar. 28F. USDA zones 9b - 12.

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Keyed Cultural Guide: The following symbols are listed with many product descriptions. If so, they indicate special characteristics or growing requirements. Also, see "Cultural Information".
(B) Hanging
(D) Dwarf
under 12"
(F) Flourescent lights for
indoor light culture
(H) Humid
(M) Miniature
under 6"
(T) Terrarium
(W) Winter

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