Begonia Fireworks  $10.95  This prize winning Kartuz rex begonia hybrid has received world wide recognition. Silver and purple
Begonia Flippant  $9.95  Miniature rex begonia with small ruffled spiraled silvery leaves. Compact, self-branching. (F, D, T)
Begonia foliosa  $8.95  The fern begonia. Very tiny oval leaves, arching and trailing stems. Small starry white flowers. Bea
Begonia foliosa var miniata  $8.95  Deep coral-red flowers hang in clusters resembling fuchsias. Tiny dark green glossy leaves. Can be t
Begonia Fredas Folly  $9.95  Upright growing to 3 feet but can be shaped to any size. Very full growing and easy to grow. Leaves
Begonia Funhouse  $9.95  Medium growing rhizomatous. Medium sized lightly lobed spiraled fuzzy bright light green leaves. Eas
Begonia Gartersnake  $10.95  Large growing rhizomatous. Large cupped, star-shaped dark green leaves with a spiral and dark brown
Begonia Gary Hunt  $9.95  Full and upright growing to 2 feet. Leaves are triangle-shaped, cupped and fuzzy, dark maroon-green
Begonia gehrtii  $9.95  Broad, glossy light green leaves with a distinctive bubbly texture. Compact, low growing. White flow
Begonia George Fewkes  $10.95  Red backed dark coppery round leaves, deep pink flowers produced freely. Similar to Begonia '
Begonia Giddy  $10.95  Low growing rhizomatous. Medium round pointed green leaves with brownish red spots and a lightly den
Begonia Gideon  $10.95  This interesting begonia is grown for its variegated leaves with green venation on a pale green back
Begonia Giggles  $10.95  Low growing rhizomatous. Medium sized spiral deeply lobed green leaves with a crinkled hairy edge. F
Begonia Ginny  $8.95  Narrow red backed coppery leaves, clusters of pink and white flowers all year. Compact, easy. (F, D)
Begonia glandulosa  $10.95  Elliptic leaves on short stems with small green-white flowers. Mexican species.^common~(Syn.: Beg
Begonia goegoensis  $10.95  Rare begonia with distinctive, large, heavily veined green-bronze leaves with reddish undersides. Sm
Begonia Golden Swallowtail  $9.95  We don't know how "new" this begonia is but it's new to Kartuz Greenhouses. We really like it. The l
Begonia Green Snowballs  $9.95  Large clusters of white flowers shaded green. Tapered leaves, upright habit.
Begonia Green Wings  $11.95  NEW! - Begonia 'Green Wings' is a small easy to grow cane with dark olive green leaves
Begonia Gypsy Maiden  $9.95  Large tapered leaves heavily suffused silvery pink. Light pink flowers. Upright, commanding stature.
Begonia Gypsy Rose  $8.95  Low to medium growing mallet cane. Leaves are medium sized, textured dark rose with light hairs. Lea
Begonia Halloween Treat  $11.95  Was formally named 'Halloween' but we found there was already a B. 'Halloween' so it was chan
Begonia Hallows' Eve  $11.95  Shallow lobed star leaf with serrated, sparsely hairy edge. Surface of leaf is also sparsely hairy.
Begonia Hee Haw  $10.95  Low growing rhizomatous. Has medium sized deeply lobed light green leaves with variable reddish spot
Begonia herbacea  $12.95  Glossy lance-shaped leaves with wavy margins. White flowers, with female flowers staying close to rh
Begonia Hotspot  $11.95  NEW! - This is like the unruly monster version of Michael Kartuz's Begonia 'Vivaldi'.
Begonia Hugh McLaughlin  $10.95  Upright tapered leaves flushed pink with silver markings. Compact, dwarf habit. Mildew resistant.
Begonia Humerous  $10.95  Low growing rhizomatous. Has dark brown satiny medium sized leaves that are undulated with an angula
Begonia hydrocotylifolia  $8.95  Low growing compact rhizomatous species. Leaves are small, very fleshy with waxy round leaves that a
Begonia Hyroglyphics  $9.95  (Yes, that isn't the normal spelling.) Double spiraled slightly cupped medium sized green leaves wit
Begonia In Stitches  $10.95  Low to medium growing rhizomatous. Leaves are medium sized with medium green star-shaped leaves with
Begonia Indian Summer  $11.95  Medium leaved rhizomatous. It's very hard to get a perfect image since the velvety sheen to the leaf
Begonia integerrima  $8.95  Clusters of red centered, white flowers with intense plum-blossom fragrance. Small heart-shaped glos
Begonia Ionic  $8.95  Extra big clusters of large, deep salmon flowers. Wavy, satiny leaves, compact. Delightfully scented
Begonia Iris Bird  $10.95  Low sprawling rhizomatous. Leaves are medium sized cupped deeply cleft double spirals held upright o
Begonia Irish Coffee  $11.95  NEW! - Small leaved rhizomatous begonia. Gets its name from its coloring, not the beverage, s
Begonia Jagged Edge  $8.95  Low growing rhizomatous. Leaves are upright cleft fans with spirals and a serrated edge. Leaves are
Begonia jairii  $8.95  Probably can be grown to be large but is easily maintained and kept to a small size. Considered by s
Begonia Janet Brown  $10.95  Sturdy upright grower to 2 feet. Large cleft brown and green leaves. Although plainer coloring, stil
Begonia Jealous Zebra  $10.95  Medium sized bright green star leaves with reddish brown to black stripes and a serrated hairy edgin
Begonia Jeanne Jones  $9.95  Many clusters of large pink flowers. Deeply cut satiny black leaves, silver spotted, red backed. (Th
Begonia Jim Jaeger  $11.95  NEW! - This recently released begonia has roughly star-shaped medium-sized leaves that are mu
Begonia John Ingles  $10.95  Tall upright growing cane 2 to 3 feet. Leaves are long narrow superba-lobed leaves that are silvery
Begonia Josephine  $9.95  Clusters of large translucent pink flowers are held above the foliage. Wavy silver spotted leaves, c
Begonia Joust  $10.95  Medium growing rhizomatous. Medium to large, cupped deeply cleft and spiraled leaves held upright, v
Begonia Jumbo Jet  $9.95  Immense clusters of huge pink flowers, the largest in its class. Coppery leaves. Great variety. Supe
Begonia Just Dandy  $11.95  Medium to large growing. Medium sized leaves live up to its name and vary in shades of reds, oranges
Begonia Kecemen  $9.95  This cane has bronze leaves with silver spots. The leaves are medium sized and have a ruffled edge.
Begonia King Me  $11.95  NEW! - Medium leaved rhizomatous begonia. Bright green leaves with so many nearly red checks
Begonia King Tut  $10.95  Low growing rhizomatous. Has medium sized medium green lobed leaves with black markings and edge tha
Begonia Kingsbury  $9.95  Medium to large sized angular-shaped leaves with red hairs on margin. Leaves are a pale gray-green c
Begonia kisluana  $9.95  Small oval leathery leaves, red center vein. White flowers tipped pink.
Begonia Kit Jeans Mounger  $9.95  Large deeply cut spiraled bronzy textured leaves. Unusual lime-green flowers.
Begonia Kula  $9.95  Large lobed waxy green leaves with pronounced black edge. Tall clusters of light pink flowers. Simil
Begonia Lady Corby  $11.95  NEW! - This is a tall growing cane with medium sized superba type leaves that are bronze and
Begonia Lady Hoskins  $9.95  Large upright growing cane to 3 feet, but can be pruned to a smaller size. Leaves are cupped, medium
Begonia Lady Katsu  $10.95  Upright growing, full and compact, 18 to 24 inches. Long narrow cupped dark green leaves with silver
Begonia Lady Lenert  $10.95  Medium to tall growing superba cane with large cleft cupped and serrated leaves. Leaves are dark gre
Begonia Lady Lois  $8.95  Low growing upright cane with medium sized bright green leaves with silver green markings and a brig
Begonia Lady Louise K  $10.95  Upright large growing superba-type cane. Can grow very tall but can be kept to 2 feet tall. Leaves a
Begonia Lady McElderry  $10.95  Medium growing superba-type cane. Has deeply cleft leaves that are very dark bronze with silver spot
Begonia Lady Orange  $10.95  Low to medium growing upright cane. Nearly a superba type, but not quite as tall or large leaved. Le
Begonia Lana  $8.95  Profuse clusters of rose-red flowers. Dark green lobed leaves are heavily splashed silver. Superba.
Begonia lanceolata  $12.95  Narrow lance-shaped leaves arise directly from a creeping rhizome. White flowers, with female flower
Begonia Last Tango  $8.95  Sprawling upright plant to 2 feet. Small dark green oval leaves that come to a point. Profuse flower
Begonia Laughter  $10.95  Medium sized lobed bright green leaves with large chocolate chip markings. Stays very compact with t
Begonia Lazy Susan  $9.95  Low growing cane with lazy trailing stems that makes a great basket or low growing potted plant or w
Begonia Leprechaun  $8.95  Small ruffled spiraled leaves light green leaves, dark chocolate-green along main veins. Very compac
Begonia Leprechaun Envy  $11.95  NEW! - Medium leaved rhizomatous begonia. Gets its name from the fact that it's a little more
Begonia Leprechaun's Kiss  $11.95  Begonia 'Leprechaun's Kiss' has roughly heart shaped double spiral leaves. Leaves start out a
Begonia leprosa  $9.95  Round apple green leaves with clusters of delicately fragrant white flowers. Compact rhizomatous beg
Begonia letestui  $9.95  Small leathery red veined oval leaves, compact. Profuse clusters of small deep pink flowers. Our fav
Begonia Liberty  $10.95  Low to medium growing cane. Leaves are cupped, long and narrow with a lobed and dentated edge. Leave
Begonia listada  $9.95  This Brazilian species has dark olive green leaves with a distinctive chartreuse line down the middl
Begonia Little Alabaster  $9.95  Low, full growing compact cane. The small glossy dark olive leaves cup and overlap. Flowers are a cl
Begonia Little Antique White  $9.95  Similar to Begonia 'Emerald Glow' but smaller growing and smaller leaves. Very compact and fu
Begonia Little Frosty  $10.95  Low growing shrub of mixed parentage, could be considered a mallet. Leaves are small and cupped with
Begonia Little Miss Mary  $10.95  Upright cane 1 to 2 feet tall under normal conditions. Mediums sized superba leaves that are dark br
Begonia Little Miss Mummey  $9.95  Glossy black serrated leaves spotted white. Beautiful branching compact plant, white flowers. (Thomp
Begonia Little Night Music  $8.95  Small midnight black leaves, eyelash edges, light pink flowers. Small, compact. (Kartuz) (F, D, W, T
Begonia Little Red Eye  $10.95  Reintroduction of this small growing cane. Small bright green leaves that are deeply lobed with gree
Begonia Little Symphony  $11.95  NEW! - The small to medium-sized leaves are of a dark orange to reddish brown tone with sligh
Begonia Lomita Lady  $10.95  This cane is a real show stopper and one of the few everblooming superba-type canes. It is low to me
Begonia Lomita Lass  $10.95  Low growing cane. Little sister to Begonia 'Lomita Lady'. Leaves are much smaller dark green
Begonia Looking Glass  $9.95  Leaves of stunning metallic silver, veins pencilled in deep green, with deep burgundy-red back. Pink
Begonia Lovely Louise  $9.95  Compact growing upright cane. Medium sized long narrow, dark green (nearly black) leaves with lobed
Begonia luxurians  $10.95  Palmate leaves divided into slender fingers. Clusters of small, fragrant white flowers. Tall, regal,
Begonia maculata  $10.95  Pristine white flowers. Tapered olive-green leaves boldly spotted white. Beautiful, distinctive spec
Begonia Madame Coulat  $9.95  Many clusters of red flowers on a compact, branching plant. Satiny black leaves, always in bloom. (T
Begonia Madame McCooey  $11.95  This begonia came close to getting the name B. 'Screwy McCooey' because of all the curls and
Begonia Madame O'Reilly  $10.95  Medium growing rhizomatous. Leaves are medium sized, dark burgundy to red depending on season with h
Begonia Madame Queen  $10.95  Large glossy, coppery leaves, deeply ruffled and frilled, red reverse. Prominent light green veins r
Begonia Madame Rarick  $11.95  A medium leaved rhizomatous begonia. Depending on light conditions, B. 'Madame Rarick' can be
Begonia Magdalene Madsen  $8.95  Begonia listada hybrid with nearly perfect listada green stripe down the center of the leaf.
Begonia Magic Spell  $10.95  Medium growing rhizomatous. Leaves are medium sized, most leaves being solid silvery white with gree
Begonia Margaret P Holmes  $8.95  Rounded dark purple-rose leaves, deep red under. Medium pink flowers. (Worley) (F,B,D)
Begonia Margaret Thompson  $9.95  Upright growing compact cane with dark bronze leaves that are long and narrow with a serrated and lo
Begonia Margaritacea  $8.95  metallic rose leaves, red under. Bright pink flowers are produced liberally most of the year. (F,D)
Begonia Marias Revenge  $10.95  Low growing rhizomatous. Small to medium sized, round pointed green leaves with brownish red spots.
Begonia Marmaduke  $8.95  Large bubbly leaves splashed copper and gold. Tall sprays of pink flowers. (F, W)
Begonia Martins Mystery  $8.95  Smooth, rounded pink leaves, deep red underneath, light pink flowers are produced all season. Beauti
Begonia Mary Sakamoto  $10.95  Alfred D. Robinson Medal winner. Upright growing to 2 feet. Large oval bright green fan leaves with
Begonia masoniana  $9.95  Large textured light green leaves with distinctive chocolate-brown pattern. Clusters of small greeni
Begonia Master Mark  $9.95  Large growing upright cane with medium sized, narrow slightly cupped leaves. Leaves have a lobed ser
Begonia Maurice Amey  $8.95  Lovely tapered red backed dark coppery leaves dotted silvery pink. Clusters of pink flowers. (F,D)
Begonia Mello Yellow  $11.95  First truly yellow cane begonia. Low growing, with bright green leaves which sometimes show darker m
Begonia Merlin  $10.95  Tiny, fancifully spiraled, deeply cut leaves (no two alike) metallic red, pink and silver. The tinie
Begonia microsperma  $13.95  Round bubbly textured bright green leaves, chrome-yellow flowers, orange buds. (F, T, H)^common~(Syn
Begonia Midnight Sun  $10.95  Fantastically variegated foliage, bright pink and forest-green. Compact. New leaves are as colorful
Begonia Mini Orange County  $9.95  This cane has small olive-green leaves and is one of the best orange flowered canes. Everblooming wi
Begonia Mirage  $8.95  Medium sized leaves of milky silver flushed pink, maturing to silver. Sturdy, subtle beauty. Light p
Begonia Miss Janet  $8.95  Low to medium growing cane. Has dark medium sized rounded leaves with a blunt point and small silver
Begonia Miss Julie  $10.95  Small growing with bright green serrated cupped leaves. Very full growing. Blooms profusely with bri
Begonia Mo Reese  $8.95  Satiny black spiraled wavy leaves, with contrasting red on the underside. Compact grower. Deep salmo
Begonia molleri  $8.95  This trailing fibrous-rooted begonia has dark green leathery leaves and white flowers. It once had w
Begonia Morocco  $8.95  Textured verdant leaves shaded and edged red, plush red under. Clusters of white flowers. Sturdy, ex
Begonia Morris Mueller  $11.95  Medium growing rhizomatous with bright green leaves with strong reddish brown to nearly black markin
Begonia Mothers Day  $10.95  Introducing a new Kartuz rex begonia hybrid. Brightly colored pink and white with distinctive pink r
Begonia moysesii  $10.95  Similar to Begonia gehrtii, but with darker green leaves and red color on the underside. Broa
Begonia Mr Hunt  $10.95  Upright but full growing to 2 feet on sturdy stems. Leaves get large, even on a small plant. Awesome
Begonia Mr Meyer  $10.95  Medium to tall growing upright jointed rhizomatous. Deeply cleft medium sized satiny dark green leav
Begonia Mrs Fred T Scripps  $9.95  Large growing shrub hybrid. Very tall and large growing with large fingered leaves of medium green a
Begonia Mrs Miller  $9.95  Low growing cane. Full growing compact plant with bronze ruffled leaves with silver spots. Profuse b
Begonia Mrs Ruth Pease  $9.95  Rhizomatous begonia with dark reddish black leaves with hairy edge. Leaves are double spiraled cuppe
Begonia Mumtaz  $9.95  Large textured round coppery, red backed leaves, pink flowers. (Kartuz) (F, T)
Begonia Night Eyes  $11.95  Its small to medium leaves go through color changes with the seasons from tawny brown with faint mar
Begonia nimbaensis  $13.95  Teardrop-shaped leaves, soft green, elegantly veined reddish brown. Bright yellow flowers are held a
Begonia Nonsense  $9.95  Medium to large growing rhizomatous. Medium sized, rounded, scalloped double spiral leaves, bright g
Begonia O Flahertys Folly  $9.95  Medium to tall growing shrub begonia. Leaves are small to medium sized bright green long and narrow
Begonia Oleta  $8.95  Deeply cut forest-green leaves, ending in light green spiral. Prominent white hairs on leaf edges an
Begonia Olive Garden  $10.95  Low to medium growing, long narrow olive medium sized green leaves with lightly serrated edge. Profu
Begonia Orange County  $9.95  Medium growing upright cane. Leaves are oval with a scalloped edge and blunted point. Leaves are dar
Begonia Orococo  $8.95  Textured ivy-shaped leaves of great substance, green-gold, shaded and edged deep red. Procumbent ste
Begonia paleata  $8.95  Low growing Brazilian species with large round apple green leaves and white flowers. The vibrant lea
Begonia Palomar Crest  $10.95  Large glossy apple green leaves curled and crested. Tall sprays of light pink flowers in spring. Com
Begonia Palomar Pirate  $8.95  Slim glossy textured red backed leaves, white flowers. Sturdy, easy. (Kartuz)
Begonia Palomar Prince  $9.95  Double spiraled deeply cut leaves splashed and shaded copper and green. Pink flowers. (Kartuz) (F, D
Begonia Palomar Shadows  $8.95  Double spiraled leaves shaded dark green along main veins. Compact, pink flowers. (Kartuz) (F, D, W)
Begonia Palomar Storm  $9.95  Slim, dark green glossy leaves with bubbly texture, red undersides. White flowers in summer held abo
Begonia Palomar Sunset  $11.95  NEW! - Miniature to small growing compact rhizomatous begonia. Leaves are a new color additio
Begonia Palomar Whirlwind  $8.95  Medium sized dark double spiraled leaves radiating lighter green along main veins. Compact, pink flo
Begonia Paper Snowflakes  $10.95  Upright growing to 2 feet. Large deeply lobed bright green leaves with irregular-shaped large white
Begonia Pastel Princess  $9.95  Upright growing to 3 feet but can be shaped to any size. Grows very full at any size. Specimen plant
Begonia Patriot Games  $9.95  Clusters of bright pink flowers, very dark green deeply cut superba-type foliage. (Thompson)
Begonia Patti Thompson  $8.95  Reintroduction of this small leaved cane with cleft bright green leaves and strong silver spots. Flo
Begonia Paul Hernandez  $9.95  An awesome fast growing plant, which might be the largest growing begonia. Can grow to 8 feet high b
Begonia paulensis  $10.95  Large glossy light green peltate leaves with a distinctive concentric pleated texture. White flowers
Begonia Peppermint Princess  $9.95  Small to medium growing upright with dark green leaves and small white spots. Flower clusters are la
Begonia Peppermint Sabers  $9.95  Low to medium growing upright cane. Leaves are dark glossy green, medium long and narrow with a deep
Begonia Peter Piper  $11.95  Medium growing rhizomatous. Medium sized cupped leaves that always stay some shade of orange. Always
Begonia Peter Sharp  $10.95  This compact growing medium leaved rhizomatous is one of the few begonias created by renowned Austra
Begonia Phoes Cleo  $8.95  Bright green star-shaped leaves, pencilled brown on edges. Very compact. Pink flowers. (F, D, W)
Begonia Pink Minx  $9.95  Deeply lobed red backed leaves splashed silver and pink. Clusters of pink flowers throughout the sea
Begonia Pink Sabers  $9.95  Low to medium growing upright cane. Leaves are medium green, medium sized long and narrow with denta
Begonia Pink Surprise  $8.95  The leaves on this miniature plant are silvery pink edged dark green, deep pink under. Sprays of pin
Begonia Pink Taffeta  $9.95  Low to medium growing superba-type cane. Nearly a perfect plant. Leaves are medium sized, lobed, and
Begonia Pintura  $9.95  Very compact miniature with small dark green leaves dotted white. Rose pink flowers held above the f
Begonia Pixie Queen  $11.95  Small to medium growing rhizomatous begonia. Crisp bright green leaves with various dark brown, silv
Begonia Pixie's Reward  $9.95  Low growing upright stemmed rhizomatous. Small to medium sized maple shaped green leaf with serrated
Begonia Pizzaz  $9.95  Colorful, compact, almost miniature, rex begonia. (Mabel Corwin hybrid)Brad Thompson has an
Begonia polygonoides  $8.95  Small glossy narrow tapered leaves, trailing stems. White flowers edged pink.
Begonia Precious Patti  $8.95  Low growing rhizomatous. Small rounded fuzzy leaves with a black stitched edge and point. Stays smal
Begonia prismatocarpa  $9.95  Low, compact miniature jewel. Brilliant yellow and orange flowers, tiny bright green leaves. Virtual
Begonia Puff Adder  $10.95  Medium to large growing rhizomatous. Large wide cupped double spiraled and lobed fuzzy dark green le
Begonia Python  $9.95  Medium growing rhizomatous. Medium star leaves on sturdy petioles. Leaves are nearly black stars wit
Begonia quadrialata  $13.95  Yellow flowers striped red on upper petals. Round satiny light green leaves. (F, T, H)
Begonia Red Charm  $8.95  Semperflorens. A variation of Begonia 'Charm'. Same habits and traits as Begonia 'Char
Begonia Red Doll  $8.95  Small leaves beautifully marbled coppery red and chestnut. Pink flowers. Lovely hybrid from Japan. (
Begonia Red Tiger  $11.95  NEW! - It was named for its color and it's a little unruly, like a tiger, but in a good way.
Begonia Rex Hybrid  $8.95  Our own named or unnamed hybrids of the standard size rex begonia - our choice.
Begonia Rex Hybrid Collection  $23.95  Standard size rex begonias. 3 different, our choice, mostly from unlisted varieties.
Begonia Rex Seed Kartuz Hybrids  $6.00  Packet, approximately 100 seeds. Price includes shipping. Begonia seeds are very tiny. Therefore, so
Begonia Rhizomatous Collection  $23.95  3 different, our choice:
Begonia Rhizomatous Miniature Collection  $23.95  3 different, our choice.
Begonia Ring of Fire  $10.95  Sturdy, colorful, banded red and silver. (Kartuz)
Begonia River Nile  $8.95  Beautiful smooth spiraled light green leaves bordered black. Pink flowers, compact. One of the Egypt
Begonia Robert Golden  $10.95  Low to medium growing upright jointed rhizomatous. Leaves are mostly red with dark green, silver and
Begonia Robert Shatzer  $8.95  Small leaves patterned black and green, pink flowers. (F, D, W,)
Begonia Rosa Andres  $11.95  NEW! - Small to medium-sized full growing plant that makes a splendid specimen. The image doe
Begonia Rosalie  $11.95  Roundish cupped leaf with very nice double spirals. Leaf is usually reddish bronze with green in the
Begonia Rose Daggers  $10.95  Upright growing cane to 2 feet. Long narrow superba-type dark maroon leaves with light silver spots.
Begonia Royal Lustre  $8.95  Tiny leaves, lustrous silver purple and green. White flowers. Unusual and very beautiful. (F, D, W)
Begonia rubriflora  $10.95  This lovely species is noted for its deep orange flowers and dark green tapered leaves. Flowers prod
Begonia Ruby Tears  $8.95  Medium growing upright to 2 feet. Full growing with dark green oval leaves with light dentation on t
Begonia Sands of Arabia  $8.95  Tapered dark coppery leaves finely dotted pink. Pink flowers. (Thompson)
Begonia Satin Jazz  $10.95  New Kartuz rex begonia with iridescent pink leaves, dark veins, fluted edges. Full, compact habit. D
Begonia scapigera  $13.95  Smooth, round, bright green leaves edged red. Clusters of bright yellow flowers. Needs terrarium con
Begonia scutifolia  $10.95  Bright green teardrop leaves with red stems, yellow flowers. Native to tropical West Africa. (F, D,
Begonia sericoneura  $9.95  Large, easy grower with round, apple green leaves with red sinus at base. Upright rhizomatous type,
Begonia Shaun Henthorne  $10.95  New Kartuz rex begonia with large spiraled leaves banded purple and silver. Outstanding performer. (
Begonia Sherri Rose  $10.95  Superba type cane with medium sized long narrow bronze leaves with evenly spaced small white spots o
Begonia Shrub-like Collection  $23.95  3 different, our choice.
Begonia Sierra Gentle Rain  $9.95  Small deeply lobed dark green leaves splashed silver. Clusters of light pink flowers in abundance. (
Begonia Sierra Green Butterfly  $8.95  Ruffled, fluted, double spiraled verdant green leaves with red stems. Nice compact habit. Pink flowe
Begonia Sierra Silver Moon  $8.95  Red backed pearly silver spiraled leaves, light pink flowers. (Bishop) (F, D, W)
Begonia Sierra Silver Rose  $8.95  Red backed dusky rose star-shaped leaves sprinkled silver. Pink flowers. (Bishop) (F, D, W)
Begonia Silver Darling  $10.95  Mallet-type hybrid with large light green leaves with white spots. Pink flowers. Very vigorous and e
Begonia Silvermist  $8.95  Great clusters of light pink flowers. Wavy, lobed leaves heavily splashed silver. Tall superba-type.
Begonia Sinbad  $8.95  Small leaves densely spotted silver, pink flowers all year.
Begonia Sincerity  $10.95  Low to medium growing upright cane. Large rounded green leaves with silver sprinkles and serrated ed
Begonia Snow Capped  $8.95  Leaves are covered with a blizzard of silvery white spots. Clusters of bright red flowers. (F,D)
Begonia Snow Palace  $10.95  Hybrid between a cane and a shrub begonia, grows like a shrub but has white-silver cane leaves. Leav
Begonia solimutata  $9.95  Dark coppery textured leaves with silvery green stripes radiating from center, edged red flushed dee
Begonia Special Collection of 3  $23.95  If you can't make up your mind of what begonias to order, these collections offer a wide selecti
Begonia Special Collection of 6  $45.95  Our choice of 6 different begonias from different groups.
Begonia Sphinx  $9.95  Low to medium growing rhizomatous. The smallest of the Egyptian series, it has small to medium sized
Begonia Spindrift  $10.95  Spiraled and ruffled creamy pink leaves with prominent dark veins. Compact, beautiful. (F, B, D)
Begonia Spitting Cobra  $10.95  Medium to large growing rhizomatous. Large double spiral medium green leaves with black markings and
Begonia staudtii  $13.95  Large round light green textured leaves, bright yellow flowers striped red. (F, T, H)
Begonia Stormy Night  $10.95  Low to medium growing rhizomatous. One of the blackest of all begonias, it's really black in all lig
Begonia Summer King  $10.95  Medium sized leaves are silver streaked and have a scalloped lobed edge. Profuse large dark pink flo
Begonia Summer Queen  $10.95  Upright large growing superba-type cane. Can grow very tall but can be kept to 2 feet tall. Leaves a
Begonia Summerland Sands  $8.95  Mallet-type hybrid with rosy bronze leaves with silver spots and red stems. Flowers are dark pink. E
Begonia Sunny Bunny  $11.95  Medium growing rhizomatous. Medium yellow/green leaves with dark brown markings. Compact and easy to
Begonia Sunshower  $10.95  Clusters of clear yellow flowers with a deep red eye adorn this beautiful trailer. Small bronzy gree
Begonia Suspicion  $10.95  Medium to tall, very sturdy and clean growing superba cane. Leaves are dark bronze lobed and serrate
Begonia Tall Cane Collection  $23.95  3 different, our choice, tall varieties.
Begonia Tangier  $8.95  Abundant clusters of coral-red flowers. Small dark green wavy leaves. Makes a very full, compact bas
Begonia Tempest  $9.95  Tiny deeply lobed and spiraled leaves of metallic red and black. A glowing miniature jewel. (Worley)
Begonia Thelma O'Reilly  $10.95  Low to medium growing rhizomatous. Leaves are medium sized, bright green with dark brown spots and s
Begonia Thrill Seeker  $10.95  A medium to tall growing superba-type cane with long bronze leaves that have a wavy deeply cut saw t
Begonia Thurstonii  $10.95  A true heirloom begonia created in 1887. A large growing shrub with medium sized metallic olive gree
Begonia Tinkerbell  $9.95  Semperflorum shrub-type begonia. Bears some resemblance to Begonia fischeri but is actually a
Begonia Tiny Gem  $8.95  Miniature trailer with constant clusters of deep pink flowers. Small, crisp, pointed light green lea
Begonia Tom Ment  $8.95  Low growing cane with small bronze leaves with large silver spots. Blooms well with dark salmon to c
Begonia Toms Fantasy  $8.95  Always covered with orange flowers. Small wavy silver spotted leaves, compact, great in hanging bask
Begonia U076 (polilloensis)  $10.95  Possibly one of the most unusual of all begonias. Small, deeply divided, fern-like leaves, red stems
Begonia U508  $11.95  Attractive steel gray tapered leaves, deep burgundy red underneath. Pink flowers. Upright habit. Lik
Begonia U604  $12.95  Tapered dark green leaves splashed silver, red underneath. Needs warmth and humidity. Good terrarium
Begonia Unconventional  $9.95  Medium sized cupped star leaves with serrated edge that are bright green with black stitching on the
Begonia undulata  $9.95  Glossy green oblong-lanceolate leaves with undulating margins and crisp white pendulous flowers. Ere
Begonia valida  $8.95  Large growing large leaved thick-stemmed begonia. For those unfamiliar with the term, thick-stemmed
Begonia Vanessa  $10.95  New Kartuz rex begonia with large beautiful spiraled silvery white leaves flushed pink, and edged pi
Begonia vankerckhovenii  $15.95  Micro-miniature species with small bright green teardrop leaves, red stems, and bright yellow flower
Begonia velloziana  $12.95  Lance-shaped leaves similar to Begonia herbacea, slightly broader and shorter. White flowers,
Begonia Venona  $8.95  Red flowers, dark green red backed silver spotted leaves. Compact, upright.
Begonia venosa  $8.95  White flowers with wonderful spicy fragrance. Thick, succulent leaves are covered with white scurf.
Begonia versicolor  $13.95  Round velvety plush leaves, red veins radiating from center, densely covered with red hairs. Low gro
Begonia Very Verde  $11.95  NEW! - The leaves of this begonia are of ordinary shape and average size, but what stands out
Begonia Victorian  $10.95  Elegant spiraled silvery rose leaf, broadly edged purple with pink dots. (Kartuz)
Begonia Vista Checks  $10.95  Medium bright green leaves with nearly black checkered markings. Leaves are a distorted star shape w
Begonia Vista Frills  $11.95  'Vista Frills' is a cross between types so it won't be exactly what you think of as rhizomatous but
Begonia Vista Lady  $11.95  This is a Begonia luxurians hybrid with much the same habit and size but with only a partiall
Begonia Vista Pauper  $11.95  NEW! - Medium to large leaves on a compact growing plant. A hybrid of Begonia 'Palomar
Begonia Vista Quest  $10.95  Begonia luxurians hybrid accentuating the best traits. Variable large mostly fully palmate le
Begonia Vista Silver Shimmer  $11.95  NEW! - Small to medium leaves on a compact full growing plant. Leaves are small, rounded and
Begonia Vista Way  $9.95  The perfect marriage of the best traits of two popular shrub species, Begonia egregia and
Begonia Vivaldi  $10.95  Medium sized leaves are variegated copper and light green with chocolate brown markings. Full, compa
Begonia Vivian Hill  $9.95  Large clusters of scarlet-red flowers, silver spotted red backed coppery leaves. (Thompson)
Begonia Wabbit Twacks  $8.95  Begonia ghertii hybrid similiar in some ways to Begonia 'Dale Kramer', but different g
Begonia Wanda  $13.95  This beautiful terrarium subject is similar in appearance to Begonia versicolor, except leave
Begonia White Sabers  $11.95  NEW! - This begonia is a member of Brad Thompson's "Saber" series of cane begonias ('Coral Sa
Begonia Wild Irish Rose  $10.95  Low growing cane. Has small narrow bright green undulated leaves. Has white flowers with rose-blush
Begonia Wild Pony  $11.95  NEW! - This medium to large leaved rhizomatous begonia has been in circulation for at least 4
Begonia Willie Mae Wilson  $10.95  Medium growing rhizomatous. Leaves are medium sized upright cupped stars that are nearly black with
Bertolonia maculata  $12.95  Beautiful rare low growing tropical perennial with 3 inch coppery brown oval leaves, magenta-pink un
Bertolonia marmorata  $19.95  Similar to Bertolonia maculata with 3 inch silvery white oval leaves striped brown, pink unde
Bertolonia sp Domingos Martins  $10.95  Rare offering. Small, compact plant with ribbed and textured leaf, shaded copper and green with spar
Bertolonia sp Jussari  $12.95  Rare melastom from Brazil with coppery brown leaves, pink underside. Pink flowers. Medium sized plan
Beschorneria yuccoides  $9.95  This gorgeous plant resembles a yucca, but its gray-green leaves are soft and spineless. The stemles
Bignonia magnifica  $12.95  Of the many showy trumpet vines, this is the most useful to the container gardener, for unlike its l
Bowiea volubilis  $12.95  NEW! - This bulb is a curiosity. It's neither from the sea or related to an onion, but instea
Breynia disticha Minima  $9.95  Very compact growing shrub with tiny round leaves splotched white, shaded pink. Grow in bright shade
Breynia disticha Roseopicta  $9.95  Tropical shrub to 5 feet with small colorful leaves of white, pink, red and green. Commonly used as
Brillantaisia owariensis  $8.95  Herbaceous shrub growing 4 to 6 feet tall, with large arrowhead-shaped leaves and spikes of large bl
Brugmansia Apricot  $10.95  The typical form of this large flowered species, with sweetly fragrant pendant flowers, aging from w
Brugmansia Betty Marshall  $10.95  An unusually compact and floriferous selection bearing single white flowers with spicy-sweet perfume
Brugmansia Charles Grimaldi  $10.95  An exceptional California hybrid with enormous 15 inch yellow-orange flowers and strongly recurved p
Brugmansia Collection  $23.95  3 different, our choice.^family~Solanaceae
Brugmansia Creamsickle  $10.95  A beautiful scented free flowering brugmansia with very large 15 inch, double trumpet-shaped flowers
Brugmansia Culebra  $14.95  A very unusual and rare cultivar of B. aurea with narrow ribbon-like leaves. Flowers are whit
Brugmansia Cypress Gardens  $10.95  Huge pendant trumpet-shaped white flowers with upturned edges in abundance. Possibly a suaveolens
Brugmansia Double White  $10.95  An exceptional double flowered brugmansia, with large velvety leaves and pendant hose-in-hose double
Brugmansia Dr Seuss  $10.95  Huge fragrant golden orange flowers in great profusion. A vigorous grower producing a tremendous sho
Brugmansia Ecuador Pink  $10.95  A rarer pink form of the versicolor species, with large pendant flowers aging from white to p
Brugmansia Forestville Double  $13.95  Large 12 inch very double flowers (elongated trumpet within a trumpet). Color is white with a soft a
Brugmansia Frosty Pink  $10.95  Large salmon-pink flowers with a strong sweet scent plus a vigorous growth habit make this our best
Brugmansia HerrenHauser Garten  $13.95  Impressive dark orange flowers are 14 inches long, consisting of four corollas fitted one within the
Brugmansia Jamaica Yellow  $10.95  Beautiful lemon-yellow flowers with a spicy-sweet fragrance, compact. Very free flowering. A suav
Brugmansia Jamies Monkey Business  $14.95  Beautiful fragrant dark orange flowers on large study plant. German hybrid by Ludger Schneider, rele
Brugmansia Jean Pasko  $10.95  Giant golden yellow fragrant flowers with dark edge. A natural hybrid collected in Ecuador.^family~S
Brugmansia Maya  $10.95  Beautiful variegated foliage with apricot colored tubular flowers. Light fragrance. Leaves variegate
Brugmansia Milk n Honey  $10.95  Impressive display of beautiful large fragrant white trumpets with green veins and long tips. Flower
Brugmansia Miss Emily Mackenzie  $14.95  Profuse blooms of fantastic dark pink flowers, each up to 20 inches long. Hybrid of 'Pink Beauty' an
Brugmansia New Orleans Lady  $14.95  Very large beautiful trumpet-shaped pendant double flowers with long corolla tips. Opens white and c
Brugmansia Peach  $10.95  Long tube extends past calyx, then bloom flares, peach color petals occasional split. A versicolo
Brugmansia Peaches and Cream  $10.95  Green and white variegated leaves with large 8 inch fragrant, light peachy pink flowers. A versic
Brugmansia Pink Beauty  $13.95  An extraordinary Brugmansia aurea hybrid from Herta Blin in France. The large pendulous bloss
Brugmansia Shooting Star  $13.95  Beautiful yellow-orange fragrant blossoms are 5 inches wide to 7 inches long. Very floriferous. Grow
Brugmansia Shredded White Fantasy  $10.95  Huge white fragrant flowers split into fantastic ribbons. A candida cultivar.^common~Brugm

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