Philodendron imbe Variegata  $24.95  NEW! - This is a rare variegated form of a large growing tropical climber. Leaves up to 2 fee
Philodendron Pink Princess  $14.95  NEW! - This is a beautiful Australian hybrid with dark olive-green waxy leaves streaked with
Philodendron verrucosum  $19.95  Rare collector's aroid. Beautiful heart-shaped leaves with a velvety sheen and a wine colored patter
Phymosia umbellata  $10.95  Three inch red mallow-like flowers on a spreading evergreen shrub or small tree to 15 feet with deep
Pilea pubescens Silver Cloud  $8.95  NEW! - Uncommon house plant with striking silvery leaves, ruffled and serrated, with pinkish
Pilea spruceana Silver Tree  $8.95  NEW! - This pilea has a narrow, serrated, chocolate colored leaf with a broad silver band run
Piper crocatum  $14.95  Beautiful greenhouse climber with corrugated glossy dark olive-green leaves with silver-pink marblin
Pisonia grandis Alba  $14.95  This small evergreen tree is grown for its foliage. Its canopy of luminous, pale yellow-green leaves
Pisonia umbellifera Aurea  $19.95  This is a very rare unusual form of the Bird Catcher Tree with beautiful leaves of bright yellow and
Pisonia umbellifera Variegata  $14.95  Beautiful variegation with various shades of white and green. Resembles a compact variegated rubber
Plectranthus barbatus var grandis  $8.95  Perennial from tropical East Africa, 6 foot high with 5 inch hairy leaves. Blooms with foot long clu
Plectranthus barbatus var grandis White Rhino  $8.95  Rare variegated form of Plectranthus barbatus var. grandis. Lime green leaf with darke
Plectranthus ecklonii - Purple  $8.95  Attractive bold perennial with large deep glowing bluish-purple flower spikes in autumn. This slight
Plectranthus ecklonii Erma - Pink  $8.95  Attractive bold perennial with large pink flower spikes in autumn. This slightly woody evergreen shr
Plectranthus ecklonii Tommy - White  $8.95  Fast growing, shrubby perennial for shade, related to coleus. Abundant, many-branched spikes of tiny
Plectranthus ernestii  $8.95  Small felted leaves with mauve flowers and distinctive caudex. Makes interesting bonsai. South Afric
Plectranthus fosteri Green on Green  $8.95  Furry green rippled leaves with margin of lime green. So. Pacific.^family~Lamiaceae
Plectranthus fosteri Marginatus  $8.95  Showy upright plant with bright white margin on scalloped rich green leaves.^family~Lamiaceae
Plectranthus neochilus Dwarf Variegated  $8.95  Dwarf form with small leaves of various shades of green with white feathered edges. A new find for t
Plectranthus oertendahlii Lime Light  $8.95  Colorful basket or ground cover plant with three and sometimes four colors of variegation (green, cr
Plowmania nyctaginoides  $10.95  This rare plant is a very unusual Brunfelsia relative with racemes of small tubular red-orang
Plumbago auriculata Alba  $8.95  Same as blue form but with pure white flowers. South Africa.^family~Plumbaginaceae
Plumbago auriculata Royal  $8.95  Clusters of blue flowers throughout the year, small leaves, scandent stems. South Africa. 25F.^famil
Plumbago indica  $9.95  A superior selection of this species, with 4 inch wavy dark green leaves, a compact growth habit, an
Plumeria pudica  $14.95  This species of plumeria has large 3 inch bright white flowers and unique fiddle-shaped leave
Podachaenium eminens  $9.95  Sprays of fragrant white daisy flowers in spring. Huge velvety tropical looking leaves.^family~Aster
Polyscias Collection  $23.95  3 different, our choice, from a selection of these colorful leafed tropical shrubs.^catdiv~
Polyscias cumingiana  $9.95  This is a tall upright shrub with leathery fern-like leaves up to 15 inches long. In full sun the fo
Polyscias fruticosa  $9.95  The Ming Aralia is an erect woody shrub growing to about 12 feet (more commonly 6 to 8 feet) tall wi
Polyscias fruticosa Bonsai  $8.95  A dwarf form of the Ming Aralia this attractive slow growing indoor plant has small, finely cut, par
Polyscias guilfoylei Crispa  $9.95  This weird looking plant has blackish green sharply toothed pinnately-divided leaves curled and twis
Polyscias guilfoylei Marginata  $9.95  The dark green leaves margined in ivory white resemble a rose leaf, hence its common name. In the tr
Polyscias guilfoylei Variegata  $9.95  The lush green leaves of this variety are beautifully variegated with large irregular patches of och
Polyscias scutellaria Crispata  $9.95  This plant gets its name from the shape of the leaves which resemble chicken gizzards. The leaflets
Polyscias scutellaria Fabian  $9.95  New! - This cultivar has rounded, dark green, leathery leaves with a slight reddish cast and
Polyscias scutellaria Marginata  $9.95  This beautiful lush compact plant, growing 3 to 5 feet tall with rounded gray green leaflets bordere
Polyscias scutellaria Pennockii  $9.95  This is a very showy variety with large 3 to 4 inch oval leaves of substance with crenate edges. The
Primulina Aiko  $8.95  Nodding yellow flowers, rosette of narrow tapered leaves.^common~(Syn.: Chirita 'Aiko'), Dark
Primulina Blue Moon  $8.95  Nodding lavender blue flowers, rosette of dark green foliage with light green mottling. (Boggan)^com
Primulina Chastity  $8.95  Rosette of narrow tapered leaves. Large clusters of lavender blue flowers in great abundance. (F)^co
Primulina Collection  $21.95  3 different, our choice.^family~Gesneriaceae
Primulina Crossroads  $8.95  Lavender-pink blooms on tall stems over a compact rosette of dark green leaves, some silver netting.
Primulina Destiny  $8.95  NEW! - A beautiful Primulina with dark green leaves having a broad silvery green cent
Primulina Diane Marie  $8.95  Beautiful outstanding compact hybrid rosette-type, silver and green leaves, large lavender blue nodd
Primulina dryas Hisako  $8.95  The most beautiful of this group. Makes a stunning rosette of silver veined dark green leaves. Laven
Primulina Keiko  $8.95  Clusters of large lavender blue flowers striped yellow throat, compact rosette of dusky green leaves
Primulina Loki  $9.95  NEW! - Beautiful rounded green leaves with broad silver veining and blue tubular flowers. Com
Primulina Lola  $8.95  Large lavender-blue flowers, striped throat. Silver and green scalloped leaves, compact habit.
Primulina Moonlight  $8.95  Nodding lavender blue flowers, rosette of medium green foliage with silvery pattern. (Boggan)^common
Primulina Nakako  $8.95  Yellow flowers produced freely over a compact rosette of green leaves.^common~(Syn.: Chirita
Primulina Nemesis  $8.95  NEW! - Grows as a rosette of dark green oval quilted leaves with medium lavender colored flow
Primulina Patina  $8.95  NEW! - Medium green leaves with light green center radiating out along the veins. When leaves
Primulina Piccolo  $8.95  Compact grower with clusters of lavender flowers. The leaves are showy with a medium green center an
Primulina Rachel  $9.95  Unique with small, slender dark green pointed leaves and a center stripe of light green. Freely bloo
Primulina Silver Surfer  $8.95  Cluster of medium purple flowers. Green leaves are patterned silver.^common~(Syn.: Chirita 'S
Primulina Vertigo  $8.95  Rosette of dark green tapered leaves with pale center stripe. Nodding blue flowers.^common~(Syn.: i
Pseuderanthemum alatum  $8.95  This low growing ground cover has broad coppery brown leaves with silver patches along the midrib an
Pseuderanthemum and Graptophyllum Collection  $21.95  3 different, our choice, from a selection of colorful leafed tropical subshrubs such as: Pseudera
Pseuderanthemum carruthersii Ebony  $8.95  A distinctive foliage plant with deep, chocolate-burgundy, almost black leaves. Blooms in warmer mon
Pseuderanthemum carruthersii var atropurpureum Rubrum  $8.95  The most dramatic form of Pseuderanthemum with large lacquered maroon leaves, matching the sk
Pseuderanthemum carruthersii var atropurpureum Tricolor  $8.95  Irregularly margined leaves of rich lacquered purple with zones of gray green and pink on maroon ste
Pseuderanthemum carruthersii var atropurpureum Variegatum  $8.95  This erect tropical shrub has dark green waxy foliage marked with irregular patches of gray green, b
Pseuderanthemum carruthersii var carruthersii Broad Leaf  $8.95  Green leaves, yellow netting. Upright spires of white flowers dotted pink. Tropical, 50F. Broad l
Pseuderanthemum carruthersii var carruthersii Narrow Leaf  $8.95  Green leaves, yellow netting. Upright spires of white flowers dotted pink. Tropical, 50F. Narrow
Pseuderanthemum crenulatum  $8.95  Makes a wonderful conservatory plant or shade plant in the tropics. A small grower with glossy green
Pseuderanthemum laxiflorum  $8.95  Long lasting rosy purple flowers year-round. Attractive house plant plant with glossy green leaves.
Pseuderanthemum Purple Dazzler Variegated  $8.95  Showy small erect shrub with variegated leaves of green, pink, purple, and white and starry lavender
Pseudogynoxys chenopodioides  $9.95  Bright orange flowers throughout the year, light green glossy leaves. Colombia.^family~Asteraceae^co
Pseudogynoxys chenopodioides Sao Paulo  $9.95  A superior selection, collected from a cultivated plant in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This beautiful vine co
Punica granatum Alba Plena  $9.95  Rare flowering form with fully double, creamy white flowers, no fruit. Arching deciduous shrub or sm
Punica granatum Legrellei  $9.95  Rare cultivar with double coral flowers bordered and streaked with creamy white. Delicate petals are
Punica granatum Nana  $9.95  Similar to the typical fruiting pomegranate, but much smaller in size. Dense growth to 3 feet. Brigh
Punica granatum Nana Emperor  $9.95  Similar to the typical fruiting pomegranite, but much smaller in every way. This cultivar may be the
Punica granatum Nochi Shibari  $9.95  Dense, arching branches produce showy dark red carnation-like, double flowers from late winter throu
Punica granatum Party Dress  $9.95  Dwarf pomegranate with flowers that are salmon pink and pink fruit. (F,D)^family~Lythraceae
Rhaphidophora cryptantha  $17.95  This is a truly unique and beautiful variegated climbing plant. The rounded dark green leaves show o
Rhaphidophora korthalsii  $10.95  Rare tropical climber with juvenile blue-green leaves held tightly together, overlapping like shingl
Roldana petasitis  $9.95  Shrubby perennial from Mexico. Tropical look with large 8 inch fanlike velvety evergreen leaves. Clu
Rotheca myricoides Ugandense  $8.95  Beautiful clusters of brilliant blue butterfly-shaped flowers with long curving stamens. Prized by c
Ruellia affinis  $9.95  This is a rare winter blooming tropical ruellia with showy 2 inch wide scarlet flowers. Unusual for
Ruellia breedlovei  $8.95  Shade-loving showy tropical shrub with large 2½ inch trumpet-shaped luscious purple flowers w
Ruellia brevifolia Alba  $8.95  This is a selected cultivar with white flowers. South America.^common~(Syn.: Ruellia graecizans
Ruellia brevifolia Red Christmas Pride  $8.95  This selected cultivar has burgundy colored reverse on leaves with bright red flowers borne on slend
Ruellia chartacea  $9.95  Large impressive fiery red bracts with clusters of orange flowers. Dark green foliage. 40F.^family~A
Ruellia conzattii  $8.95  A tropical shrub with 2½ inch light yellow flowers. Evergreen with 5 inch ovate to cordate so
Ruellia devosiana  $8.95  Small foliage similar to Ruellia makoyana with beautiful powder blue flowers. Suitable for a
Ruellia elegans  $8.95  Our original offering. Scarlet red flowers produced all year on 2 to 3 foot shrub on tall stems. Par
Ruellia elegans Coral  $8.95  Similar to Ruellia elegans 'Rio Red' but with flowers that are a coral pink.^family~Acanthace
Ruellia elegans Rio Red  $8.95  A compact form growing 12 inches high and producing 1 inch deep red tubular blooms from late spring
Ruellia macrantha  $8.95  Beautiful display of 3 inch rosy pink trumpets throughout fall and winter, sometimes again in midsum
Ruellia makoyana  $8.95  Brilliant reddish-purple 2 flowers are produced all year, heaviest from fall through spring. Beautif
Ruellia maya  $8.95  Showy tropical subshrub with 2 inch funnel-shaped light purple flowers. Evergreen with mostly uprigh
Ruspolia hypocrateriformis  $8.95  Rare small shrub from tropical and southern Africa with 1 inch tubular red flowers in spikes. Blooms
Ruspolia seticalyx  $8.95  This rare low growing shrub, from tropical Africa (Zimbabwe), has flower spikes of dainty orange-red
Russelia equisetiformis red  $8.95  A popular and colorful plant, with many scarlet red 1 inch tubular flowers displayed throughout the
Russelia equisetiformis Salmon Pink  $8.95  Spectacular penstemon relative with horsetail-like, arching, stems and tubular, salmon-pink flowers.
Russelia equisetiformis Yellow Gold  $8.95  A choice variety with tubular yellow flowers. Use for hanging baskets, ground cover, or spilling ove
Russelia sarmentosa  $8.95  Clusters of crimson flowers, tiny leaves, small shrub. Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds.^family
Ruttya fruticosa Orange Dragon  $8.95  Clusters of unusual two lipped bright orange flowers with glossy black centers throughout the year.
Ruttya fruticosa Yellow Dragon  $8.95  Clusters of striking bright yellow flowers with glossy black centers all year.^family~Acanthaceae
Ruttya ovata  $8.95  Unusual South African shrub with dense, many-flowered, terminal clusters of white flowers with purpl
Ruttyruspolia Phyllis van Heerden  $8.95  Clusters of star-shaped dusky rose flowers all summer. Compact shrub to 3 feet with small pointed le
Sanchezia parvibracteata  $8.95  Glossy green leaves with bright yellow netting. A selected compact form with small golden tubular fl
Sanchezia sanmartinensis  $10.95  Rare tropical Sanchezia from Peru with solid green leaves covered with short, fine hairs. Tub
Sanchezia Singapore Gold  $9.95  NEW! - This easy to grow tropical plant has tricolored leaves of light green, gold, and cream
Sanchezia speciosa  $8.95  Glossy green leaves with yellow to cream veins with tubular yellow flowers enclosed by russet-red br
Sauropus androgynus  $12.95  Culturally, sweet leaf bush has been a popular leafy vegetable in Southeast Asia. It was added to sa
Scaevola taccada  $9.95  NEW! - This flowering plant is a common beach shrub throughout the Indian Ocean and South Pac
Schaueria calicotricha  $8.95  This Brazilian tropical plant with wide dark green glossy leaves produces 4 inch yellow brush-like b
Schaueria sp. Lime Puff  $9.95  A very different tropical plant with large bright yellow feather duster heads from which protrude wh
Schefflera actinophylla Nova  $24.95  NEW! -
Schefflera arboricola Janine  $12.95  Unusual Schefflera with small frilly leaves, beautifully variegated in green and lime-white.
Schizolobium parahyba  $19.95  This spectacular flowering tree is crowned with masses of golden blooms in early spring. It's one of
Selaginella erythropus  $10.95  Miniature plant with dark green fronds with deep crimson undersides. Resembling and closely allied t
Selaginella moellendorffii  $10.95  Miniature plant with small ferny dark green swirling fronds. Requires a contained atmosphere (terrar
Selaginella uncinata  $8.95  Miniature plant with tiny iridescent blue scale-like leaves on slender, creeping stems. Beautiful, u
Selaginella vogelii  $8.95  Miniature plant with upright fern-like fronds. Compact, beautiful. Requires a contained atmosphere (
Senecio angulatus  $9.95  South African vine with clouds of yellow daisy-like flowers all season long. Glossy leaves.^family~A
Senecio tamoides  $9.95  NEW! - This is a vigorous fast-growing evergreen vine with semi-succulent stems and leaves. I
Senna bicapsularis Butter Creme  $8.95  Evergreen rounded shrub is covered in fall with pale creamy yellow pea-shaped blossoms. Grows to abo
Senna bicapsularis California Gold  $8.95  Evergreen rounded shrub is covered in fall with bright lemon-yellow pea-shaped blossoms. Grows to ab
Setaria palmifolia Rubra Variegata  $12.95  NEW! - This is an uncommon variegated form of Palm Grass with long pleated emerald colored l
Sida fallax Black Coral  $8.95  Dwarf Hawaiian upright small shrub with single golden orange flowers and dark stems.^family~Malvacea
Sida fallax Kaneohe Gold  $8.95  Charming dwarf Hawaiian shrub, whose flowers are prized for making bright golden leis that in histor
Sinningia Apollo  $8.95  Unusually large, long blush-pink flowers with pink throat on a small, compact plant. Free flowering.
Sinningia April Pink  $10.95  Charming pink flowers with a broad dark stripe down the throat. Compact grower. A chance seedling of
Sinningia bragae  $10.95  Clusters of deep purple nodding flowers, broad light green leaves. Dormant in winter. Brazil. Previo
Sinningia bullata  $9.95  Bright orange flowers dotted red produced throughout the year. Small bright green leaves with intere
Sinningia bullata x leucotricha  $9.95  NEW! - Orange tubular flowers with darker inner spots on this beautiful hybrid. The S. bul
Sinningia canescens  $9.95  Terminal clusters of salmon rose tubular flowers. Velvety foliage covered with white hairs. (F, D, W
Sinningia cardinalis  $8.95  Large brilliant fiery scarlet tubular flowers in terminal clusters. Broad velvety emerald green leav
Sinningia cardinalis Hybrid  $8.95  Seed grown hybrids with flowers ranging from bright red to pale peach. Taller and longer bloom perio
Sinningia cardinalis Pink  $8.95  Bright coral pink flowers.^family~Gesneriaceae
Sinningia Cherry Sprite  $8.95  Cherry pink flowers with some spotting in throat. Compact, dark foliage. (Kartuz) (F, M, T)^family~G
Sinningia Cindy Ella  $8.95  Many large blue and white nodding flowers with distinctive striped throat. (Nixon) (F, M, T)^family~
Sinningia conspicua  $8.95  Large pastel yellow flowers in abundance with fragrance reminiscent of Lily of the Valley. Soft down
Sinningia Doll Baby  $8.95  Large lavender-blue nodding blooms, yellow throat. Compact, free flowering, easy to grow. (F, M, T)^
Sinningia Freckles  $9.95  Abundant purple and white flowers, spotted throat, small dark green foliage.^family~Gesneriaceae
Sinningia gesneriifolia  $9.95  Striking variegated leaves with silvery feathering of the center vein. Large downward facing flowers
Sinningia guttata  $10.95  Showy species with white flowers spotted with purple dots, yellow stripe down the center of the thro
Sinningia HCYs Pink Raindrops  $10.95  Bright rose pink flowers on short, upright stems. Constantly in flower. (Chia-Yu Hung) (F, M, T)^fam
Sinningia Heartlands Double Dilly  $9.95  Unique double flowers are dark pink with the broad white throat striped in dark pink. (Martens)
Sinningia helleri  $14.95  NEW! - This beautiful sinningia was considered extinct until it was recently rediscovered by
Sinningia High Voltage  $8.95  Very large salmon-orange flowers in abundance. Small soft green leaves, very compact. Outstanding co
Sinningia iarae  $9.95  New species, similar to Sinningia cardinalis. Verdant dark green leaves with clusters of slen
Sinningia insularis  $9.95  This species produces abundant clusters of orange-red flowers above small dark green foliage. It's e
Sinningia Laura  $8.95  Large, deepest violet-purple, slipper-shaped flowers, reddish-purple throat. Nice dark foliage. Comp
Sinningia leucotricha  $9.95  Terminal clusters of lovely salmon-pink tubular flowers. Noted for its beautiful and distinctive fol
Sinningia Lil Georgie  $10.95  Micro-miniature, the size of S. pusilla. Hybrid of Sinningia concinna and Sinningia
Sinningia macrostachya  $9.95  Clusters of bright red flowers virtually all year. Leathery medium sized leaves on a compact plant.
Sinningia Maidens Blush  $8.95  Pale pink nodding flowers. Finest of this color. Small, compact. Always in bloom. (Saylor) (F, M, T)
Sinningia Melodrama  $9.95  Clusters of striped and spotted pink flowers in abundance. Attractive deep green foliage, red undern
Sinningia Miniature Collection  $23.95  3 different, our choice (possibly from unlisted).^family~Gesneriaceae
Sinningia Mod Imp  $8.95  NEW! - This is a fine pink mini with tubular flowers. Reintroduction of one of our older cult
Sinningia Mother of Pearl  $8.95  Abundant large bright salmon pink flowers, small light green leaves. Free flowering, easy. (F, M, T)
Sinningia muscicola  $10.95  Attractive Sinningia pusilla sized micro-miniature. White flowers flushed light purple. Leave
Sinningia Ozark Coral Freckles  $9.95  Coral orange, dotted violet. (David Harris)^family~Gesneriaceae
Sinningia Ozark Sentimental Journey  $9.95  Compact semi-miniature with clusters of large purple flowers produced in abundance. Repeat flowering
Sinningia Polka Punch  $10.95  Prolific flowering Sinningia guttata hybrid by Jim Steuerlein. Racemes of dotted plink flower
Sinningia Prudence Risley  $10.95  Pendant clusters of long deep red flowers on a compact plant with small oval leaves. Always in bloom
Sinningia pusilla  $8.95  Micro-miniature Sinningia. Tiniest of all. Miniature lilac-blue nodding flowers. ½ inc
Sinningia pusilla Itaoca  $9.95  NEW! - Micro miniature, smaller and easier than the original Sinningia pusilla. Tiny p
Sinningia richii Robson Lopes  $10.95  Bright yellow nodding flowers sparsely covered with fine red hairs. Soft green leaves on this compac
Sinningia Romanza  $10.95  Plentiful pink flowers with red tube, throat dotted purple. Dark green bubbly textured leaves, compa
Sinningia Scarlet Sunset  $8.95  Large bright red flowers produced freely. Compact habit, small soft green leaves. (F, M, T)^family~G
Sinningia Species and Hybrids Collection  $23.95  3 different, our choice.^family~Gesneriaceae
Sinningia speciosa Blue Dandy  $9.95  Florist Gloxinia. Sinningia 'Blue Dandy' has deep violet blue flowers bordered blue-wh
Sinningia speciosa Carangola  $9.95  A superb varient of the Brazillian species, this the ancestor to the modern florist gloxinia. It's a
Sinningia speciosa Claire Roberts  $9.95  Florist Gloxinia. Clusters of deep red nodding flowers, dark green foliage veined light green
Sinningia speciosa Double Delight  $9.95  Florist Gloxinia. Upright clusters of very large double medium blue ruffled flowers with deep
Sinningia speciosa Double Red White Border  $9.95  Florist Gloxinia. Large fully double flowers edged in white on a compact growing plant.^famil
Sinningia speciosa Florist Gloxinia Collection  $23.95  3 different, our choice.^family~Gesneriaceae
Sinningia speciosa Lawns Double Red  $9.95  Florist Gloxinia. Large fully double flowers in a tight cluster on a compact growing plant.^f
Sinningia speciosa Merry Christmas  $9.95  Florist Gloxinia. Showy clusters of large ruffled velvety double red flowers bordered white.
Sinningia speciosa Red Sizzle  $9.95  Florist Gloxinia. Very large velvety red double flowers, bronzy green compact foliage. Excell
Sinningia Tampa Bay Beauty  $9.95  Clusters of scarlet red flaring tubular flowers in abundance. Dark green foliage. (F, D)^family~Gesn
Sinningia Tetraploid Bright Eyes  $10.95  Tiny micro-miniature with flowers twice as large as Sinningia pusilla. Vigorous and free flow
Sinningia White Sprite  $8.95  Micro-miniature sinningia. Pure white sport of Sinningia pusilla. Smallest and best white flo
Sinningia Yma  $10.95  Semi-miniature by Jim Steuerlein with bright pink flowers produced continuously throughout the year.
Sinningia Zillanova  $9.95  Showy deep salmon pink flowers above attractive bubbly textured leaves. Large, easy grower. New sinn
Smithiantha Big Dots Rule  $9.95  Flowers dotted crimson on white background. Velvety red foliage. (Martens) (F)^family~Gesneriaceae
Smithiantha cinnabarina  $9.95  Beautiful heart-shaped velvety red leaves. Racemes of nodding red flowers late summer and fall. (F)^
Smithiantha Extra Sassy  $9.95  Red flowers in abundance, velvety red foliage. (Martens) (F)^family~Gesneriaceae
Smithiantha HCYs Winter Glory  $9.95  Beautiful pink flowers with yellow and white throat, spotted with dark pink. This worthy hybrid is a
Smithiantha Prelude  $9.95  Compact variety, pink flowers with yellow face spotted red. Marbled purple and green leaves. (F)^fam
Smithiantha Zebrina Hybrids  $9.95  Racemes of nodding, bell-shaped flowers in shades of pink, red and yellow. Velvety heart-shaped leav
Solandra longiflora  $9.95  Large vine similar to Solandra maxima but glossy leaves are smaller and golden flowers are na
Solandra maxima  $9.95  One of the largest and showiest flowers of any vine is produced by this luxuriant Mexican species, w
Solandra maxima Variegata  $9.95  Cup of gold vine with purple stemmed leaves variegated and edged creamy white. 28F.^family~Solanacea
Solanum muricatum Rio Bamba  $8.95  Deliciously sweet fruit is provided by this compact, colorful and unusual flowering plant from the A
Solanum muricatum Vista  $8.95  An upright, green stemmed selection that may set fruit better on its own. Bright green leaves. Big f
Solanum wendlandii  $14.95  One of the finest blue flowered vines producing a spectacular display in the heat of summer with lar
Sparmannia africana  $12.95  Large heart-shaped felted leaves with clusters of 2 inch white flowers. An interesting oddity is tha
Sphagneticola trilobata Texas Gold  $8.95  Fast growing subtropical ground cover. Leaves are green brightly splashed with yellow with golden co
Stachytarpheta jamaicensis  $8.95  Spreading tropical perennial to 2 feet high with spikes of blue flowers that attracts butterflies an
Stachytarpheta mutabilis  $8.95  Robust tropical perennial to 4 feet with spikes of coral flowers. Part shade to full sun. Very attra
Stachytarpheta Purple Hybrid  $8.95  The deep ½" purple flowers are sure to lure butterflies and hummingbirds to this tropical per
Stachytarpheta sanguinea  $8.95  Compact tropical perennial with dark green foliage and numerous spikes of bright red flowers from Br
Stenotaphrum secundatum Variegatum  $8.95  Ornamental grass striped white and green. Basket or ground cover.^family~Poaceae^common~Variegated S
Stephanotis floribunda  $10.95  Prized for the wonderfully sweet fragrance of its waxy white flowers which are popular in wedding bo
Stephanotis floribunda Variegata  $11.95  An usual variegated form of the madagascar jasmine with brightly colored yellow variegation on the n
Stigmaphyllon ciliatum  $9.95  Carefree slender vine with large heads of bright yellow flowers resembling oncidium orchids. Blooms
Streblacanthus amoenus  $9.95  Beautiful tropical shrub with rippled velvety leaves with purple undersides to 11 inches long. Very
Streblacanthus dubiosus  $8.95  New! - Tropical shade plant with interesting color combination of light green leaves with a c
Strelitzia nicolai  $11.95  NEW! - Tall growing banana-like plant forming huge clumps of stems to 30 feet high. The 6 to
Streptocarpella Butterfly  $8.95  Large deep blue flowers cover this dwarf, compact plant. Excellent. Our favorite. (Strickland) (F, B
Streptocarpella Concord Blue  $8.95  Popular African Violet cousin constantly in bloom with violet-blue flowers held on dainty stems. Wit
Streptocarpella saxorum  $8.95  Tiny succulent leaves. Light blue flowers with white throat. Trailing. Wonderful summer hanging bask
Streptocarpella Snow Flurry  $8.95  White flowers with a slight touch of blue. (F, B)^family~Gesneriaceae
Streptocarpella Sparkle  $8.95  Rosy purple flowers in great quantity all year. Self-branching, compact. (Strickland) (F, B)^family~
Streptocarpus Coral Comet  $9.95  Large deep salmon-pink. Grandiflora type.^family~Gesneriaceae
Streptocarpus Double Scoop  $10.95  Double white flowers with irregular pink markings and netting on the lower lobes. A wonderful new Da
Streptocarpus Fancy Frills  $9.95  Frilly white, netted rose- pink. Flower quality of a grandiflora and multflora combined.^family~Gesn
Streptocarpus Fandango  $9.95  Large deep pink flowers striped red. Grandiflora type.^family~Gesneriaceae
Streptocarpus Indigo Dream  $9.95  Large deep violet-blue. Grandiflora type.^family~Gesneriaceae
Streptocarpus Lullabye  $9.95  Frilly white with netted blue throat. Multiflora type.^family~Gesneriaceae
Streptocarpus Marna  $9.95  Extra large ruffled deep cobalt-blue, yellow throat. Grandiflora type.^family~Gesneriaceae
Streptocarpus Mary Sakamoto  $10.95  Very large showy white with extensive pink netting on lower petals. Grandiflora type. (Thompson)^fam
Streptocarpus Merilee Beam  $10.95  Prolific producer of large pink flowers with deep pink throat. Grandiflora type. (Thompson)^family~G
Streptocarpus Mr Ed  $9.95  Dark purple, almost black. Grandiflora type.^family~Gesneriaceae
Streptocarpus Named Varieties Collection  $23.95  3 different named varieties (not necessarily from those listed), our choice.^family~Gesneriaceae
Streptocarpus Pink Nymph  $9.95  Pink color, striped deeper pink. Multiflora type.^family~Gesneriaceae
Streptocarpus Purple Panda  $10.95  Many white flowers shaded and veined deep violet blue on lower petals. Multiflora type.^family~Gesne
Streptocarpus Sweet Rosie  $9.95  Deep pink double. Flower quality of a grandiflora and multflora combined.^family~Gesneriaceae
Streptocarpus Texas Hot Chili  $9.95  Crimson-red color, white throat. Multiflora type.^family~Gesneriaceae
Streptocarpus Tiger Blue  $10.95  Large medium blue flowers, with throat boldly striped black on white. Grandiflora type. (Kartuz)^fam
Streptocarpus TsF Gisele  $10.95  Clusters of wavy, ruffled flowers purple and white on a compact plant. Absolutely beautiful. Named a
Streptocarpus Unnamed Grandiflora Variety  $8.95  Our best choice from an unnamed variety that might be blue, pink, purple, or white.^family~Gesneriac
Streptocarpus Unnamed Hybrid Collection  $23.95  3 different unnamed flowering size plants. Our choice.^family~Gesneriaceae
Streptocarpus Unnamed Multiflora Variety  $8.95  Our best choice from an unnamed variety that might be blue, pink, purple, or white.
Streptosolen jamesonii  $9.95  Evergreen spreading shrub covered with colorful yellow to orange flowers, small leaves. Striking whe
Strobilanthes dyerianus  $8.95  A beautiful and unique foliage plant with 6 inch long ovate leaves shimmering with iridescent shades
Strobilanthes hamiltoniana  $8.95  Showy clusters of dangling rosy pink flowers in fall and winter. The glossy dark green leaves have d
Strobilanthes maculata  $8.95  NEW! - The lush olive green leaves on this tropical perennial are decorated with silvery plum
Strobilanthes penstemonoides var. dalhousiana  $9.95  NEW! - As June arrives, this uncommon beauty begins its show of tubular, curved, 1½ in
Strobilanthes persicifolia  $8.95  NEW! - Goldfussia is an evergreen shrub-like perennial, uncommon in the US, but popular in Au
Strobilanthes sp Orizaba  $8.95  Named after Gary Hammer's nursery near the Orizaba volcano in Mexico, comes this unidentified Str
Stromanthe thalia  $9.95  Dark green leaves, wine red reverse, arranged in fans to 4 feet. Bright orange-red flower spikes. Th
Stromanthe thalia Triostar  $12.95  A choice variegated form of Stromanthe thalia with striking green, pink, and white variegatio
Strophanthus gratus  $14.95  Shiny leathery olive-green leaves with large umbels of fragrant soft pink flowers with burgundy thro
Strophanthus preussi  $14.95  Exotic vine with fragrant white flowers darkening to lemon yellow, throat strongly marked with yello
Strophanthus speciosus  $14.95  Rare shrub with clusters of unusual 1 inch starfish-shaped flowers, sweetly scented. The long, slend
Suessenguthia multisetosa  $8.95  This beautiful sprawling shrub produces bright trumpet-shaped purplish pink flowers in spring to ear
Syncolostemon Candy Kisses  $8.95  NEW! - This is a delightful perennial shrub with small brightly colored variegated green and
Tabernaemontana divaricata Flore Pleno  $9.95  Fragrant 1½ inch double flowers produced all year. Handsome glossy leaves, compact growth. Po
Talipariti elatum  $14.95  This large tree has a straight trunk and a broad crown growing fast to 75 feet. The brilliant 4 inch
Talipariti glabrum  $12.95  NEW! - This rare small shrubby tree is similar to Talipariti tiliaceum (Sea Hibiscus).
Talipariti tiliaceum  $9.95  Medium sized gnarled tree with large heart-shaped leaves and yellow hibiscus-like flowers fading to
Talipariti tiliaceum Tricolor  $9.95  This is the variegated variety of the Hawaiian Hau Tree, Talipariti tiliaceum, with striking
Talipariti tiliaceum var purpurascens  $9.95  NEW! - A different leaf selection of the common Hawaiian Hau tree with evergreen heart-shaped
Tecoma capensis Golden  $8.95  Brilliant clusters of tubular trumpet-shaped flowers, and glossy green pinnate foliage distinguish t
Tecoma capensis Hammers Rose  $8.95  Large clusters of honeysuckle flowers, a beautiful soft shade of salmon rose. Dark green foliage.^co
Tecoma capensis Lutea  $8.95  This superior yellow flowered selection is shrubby and compact, with clusters of clear yellow flower
Tecoma capensis Orange  $8.95  Large bright clusters of orange flowers, glossy green foliage.^common~(Syn.: Tecomaria capensis
Tecoma capensis Red  $8.95  Deep red-orange flowers, glossy dark green foliage, typical form of species.^common~(Syn.: Tecoma
Tecoma stans  $8.95  We offer the finest form of this variable and beautiful species. Large showy clusters of 2 inch brig
Tecoma stans Gold Star  $9.95  Spectacular heat-tolerant Texas native with striking masses of golden yellow, trumpet-shaped flowers
Tecoma stans x Sunburst  $9.95  Long bloom period, with spikes of orange-yellow flowers from spring to fall. It has a burnished copp
Tecoma x Orange Jubilee  $9.95  The rich green, lush looking foliage with it's clusters of 2½ inch long orange-red trumpet-sh
Tecomanthe dendrophila  $12.95  Showy clusters of pendant 3 inch deep rose and pink waxy flowers with creamy yellow throats are prod
Tecomanthe hillii  $14.95  A rare climber with glossy pinnate leaves and spectacular clusters of trumpet-shaped waxy pink flowe
Tecomanthe sp Roaring Meg  $12.95  Magnificent clusters of large deep pink flowers cover this vine over a long season. Deep green gloss
Thunbergia battiscombei  $8.95  Nearly everblooming with 3 inch electric blue trumpet-shaped flowers with bright yellow throats. 6 i
Thunbergia erecta  $8.95  Three inch bluish purple flowers with yellow-orange throats. Small leaves, compact, shrubby, upright
Thunbergia erecta Alba  $8.95  A beautiful pure white form of the species, nodding flowers with yellow-orange throat. Compact. Flow
Thunbergia erecta Fairy Moon  $8.95  Soft blue-lavender flowers combined with a yellow throat and white-edged petals. A sport of T. er
Thunbergia erecta Granada Purple  $8.95  Much larger than the species, flowers are violet purple with a yellow throat. Dark green glossy foli
Thunbergia grandiflora  $10.95  Probably the most popular blue flowered vine in the world. This robust twiner produces long hanging
Thunbergia grandiflora Alba  $10.95  Fuzzy, somewhat triangular 5 to 8 inch leaves further distinguish this rare white flowered variety f
Thunbergia grandiflora Augusta Blue  $10.95  Originally from Kew Gardens, this rare and outstanding selection has been called the most beautiful
Thunbergia grandiflora Variegata  $10.95  Beautiful cream and green variegated foliage. Profuse flowering with hanging clusters of large blue
Thunbergia gregorii  $9.95  Compact climbing vine with 2 inch bright golden orange flowers all year. Soft triangular leaves. Can
Thunbergia laurifolia  $10.95  Similar to Thunbergia grandiflora, but leaves are stiff, narrowly lanceolate. Blue-lavender f
Thunbergia mysorensis  $10.95  Which flowering vine is the most beautiful of all? A great number of growers from around the world h
Tibouchina clavata  $9.95  A 3 to 7 foot showy shrub with silvery green, pubescent leaves. It blooms spring, summer, and fall w
Tibouchina grandifolia  $9.95  Sometimes sold as Tibouchina grandiflora, an incorrect name for this very large-leafed Tib
Tibouchina granulosa  $14.95  Clusters of large rosy purple blooms, 2 inches wide, summer and fall. Dark green tapered leaves. Bea
Tibouchina heteromalla  $9.95  This choice evergreen shrub grows upright 8-10 feet tall with spectacular 4 by 7 inch ovate green le

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