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Angel's Trumpet

The showy angel's trumpets, from Central and South America, are subtropical evergreen shrubs in the Solanaceae family with huge pendant trumpet-shaped flowers. They are placed in the genus Brugmansia (as opposed to Datura, which includes the perennial jimson weed).

Long cultivated by South American natives, brugmansias are fast growing plants that need a large space and a large container. Many cultivated species and hybrids grow at high elevations in the Andes, so (like fuchsias) they do not like warm nighttime temperatures.

Brugmansias are among the most colorful and largest flowering plants in our collection, with flowers 6 to 15 inches in length in white, yellow, orange, apricot and pink. They emit a powerful fragrance beginning at dusk with flowers covering the plant in cycles throughout the year.

Outdoors, frost will damage their leaves but the plants will recover from 25F and regrow quickly. Hard pruning to control size and shape is recommended and will bring a flush of new growth and heavy bloom on well-fertilized plants. Shipped in 2¾ inch pots.

To be able to list cultivars alphabetically, we have not listed the species parentage in the plant names. These are listed in the description, if known. The new designation cubensis refers to a combination of all three species, B. aurea, B. suaveolens, and B. versicolor, in the cultivar's breeding.

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Brugmansia Culebra Brugmansia 'Culebra'
Code: 80087
Price: $15.95

Quantity in Basket: none

(Syn.: Methysticodendron amesianum)

A very unusual and rare cultivar of B. aurea with narrow ribbon-like leaves. Flowers are white with narrow spoon-shaped petals. Culebra is an indian name referring to its serpent-like leaves. Used by Columbian shamens for both medicinal and ceremonial purposes. It is slow growing and apparently does not like to be over-watered. Solanaceae


Brugmansia Milk n Honey Brugmansia 'Milk 'n' Honey'
Code: 90176
Price: $11.95

Quantity in Basket: none

Impressive display of beautiful large fragrant white trumpets with green veins and long tips. Flowers turning to a honey color with age. Green, smooth textured foliage. Can grow 10 to 20 feet hight, 4 to 6 feet wide. However, it's best to occasionally prune back heavily to encourage new growth. Angel's Trumpets thrive in full sun to light shade with heavy feeding and moisture. Hybrid of B. 'Ecuador Pink' and B. versicolor 'Peach'. USDA zones 8b - 10. Versicolor cultivar. Solanaceae


Brugmansia Peach Brugmansia 'Peach'
Code: 90179
Price: $11.95

Quantity in Basket: none

Long tube extends past calyx, then bloom flares, peach color petals occasional split. A versicolor cultivar. We obtained it under the unverifiable name of 'Maui Peach'. Solanaceae


Brugmansia Shooting Star Brugmansia 'Shooting Star'
Code: 90359
Price: $14.95

Quantity in Basket: none

Beautiful yellow-orange fragrant blossoms are 5 inches wide to 7 inches long. Very floriferous. Grows up to 7 feet high and wide. (Ludger Schneider) Solanaceae


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