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Kalanchoe schizophylla

(Syn.: Bryophyllum schizophyllum)
Kalanchoe schizophylla

Code: 90653

Price: $11.95

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Family: Crassulaceae

This is a very curious kalanchoe, as it is one of the few climbing species along with Kalanchoe beauverdii. Its smooth leaves are deeply cut with a fern-like appearance turning orangish in bright light. It climbs by means of its hook-like finely divided mature leaves. The stems are thin curling up to 12 feet or more in length. The seldom seen inflorescence consists of pendulous, bell-shaped lavender-grey flowers in spring to summer. It seems to be given to vegetative growth so that flowering is rare, especially if frequent pruning has been necessary. The variable leaves are very decorative and the plants are easy to grow. In its native Madagascar it is a hemiepiphyte (seedlings growing in the canopy as an epiphyte, later with roots growing down into the ground). It is found in rocky and shady brush in central Madagascar from 3 to 5 thousand feet in elevation. All parts are toxic, a rarity in the family Crassulaceae. Give it bright shade with extra humidity, well-drained potting soil and water sparingly. Grow it as an epiphyte, in a hanging basket, or as an interesting climber on a trellis. Intolerant of frost.

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(B) Hanging
(D) Dwarf
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(F) Flourescent lights for
indoor light culture
(H) Humid
(M) Miniature
under 6"
(T) Terrarium
(W) Winter

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