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This site link lists all plants in alphabetical order, including those currently out of stock or no longer offered. Descriptions have been shortened to load quickly. Single quote marks on varieties have been omitted to enable the alphabetical sorting of the plants. Click on links for full descriptions.


Brugmansia Peach  $11.95  Long tube extends past calyx, then bloom flares, peach color petals occasional split. A versicolo
Brugmansia Peaches and Cream  $11.95  Green and white variegated leaves with large 8 inch fragrant, light peachy pink flowers. A versic
Brugmansia Pink Beauty  $14.95  An extraordinary Brugmansia aurea hybrid from Herta Blin in France. The large pendulous bloss
Brugmansia Shooting Star  $14.95  Beautiful yellow-orange fragrant blossoms are 5 inches wide to 7 inches long. Very floriferous. Grow
Brugmansia Shredded White Fantasy  $11.95  Huge white fragrant flowers split into fantastic ribbons. A candida cultivar.^common~Brugm
Brugmansia Snowbank  $15.95  From Terra Nova Nurseries comes the first patented Brugmansia. Stunning variegated foliage wi
Brugmansia Sunray  $11.95  Free blooming bright yellow flaring flowers with intense fragrance. A suaveolens and versi
Brugmansia Supernova  $11.95  Huge fragrant single white flowers up to 10 inches wide and 18 inches long. Largest we've seen. Fast
Brugmansia Velvet Rose  $14.95  Beautiful rich pink flowers, up to 12 inches long and 10 inches wide. Leaves are large and dark gree
Brugmansia Whiskers  $14.95  Beautiful soft yellow flowers with long tendrils and a wonderful fragrance. A cubensis hybrid
Brunfelsia americana  $11.95  Wonderfully fragrant large creamy white flowers with a long tube. Light green leathery foliage.^fami
Brunfelsia densifolia  $11.95  Unusual tree from Puerto Rico with 6 inch long fragrant creamy white floral tubes. Flowers fading to
Brunfelsia jamaicensis  $11.95  Similar to Brunfelsia americana with larger very fragrant long, wavy creamy white flowers.^fa
Brunfelsia pauciflora Floribunda  $10.95  Evergreen shrub from Brazil grows 3 to 8 feet high. Blooms profusely with flowers up to 2 inches wid
Brunfelsia pauciflora Floribunda Compacta  $10.95  Similar to Brunfelsia pauciflora 'Floribunda' but it's a dwarf selection. Clusters of purple
Brunfelsia pauciflora Macrantha  $11.95  Spectacular 4 royal purple flowers changing to lavender purple. Luxuriant deep glossy green foliage.
Buddleja asiatica  $9.95  Of the many fine buddlejas in cultivation this one is unique for the intensely sweet freesia-like fr
Buddleja Collection  $26.95  3 different, our choice^family~Scrophulariaceae
Buddleja crispa  $9.95  Himalayan shrub to 10 feet high with silvery gray foliage and 4 inch clusters of fragrant lavender f
Buddleja indica  $9.95  From Madagascar, an uncommon foliage house plant with oak-shaped dark green leaves with a bronzy cas
Buddleja lindleyana Compact Form  $9.95  Small shrub from China with cascading branches of purple flower spikes. A "2001 Florida Plant's of t
Buddleja lindleyana Tall Form  $9.95  Same as the compact form with cascading branches of purple flower spikes, but taller growing.^family
Buddleja Lochinch  $9.95  Racemes of fragrant lilac-blue flowers with deep violet eye throughout the season. Beautiful small s
Buddleja madagascariensis  $9.95  Spikes of Fragrant yellow-orange flowers fall through spring. White backed leaves. 25F.^family~Scrop
Buddleja officinalis  $10.95  Evergreen shrub to 8 feet with sweetly scented lilac-mauve flowers with orange throat in 12 inch pan
Buddleja salviifolia  $9.95  Medium size shrub with sage-like leaves and fragrant lavender flowers native to South Africa.^family
Buddleja x weyeriana Sungold  $9.95  Blooming spikes of yellow-orange globose heads adorn this vigorous shrub. Flowers from July through
Calathea rufibarba Compact  $10.95  Fuzzy lanciolate dark green leaves, red reverse. Smaller growing than the typical species. Inconspic
Callisia congesta Variegata  $9.95  This, easy to grow relative of the wandering jew plant, is a worthy addition to a hanging basket or
Callisia fragrans Melnikoff  $9.95  This is a low growing perennial with 6 to 10 inch bright green waxy leaves with white to cream color
Callisia gentlei var elegans  $9.95  Dark slate green fleshy 1¼" leaves are marked with distinctive parallel white lines. Small white fl
Callisia repens Bianca  $9.95  A mat-forming plant, related to wandering jew, with tiny oval glossy leaves striped with pink and cr
Camptosema spectabile  $20.95  Spectacular vine from Brazil with long pendulous chains of fiery orange-red flowers. It can be broug
Cantua buxifolia Hot Pants  $10.95  Rose-crimson flaring tubular flowers, shrub, small leaves, prefers cool climate.^family~Polemoniacea
Carissa macrocarpa Frost  $14.95  This evergreen South African natal plum has small glossy green leaves beautifully variegated with go
Carissa macrocarpa Humphreyi Variegata  $9.95  Small glossy leaves beautifully variegated cream and light green, very full, compact habit, perfect
Carissa macrocarpa Jen's Beauty  $14.95  This is a chance variegated sport of the compact Carissa macrocarpa 'Tuttle' with small gloss
Carissa spinarum  $14.95  This is a fast-growing, thorny, scrambling shrub with tomentose (fuzzy) foliage and masses of sweetl
Cassia leptophylla  $10.95  One of the best flowering trees for Southern California, often used as a street tree. Grows fast to
Centaurea cineraria Colchester White  $9.95  This is a sprawling perennial shrub with filigreed grayish-white leaves and pinkish-purple small thi
Centratherum punctatum  $9.95  Tender perennial with pineapple scented foliage and 1½ inch fluffy lavender-blue button-like
Ceropegia ampliata  $9.95  This unusual conversation piece produces in abundance strange looking green and white flowers in lat
Ceropegia carnosa  $9.95  This is a diminutive slender vining succulent with 1 inch fuzzy maroon striped flowers. These flower
Ceropegia sandersonii  $9.95  The common name of this small succulent vine refers to its flowers that are shaped somewhat like par
Chamaecostus cuspidatus  $18.95  Very large bright orange crepe paper flowers, tapered deep green leaves, dwarf, compact, striking. B
Cheilocostus speciosus Variegatus  $18.95  Beautiful white and green striped leaves on sweeping 5 to 7 foot spiral stems. Red cones with white
Chlorophytum Fire Flash  $15.95  Resembles a bromeliad but it's related to the common spider plant. Rosette of dark green leaves with
Chrysothemis Black Flamingo  $10.95  Clusters of bright yellow flowers marked red; long lasting orange calyces. Dark coppery tapered leav
Clerodendrum bungei  $10.95  Strongly fragrant corymbs of rosy red flowers. Large leaves adorn this shrub from China. 25F.^family
Clerodendrum chinense  $10.95  With double light pink flowers in full clusters, plant and flowers somewhat resemble the florists' h
Clerodendrum quadriloculare  $10.95  Starburst clusters of white flowers in winter and spring. Dark maroon backed foliage. Tropical.^fami
Clerodendrum speciosissimum  $10.95  Large upright panicles of fiery scarlet flowers, broad dark green leaves. Very showy. Java, Ceylon.
Clerodendrum splendens  $10.95  Clusters of brilliant scarlet flowers over a long season adorn this showy vine. Bright green oval le
Clerodendrum thomsoniae  $10.95  Both this and the variegated form are among the showiest of the small climbers for trellis or hangin
Clerodendrum thomsoniae Variegatum  $10.95  Similar to the species, but with leaves beautifully variegated creamy white and pale green. A stunni
Clerodendrum x speciosum  $10.95  This beautiful hybrid is noted for its long lasting rosy red bracts and bright red flowers. Deep gre
Clivia miniata - Orange Fl  $19.95  Clusters of deep orange trumpet-shaped flowers. Dark green wide strap-like leaves, evergreen. Grow i
Clivia miniata Golden Dragon  $15.95  Once offered at astronomical prices, we are pleased to offer this beautiful Clivia at an affo
Clivia miniata Good Hope  $15.95  Once offered at astronomical prices, we are pleased to offer this beautiful Clivia at an affo
Clusia fluminensis  $10.95  Small leathery, pear-shaped leaves on compact, rounded shrub, with flowers that vary from white, to
Clusia lanceolata  $13.95  This showy exotic has lovely 1½ inch porcelain white flowers with a dark red center and 3 inch narr
Clusia rosea  $15.95  We now offer a clone that has proven to be somewhat resistant to cold temperatures. In a sheltered l
Cnidoscolus aconitifolius  $9.95  Chaya is a highly nutritious green vegetable shrub from southern Mexico and Central America. It's ve
Cobananthus calochlamys  $11.95  Small compact habit with soft tapered leaves covered with fine hairs. Yellow, black tipped, tubular
Codonanthe and xCodonatanthus Collection  $26.95  3 different, our choice.^family~Gesneriaceae
Codonanthe carnosa  $9.95  Delightful waxy white flowers are strongly scented. Small round dark foliage, trailing. Lovely. (F,
Codonanthe Cranberry  $9.95  White flowers with pink-blush, orange berries. Small waxy black leaves, trailing, always in flower.^
Codonanthe devosiana  $9.95  Charming diminutive trailer with tiny round leaves shaded purple. Pink throated, waxy white flowers,
Codonanthe devosiana Zizo  $9.95  Compact easy growing trailer with many white flowers followed by attractive orange berries. Give thi
Codonanthe elegans  $9.95  Appealing yellow-throated, waxy white flowers, larger than most codonanthe. Glossy apple-green leave
Codonanthe gracilis  $9.95  Numerous white flowers, dark throat, showy orange berries. Small pointed waxy leaves, graceful penda
Codonanthe luteola  $9.95  Bright yellow flowers in abundance, small round waxy leaves, compact trailer. (F, B)^family~Gesneria
Codonanthe Tommy  $9.95  This Codonanthe is festooned with numerous white flowers with speckled throats. The small poi
Codonanthe venosa  $9.95  Red throated white flowers, large showy orange berries. Medium sized, waxy dusky green leaves, trail
Codonatanthus Aurora  $9.95  Very free flowering, deep pink with creamy yellow face. Tiny dark oval leaves. Dwarf, trailing, ever
Codonatanthus Golden Tambourine  $9.95  Very compact habit with small golden yellow foliage. Dainty rose pink and cream flowers. Nice for wi
Codonatanthus Vista  $9.95  Baby pink flowers with creamy gold face. Small glossy leaves distinctively blotched deep red. Full c
Columnea Bartley  $9.95  Abundant large outward facing scarlet-red flowers, small leaves, compact, trailing. One of the best
Columnea Campfire  $9.95  The largest, showiest deep red flowers produced in abundance all year. Small dark, purple backed lea
Columnea Candelabra  $9.95  Clusters of large yellow flowers shaded orange produced throughout the year. Glossy dark green folia
Columnea Carnival  $9.95  Bright yellow flowers edged red stand out above small dark green pointed leaves, trailing. Compact h
Columnea Collection  $26.95  3 different, our choice.^family~Gesneriaceae
Columnea Crimson Spike  $9.95  Clusters of crimson-rose flowers on upright stems, smooth pointed leaves. (Kartuz)^family~Gesneriace
Columnea Diablo  $9.95  Small dark green pointed leaves, trailing. Big red flowers in abundance all year. (Kartuz) (F, B)^fa
Columnea erythrophaea  $9.95  Free flowering large bright orange-red blooms covered with red hairs, dangling beneath spreading ste
Columnea gloriosa Superba  $10.95  Immense hooded red flowers along trailing stems. Very small dark purple foliage. One of the most bea
Columnea Golden Spike  $9.95  Clusters of bright yellow flowers, upright stems, pointed red backed dark green leaves. (Kartuz)^fam
Columnea Lava Flow  $9.95  Large outward facing fiery red flowers spotted yellow. Trailing stems, compact. (Kartuz) (B)^family~
Columnea Louise Harris  $9.95  Large deep red foliage with clusters of deep red flowers produced throughout the year. Sturdy, uprig
Columnea minor  $9.95  Unusual flower with yellow face, purple tube and feathery red calyx. Trailing plant with slender wir
Columnea Orange Sherbet  $9.95  Quantities of large flaming orange flowers produced all year on this vigorous, trailing plant. Small
Columnea Orange Spike  $9.95  Clusters of orange flowers on upright stems, smooth pointed leaves.^family~Gesneriaceae
Combretum coccineum  $14.95  Beautiful climber with masses of small bright red star-shaped flowers in large panicles. Foliage of
Coprosma kirkii Kiwi Gold  $9.95  The shiny small green leaves are heavily splashed with gold. Full sun or bright shade. Grows just a
Coprosma kirkii Variegata  $9.95  Evergreen ground cover native to New Zealand, grown for its attractive glossy leaves. Tiny oval leav
Coprosma repens Argentia  $9.95  Shiny variegated leaves with creamy white edge and center blotch of green. Grows 4 feet high.^family
Coprosma repens Beatens Gold  $9.95  It's an excellent choice for bonsai or topiary with small green leaves with gold centers. In the gro
Coprosma repens Coppershine  $9.95  Very easy to grow shrub with small very glossy leaves that are bright bronze with a greenish center.
Coprosma repens Evening Glow  $9.95  Dramatic colorful foliage of deep green with blotches of gold changing to shades of bright orange an
Coprosma repens Marble Queen  $9.95  Attractive white and green blotched and speckled leaves, giving a marble effect. Dense growth 5 to 8
Coprosma repens Painters Palette  $9.95  Upright plant with distinctly colored leaves of red, orange, pink and green variegations, intensifyi
Coprosma repens Picturata  $9.95  Green leaves with a bright blotch of creamy yellow in the center. Grows 6 feet tall.^family~Rubiacea
Coprosma repens Pink Splendor  $9.95  Beautiful dense, mounding shrub with leaves of peachy pink, tan, cream and green with bright yellow
Coprosma repens Rainbow Surprise  $9.95  Dense, rounded shrub with small shiny leaves, flushed with pink variegation with a pale cream margin
Coprosma repens Roys Red  $9.95  A small dense shrub with shiny dark bronzy green leaves turning a deep purple-red in winter. Plant i
Coprosma repens Taupata Gold  $9.95  An upright form with bold variegated leaves of crisp yellow with dark green centers. Use to brighten
Cornutia pyramidata  $10.95  Evergreen bush or small tree with aromatic velvety leaves with clusters of huge purplish blue flower
Costus arabicus Variegatus  $18.95  Beautiful white and green striped foliage. White flowers sometimes emerge from cone-like clusters on
Costus comosus var bakeri  $18.95  Large showy terminal cones of red bracts with yellow flowers. Smooth velvety green leaves, large, ta
Costus malortieanus  $18.95  Beautiful broad velvety emerald green leaves. Bright yellow flowers with red stripes.^family~Costace
Costus productus  $18.95  Similar to Costus comosus var. bakeri (Costus barbatus), but much dwarfer. Show
Costus pulverulentus Purple Passion  $18.95  This is a compact costus with beautiful dark green leaves with dark purple undersides. The green sta
Costus woodsonii  $18.95  This easy to grow dwarf ginger blooms with orange-yellow flowers protruding from 2 inch bright waxy
Crescentia alata  $13.95  This small curious tree has flowers and large cannonball-like fruits that occur directly on its bran
Crinum moorei Medio Picta  $14.95  Green and pale yellow striped variegation on the wavy strap-shaped leaves. Pale pink trumpet-like fl
Crossandra nilotica  $9.95  Tropical evergreen herbaceous shrub growing 1 to 2 feet high with clusters of brick-red blooms and l
Crotalaria agatiflora  $10.95  Evergreen shrub from East Africa. Unique chartreuse bird-like flowers are strung along a 14 inch flo
Cryptostegia sp  $11.95  Evergreen shrubby climber with showy rose-pink bell-shaped flowers, 2 to 3 inches long. The waxy dar
Cuphea David Verity  $9.95  Dark orange tubular flowers with yellow-orange tips closely set with small glossy leaves. Hummingbir
Cuphea salvadorensis  $9.95  Rare cuphea with bright orange-red 1½ inch tubular flowers with green tips at the mouth of th
Cyanotis somaliensis  $9.95  This is a somewhat succulent creeping plant with long narrow glossy green leaves covered with distin
Cymbopogon citratus  $9.95  This rapid growing perennial tropical grass is native to Southeast Asia where it is used in cooking
Cynanchum insigne  $19.95  This is a rare leafless succulent plant from Madagascar with green trailing cylindrical stems, resem
Dahlia imperialis Double or Nothing  $12.95  Tall growing unusual Dahlia with bamboo-like stalks 8 to 10 feet high with leaves divided int
Dalechampia dioscoreifolia  $10.95  Showy flowers with large striking iridescent purple bracts and a greenish-yellow button-like center.
Deinostigma tamiana  $9.95  Charming miniature with streptocarpus-like white flowers with striped purple throat and small round
Delostoma integrifolium  $11.95  Compact Andean shrub with large rosy pink trumpet-shaped flowers. Dark green crinkled glossy leaves.
Dermatobotrys saundersii  $20.95  An unusual epiphytic small shrub of the snapdragon family. Native to Zululand, South Africa, where i
Deuterocohnia brevifolia  $14.95  This is an interesting miniature terrestrial bromeliad native to Bolivia and Argentina with small ro
Dichorisandra penduliflora  $18.95  This blue ginger relative looks like a costus or ginger with its jointed stems with glossy leaves fa
Dichorisandra thyrsiflora  $18.95  Terminal clusters of intense cobalt blue flowers. Upright habit, similar to some members of the ging
Dicliptera sericea  $9.95  Velvety soft gray leaves adorn this heat and drought loving plant. Topped from late spring until fal
Dioscorea dodecaneura  $9.95  This is a dramatic tropical vine from Ecuador and Brazil that has brilliantly colored leaves. The la
Dischidia imbricata  $10.95  Red backed round leaves, most effective climbing on bark. Clusters of small white flowers.^family~Ap
Dischidia lancifolia  $11.95  Attractive small airy vine with green oblong leaves with a light green midrib. Leaves take on a redd
Dischidia ovata  $19.95  Small coppery red leaves, lighter veins, twining stems.4 inch Pot^family~Apocynaceae
Dischidia rafflesiana  $15.95  Oddly shaped and angled hollow leaves, climbing, twining stems. Umbels of small yellow and green flo
Dischidia ruscifolia  $19.95  Tiny heart-shaped leaves, twining stems.^family~Apocynaceae
Dischidia sp Geri  $29.95  This Hoya relative has succulent, soft green, 1 inch rounded leaves turning grayish with age
Dischidia sp White Diamond  $29.95  A variegated hoya relative with small diamond-shaped leaves that are greyish green with a creamy whi
Dischidia vidalii  $10.95  Clusters of crimson flowers. Small light green leaves become inflated when mature.^common~(Syn.:
Dombeya burgessiae Seminole  $12.95  Often called tropical hydrangea, this beautiful Dombeya hybrid produces large clusters of pin
Dombeya elegans hybrid  $12.95  This beautiful evergreen shrub covers itself in clusters of honey-scented bright pink flowers from e
Dracaena reflexa Song of India  $19.95  This is a common multi-stemmed accent shrub in tropical gardens world-wide. It has creamy yellow str
Drymonia chiribogana  $14.95  From the rainforests of Ecuador comes this unusual foliage plant of olive green leathery leaves with
Duranta erecta Alba  $9.95  All durantas are evergreen, hardy to 25F. This white flowered form of the species is predominantly s
Duranta erecta Compacta  $9.95  A compact form with smaller green leaves and numerous light blue flowers.^family~Verbenaceae
Duranta erecta Gold  $9.95  Compact shrub with small leaves entirely golden yellow. Clusters of lavender-blue flowers.^family~Ve
Duranta erecta Golden Edge  $9.95  Shiny green leaves with bright golden edges. Truly a distinctive variegated cultivar with sprays of
Duranta erecta Green and Gold  $9.95  Beautiful variegation on this compact shrub with small yellow-green foliage bordered deep green. Lav
Duranta erecta Little Geisha Girl  $9.95  This is a compact form of Duranta erecta 'Geisha Girl' ('Sweet Memories') with tighter blosso
Duranta erecta Sarasota  $9.95  This excellent selection was chosen for compact growth and superior flowering habit. Blooms througho
Duranta erecta Snow Flurry  $10.95  A very rare and sought after foliage plant with small fringed leaves, variegated white and green. Sl
Duranta erecta Sweet Memories  $9.95  Evergreen shrub with ruffled picotee dark blue flowers edged white. Flowers are produced at a young
Duranta erecta Variegata  $9.95  Showy leaves splashed white and green, compact shrub. Lavender-blue flowers.^family~Verbenaceae
Duvernoia aconitiflora  $9.95  This species from South Africa is related to Justicia. It's a tall, much-branched, wind toler
Dyschoriste thunbergiiflora  $9.95  Evergreen small shrub with lavender colored trumpet-shaped flowers, with deep violet streaking in th
Ecbolium viride  $9.95  A most unusual flower color of aquamarine on this small shade loving greenhouse plant. Justicia
Echium candicans  $10.95  Spikes of blue flowers, whorls of narrow silvery leaves.^family~Boraginaceae^common~(Syn.: Echium
Echium candicans Death Star  $14.95  This oddly variegated plant has long, gray-green leaves with pale yellowish green mottling through t
Echium candicans Star of Madiera  $14.95  Perennial mounding shrub with stunning creamy variegation and large spires of bluish purple flowers
Episcia Harmonys Slinky Pink  $9.95  Bright pink flowers. Leaves are light green with silver markings, bronze highlights. (F, B)^family~G
Episcia Kee Wee  $9.95  Very dark, almost black leaves netted and veined metallic pink. Red flowers. Compact, free flowering
Episcia My Precious  $9.95  Medium green leaves with pronounced silver veining. Bright yellow flowers. Fast growing. (F, B)^fami
Episcia Suomi  $10.95  Many bright yellow flowers, glossy coppery foliage. Best yellow. (F, B)^family~Gesneriaceae
Eranthemum pulchellum  $9.95  Terminal clusters of electric blue flowers in winter, dark green foliage.^family~Acanthaceae
Eranthemum wattii  $9.95  Similar to Eranthemum pulchellum but with a deeper purple flower. Prefers a rich soil, semi-s
Erodium reichardii  $9.95  Small rosettes of tiny, slightly lobed, dark green leaves, ½ inch white flowers veined rose-r
Erodium reichardii Bishops Form  $9.95  Small rosettes of tiny, slightly lobed, dark green leaves with ½ inch pink flowers veined ros
Erodium reichardii Flore Plena  $9.95  Small rosettes of tiny, slightly lobed, dark green leaves with double pink flowers. Grow on a sunny
Erythrina humeana Raja  $10.95  This dwarf form of the natal coral tree grows up to 12 feet high and wide. A true collector's plant
Eugenia uniflora  $9.95  Evergreen shrub or small tree to 15 feet with glossy red fruit rich in vitamin C. Delicious eaten fr
Euphorbia bicompacta var. rubra (Green Form)  $14.95  This is a thornless semi-succulent shrub that is grown in tropical gardens for its large fleshy colo
Euphorbia cotinifolia  $9.95  Tall shrub or small tree with glowing copper-red leaves. Be careful of irritating sap! Mexico to So.
Euphorbia milii Fireworks  $14.95  This succulent Crown of Thorns has beautifully variegated leaves of pale green and white with red fl
Euphorbia neococcinea  $10.95  This is a colorful flowering succulent plant with pink to red miniature orchid-shaped flowers winter
Euphorbia punicea  $24.95  This is a rarely offered evergreen succulent shrub from Jamaica, blooming with red bracts surroundin
Faradaya splendida  $14.95  Large vine for tropical or subtropical garden. Showy white flowers in large terminal clusters in spr
Fatshedera lizei Annemieke  $12.95  The original all green Botanical Wonder was a rare chance hybrid between Japanese aralia, Fatsia
Fatshedera lizei Variegata  $12.95  The original all green Botanical Wonder was a rare chance hybrid between Japanese aralia, Fatsia
Ficus craterostoma  $12.95  This tree is a strangler fig from tropical central and southern Africa. In the wild, it can grow up
Ficus deltoidea  $9.95  This species has small delta-shaped deep green leaves, ornamental yellowish fruit. Excellent bonsai
Ficus deltoidea Variegata  $15.95  This attractive small ornamental fig has small delta-shaped deep green leaves splashed with white an
Ficus elastica Variegata  $19.95  The Variegated Rubber Plant has thick, light green leaves margined with various shades of creamy whi
Ficus lingua  $10.95  A small growing ficus with compact branches and small, triangular leaves. Its size and ease of cultu
Ficus microcarpa Hawaii  $15.95  Also known as Ficus microcarpa 'Variegata', this evergreen tree has 2 to 4 inch elliptic thic
Ficus microcarpa var. crassifolia Green Mound  $9.95  Two similar varieties are often confused in the Florida plant trade. This Ficus 'Green Mound'
Ficus mysorensis  $15.95  This is a large spreading shade tree of ornamental value, growing 40 to 50 feet in cultivation. One
Ficus natalensis subsp leprieurii Malay Gold  $24.95  Beautiful 2 to 3 inch variegated triangular leaves and a dwarf, compact habit distinguish this inter
Ficus pumila Crinkles  $9.95  Miniature creeper with tiny twisted leaves, dark green with yellow center. Terrarium or dish garden.
Ficus pumila Quercifolia  $9.95  Miniature creeper with tiny dark green ivy-shaped leaves. Excellent for terrarium or dish garden (F,
Ficus pumila Snowflake  $9.95  Tiny dark green leaves bordered white, creeping stems. Terrarium, dish garden, or tropical ground co
Ficus rubiginosa Variegata  $15.95  Ornamental shrub or tree with leathery oval leaves variegated creamy white.^family~Moraceae
Ficus salicaria  $10.95  Narrow, dark evergreen glossy leaves, compact, upright. Great for bonsai.^common~(Syn.: Ficus sub
Fockea edulis  $12.95  This collector's plant is a semi-decidous succulent perennial grown for its swollen caudiciform base
Fuchsia arborescens  $9.95  Open shrub or small tree with narrow, elliptic deep green leaves and large clusters of rose-purple t
Fuchsia boliviana  $9.95  Frost tender shrub with soft gray-green leaves and red veins, pendent clusters of long-tubed scarlet
Fuchsia boliviana Alba  $9.95  Frost tender shrub with soft gray-green leaves and red veins, pendent clusters of long-tubed scarlet
Fuchsia fulgens  $9.95  Mexico. Upright shrub with ovate leaves, drooping clusters of slender scarlet flowers with green-tip
Fuchsia Gartenmeister Bohnstedt  $9.95  Clusters of red flowers, loved by hummingbirds.^family~Onagraceae^common~Honeysuckle Fuchsia
Galphimia gracilis  $10.95  Grows 4 to 6 feet high in full sun with reddish stems and blue-green elliptic leaves. Covered in sum
Gardenia (Kailarsenia) vietnamensis  $11.95  Beautiful white pinwheel-shaped flowers are 2 to 3 inches across with with an intoxicating fragrance
Gardenia jasminoides Aimee Yoshioka  $10.95  Also known as Gardenia jasminoides 'Aimee Yoshida' in Claifornia. This double flowered garden
Gardenia jasminoides Frost Proof  $10.95  This award winning gardenia produces an abundance of large double sweetly fragrant blooms from late
Gardenia jasminoides Glazerii  $10.95  An ideal corsage variety as flowers tend to be flat, 3 to 5 inches in width. Compact, bushy grower w
Gardenia jasminoides Miami Supreme  $10.95  Flowers fully double and fragrant, as large as Gardenia jasminoides 'Aimee Yoshida'. Excellen
Gardenia taitensis Mini  $10.95  This is a mini form of the Tiare gardenia with smaller leaves and very sweet fragrant petite 1" whit
Gardenia thunbergia  $19.95  Magnificent shrub with glossy dark green leaves and very large waxy white pinwheel flowers with wond
Gesneria christii  $10.95  Interesting subshrub with narrow undulating light green leaves that darken and become leathery with
Gesneria cuneifolia  $10.95  Narrow, deep green glossy leaves in a low rosette. Tubular orange-red firecracker flowers all year.
Gesneriad Collection - 3 Genera  $26.95  This collection is offered to give the undecided grower a chance to sample different members in the
Gesneriad Collection - 6 Genera  $50.95  This collection is offered to give the undecided grower a chance to sample different members in the
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Glokohleria Scarlet Letter  $9.95  Brilliant red flowers with light red tube. Everblooming in abundance. Dark coppery tapered leaves, c
Gmelina philippensis  $13.95  Tropical shrub with hop-like pendulous racemes of yellow flowers. Makes a beautiful espalier, patio
Graptophyllum and Pseuderanthemum Collection  $26.95  3 different, our choice, from a selection of colorful leafed tropical subshrubs such as: Pseudera
Graptophyllum excelsum  $10.95  An erect multiple stemmed shrub or small tree to 9 feet with attractive glossy green foliage. Waxy,
Graptophyllum pictum - White Centered  $9.95  Deep green leaves with large creamy white blotches in the center. This cultivar does not seem to hav
Graptophyllum pictum Alba Variegata  $9.95  Colorful green and white leaves. Evergreen tropical shrub to 6 feet, but can be kept to 3 feet as a
Graptophyllum pictum Aurea Marginata  $9.95  Colorful golden leaves with green center area and wavy edges. Evergreen tropical shrub to 4 feet, bu
Graptophyllum pictum Bronze  $9.95  These plants are cultivated chiefly for their colorful, glossy foliage. This one is with solid dark
Graptophyllum pictum Chocolate  $9.95  Striking color combination of chocolate colored leaves with yellowish-pink center splotch, and pinki
Graptophyllum pictum Eldorado  $9.95  Dark green leaves with a large irregular, yellow margin that is bright golden yellow in high light o
Graptophyllum pictum Tricolor  $9.95  The glossy, oval-shaped foliage is green with center flushed with cream, pink, and orange. Evergreen
Gynura aurantiaca  $9.95  This showy plant from Java is grown for its handsome velvety 5 inch leaves and stems that are covere
Hamelia cuprea  $10.95  This is a beautiful glossy leafed shrub with abundant 1½ inch golden yellow bell-shaped flowe
Harpullia pendula  $11.95  This attractive medium sized shade tree is a choice ornamental with a dense evergreen crown of gloss
Haworthia cymbiformis  $7.95  This popular succulent plant has a pale green rosette of fat, fleshy boat-shaped leaves with dark lo
Haworthia retusa  $7.95  Despite the common name Star Cactus, it is not a cactus at all. This is a small succulent that forms
Heat Pack  $5.00  UniHeat 72 Hour (Air Activated Heat Packs)We recommend this product to protect your p
Hedychium gardnerianum  $18.95  Large showy spires of fragrant yellow flowers with red stamens in summer. Native to India. 28F.^fami
Hedychium greenei  $18.95  Terminal clusters of fiery red flowers, dark bronzy foliage. India. 28F.^family~Zingiberaceae^common
Helianthus maximiliani  $9.95  A 5 to 10 foot perennial forming a 3 foot clump. Blooms in fall with abundant 3 inch golden yellow f
Hemigraphis alternata  $9.95  Scalloped leaves of metallic gray-green with purple-red underneath. Use as a tropical ground cover o
Hemigraphis alternata Exotica  $9.95  This is commonly called the "Purple Waffle Plant" because of its puckered waffle-like maroon leaves.
Hemigraphis minima  $9.95  Dense spreading tropical groundcover with beautiful 1 inch dark green leaves colored maroon on the r
Hibbertia scandens  $10.95  This is a fast growing vigorous vine from Australia that has narrow 3 inch waxy dark green leaves wi
Hibiscus acetosella Jungle Red  $9.95  It is similar to Hibiscus acetosella 'Red Shield', but with finely cut maple-like reddish pur
Hibiscus acetosella Red Shield  $9.95  Vigorous annual or short lived perennial to 5 feet high with dark reddish purple stems and leaves. T
Hibiscus arnottianus  $10.95  Large white fragrant flowers with prominent red stamens.^family~Malvaceae^common~Native Hawaiian Whi
Hibiscus Carnival  $11.95  Showy pink variegated foliage splashed pink, white and rose with shades of green. Dwarf, with single
Hibiscus coccineus  $10.95  This eye-catching, shrubby erect herbaceous perennial grows up to 5 feet high with bright scarlet re
Hibiscus Cooperi  $10.95  Showy variegated foliage splashed white and pink with shades of green. Dwarf, single red flowers.^fa
Hibiscus Dainty Pink  $10.95  This is an old fashioned heirloom hibiscus, dating back to the 1950's from Florida. It is now grown
Hibiscus diversifolius  $10.95  Large 4 inch yellow flowers with rich maroon blotch in center. Free-flowering in warmer months. Leav
Hibiscus El Capitolio  $10.95  New! This hibiscus has bright red fringed petals, often with streaks of white, and a pendant style m
Hibiscus El Capitolio Sport  $10.95  With soft apricot ruffled petals and a scarlet red center, it's even more colorful than its red pare
Hibiscus General Corteges  $10.95  Foliage fantastically variegated creamy gold and deep green. Very large red flowers.^family~Malvacea
Hibiscus Hummels Fantasy  $10.95  Similar to Hibiscus 'Cooperi' but foliage has more white variegation and is very compact. Ide
Hibiscus Madame Chiang Kai Shek  $10.95  This hibiscus is a very old cultivar in Southern California. It grows tall and vigorous to an believ
Hibiscus ovalifolius  $10.95  Hibiscus species used for ground cover and bedding plant in Hawaii. Also can be trained as a
Hibiscus schizopetalus  $10.95  Very ornate fringed double flowers streaked with pink and red hang from arching branches like little
Hibiscus splendens  $13.95  The splendid 6 inch flowers of this very rare Australian hibiscus are of a soft pink that are pinstr
Hippeastrum papilio  $10.95  This evergreen bulb from Brazil sports orchid-like exotic flowers of deep burgandy and cream. Hardy
Hoffmannia ghiesbreghtii  $12.95  Beautiful tropical foliage plant with pleated satiny leaves, dark velvet bronze-green above and red
Hoffmannia ghiesbreghtii Strawberry Splash  $15.95  Beautiful rare tropical foliage plant with fantastic satiny pleated leaves splashed with pink, white
Holmskioldia sanguinea Citrina  $10.95  Striking chartreuse yellow form of the chinese hat plant. Blooms very freely in warm months. Easy to
Holmskioldia sanguinea Copper Flower  $10.95  Coppery red bracts and tubular flowers on this variety give the appearance of tiny, wide-brimmed chi
Holmskioldia sanguinea Red Flower  $10.95  Deep red bracts and tubular flowers give the unmistakable appearance of tiny, wide-brimmed chinese s
Homalocladium platycladum  $9.95  Unusual evergreen plant from the Solomon Islands. Leafless, it has flat, ribbon-like jointed green s
Hoya aldrichii  $29.95  Big clusters of pale to deep pink flowers with rosy red centers blooming in abundance, fragrant at n
Hoya angustifolia  $29.95  Small, narrow, cupped leaves, trailing stems. Umbels of red flowers in abundance.^common~(Syn.: H
Hoya archboldiana  $29.95  Clusters of large cup-shaped flowers shaded pink. Medium size pointed oval dark green leaves. Climbi
Hoya ariadna  $29.95  Clusters of large waxy flowers shaded yellow and red. Smooth boat-shaped leaves.^family~Apocynaceae
Hoya australis Queensland  $29.95  This particular clone of Hoya australis is especially free flowering, producing generous clus
Hoya australis Variegata  $29.95  Foliage edged and variegated ivory white. Fragrant white flowers.^family~Apocynaceae
Hoya benguetensis  $29.95  Colorful with small reddish orange flowers. Leaves are smooth, long, pointed, and dark coppery in co
Hoya bordenii  $29.95  Striking deep red long elliptical leaves veined yellow. Pink and yellow flowers.^family~Apocynaceae
Hoya callistophylla  $29.95  Clusters of red flowers, with light yellow centers. Beautiful light green leaves veined dark green.
Hoya carnosa Dee's Big One  $29.95  Extra large clusters of fragrant pink flowers. Sturdy long oval leaves, easy.
Hoya Collection  $74.95  Collection, 3 different, our choice.^family~Apocynaceae
Hoya crassipes  $29.95  Easy grower with deep green oval leaves and large clusters of red-centered pink flowers produced pri
Hoya cumingiana  $29.95  Yellow flowers with dark red centers, strong clove fragrance. Small closely set leaves on compact, u
Hoya curtisii  $29.95  Tiny silvery marbled leaves, buff colored flowers. Small grower.^family~Apocynaceae^common~(Syn.: i
Hoya densifolia  $29.95  Yellow flowers with red centers. Small round closely set leaves, trailing. Fragrance of cinnamon. Le
Hoya deykeae  $29.95  Unusually shaped truncated light green leaves with dark green veins. Clusters of tawny yellow flower
Hoya diptera  $29.95  Clusters of bright yellow flowers. Light green oval leaves.^family~Apocynaceae
Hoya fungii  $29.95  Large pubescent emerald green leaves with dark green veins. Impressive globular clusters of light pi
Hoya glabra  $29.95  Giant smooth oval leaves, Umbels of purplish flowers.^family~Apocynaceae
Hoya golamcoana  $29.95  Similar to Hoya cumingiana and Hoya densifolia, only larger. Pale yellow and red flowe
Hoya heuschkeliana Yellow  $29.95  This cute Philippine native vine has slightly cupped waxy green leaves (up to 3" long) on cascading
Hoya incurvula  $29.95  Many clusters of small pink and red flowers, light green leaves, wiry stems. This is a very easy gro

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