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This site link lists all plants in alphabetical order, including those currently out of stock or no longer offered. Descriptions have been shortened to load quickly. Single quote marks on varieties have been omitted to enable the alphabetical sorting of the plants. Click on links for full descriptions.


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Abutilon Collection  $26.95  3 different, our choice.
Abutilon grandifolium  $9.95  This is the double flowered form of the species. Grows to about 6 feet high in sun or part shade wit
Abutilon megapotamicum  $9.95  Dangling yellow flowers with red calyx on this species. Excellent for hanging basket.^family~Malvace
Abutilon megapotamicum hybrid Little Shrimp  $9.95  Small spreading shrub with small dusky salmon pink flowers with reddish cap. Because of its trailing
Abutilon megapotamicum Marianne  $9.95  A fine hanging basket variety with beautiful flaring red and yellow flowers.^family~Malvaceae
Abutilon megapotamicum Pink Charm  $9.95  Bright pink flowers in profusion, trailing basket variety, small dark green foliage.^family~Malvacea
Abutilon pictum  $9.95  The species with bell-shaped apricot colored flowers with strong red veining. Showy upright shrub wi
Abutilon pictum Gold Dust  $9.95  Leaves boldly variegated yellow and green. Orange blooms with red veins.^family~Malvaceae
Abutilon x hybridum Apricot Glow  $9.95  Sprawling shrub to 5 feet high with hanging pale apricot colored flowers with red veins.^family~Malv
Abutilon x hybridum Clementine  $9.95  Flaring crimson-orange flowers on a compact plant. Free flowering. Excellent for hanging basket.^fam
Abutilon x hybridum Cristina  $9.95  Ruffled red-orange flowers with red veins. Long season of bloom makes this an attractive patio plant
Abutilon x hybridum Elda  $9.95  Beautiful compact hanging basket variety with large pink bell-shaped flowers. (Thompson)^family~Malv
Abutilon x hybridum Halo  $9.95  This floriferous shrub is very showy with bright yellow lantern-shaped flowers with red veining. Com
Abutilon x hybridum La Vie En Rose  $9.95  Large pendant creamy yellow flowers veined red. Low growing, excellent for hanging basket.^family~Ma
Abutilon x hybridum LOrangerie  $9.95  Large flaring salmon-orange flowers veined orange-red. Compact, free-flowering.^family~Malvaceae
Abutilon x hybridum Louis Sasson  $9.95  Nice selection with deep red-orange flowers on a compact shrub to 4 feet high.^family~Malvaceae
Abutilon x hybridum Moon Glow  $9.95  Bright lemon-yellow pendant blooms, deep green foliage on this compact, free flowering variety.^fami
Abutilon x hybridum Moonbeam  $9.95  Abundant small pale lemon-yellow flowers on a narrow upright shrub. With its light green leaves, it
Abutilon x hybridum Nabob  $9.95  Giant 3 inch bells of deep crimson-red, the largest flower of all the bell-shaped hybrids. The unusu
Abutilon x hybridum Old Rose Belle  $9.95  Bell-shaped flowers are a beautiful shade of rose-pink on this compact and very floriferous selectio
Abutilon x hybridum Orange Drop  $9.95  Strong upright, vigorous growing shrub with bright orange flowers with red veins. Leaves large and d
Abutilon x hybridum Pompeii  $10.95  Compact shrub to 4 feet high with free blooming warm orange-red flowers.^family~Malvaceae
Abutilon x hybridum Red Monarch  $9.95  Dangling gold flowers with orange veins. Named for the bright red calyx.^family~Malvaceae
Abutilon x hybridum Red-Orange  $9.95  Compact shrub to 4 feet high with free blooming orange-red flowers cupped like small hanging bells.^
Abutilon x hybridum Rosalie  $9.95  Vigorous plant to 8 feet with medium to large soft pink flowers. Rounded shrub is dense with large d
Abutilon x hybridum Satin Pink Belle  $9.95  Large ruffled flowers of clear pink. Compact and floriferous.^family~Malvaceae
Abutilon x hybridum Savitzii  $9.95  This unusual dwarf variegated abutilon looks more white than green. Salmon-orange flowers. Slow, com
Abutilon x hybridum Silver Belle  $9.95  Very large pure white flowers, dark green foliage. Compact, upright, and free flowering.^family~Malv
Abutilon x hybridum Souvenir De Bonn  $9.95  Large variegated maple-shaped leaves are green with a white border on a vigorous, upright plant with
Abutilon x hybridum Sugar Plum  $9.95  Unique light purple flowers on wide flaring flowers. Heavy bloomer. Compact growth to 3 feet high.^f
Abutilon x hybridum Tangelo  $9.95  Large deep tangerine-orange flowers, small leaves, compact. Excellent for hanging basket.^family~Mal
Abutilon x hybridum Tangerine Belle  $9.95  Large flaring tangerine-orange flowers with red veins.^family~Malvaceae
Abutilon x hybridum Victor Reiter  $9.95  A sturdy, upright plant, reaching 8 feet or more with large, broad, deep green leaves. Huge salmon-o
Abutilon x hybridum Victorian Lady  $10.95  This is an unusual "Flowering Maple" with 2 inch double ruffled soft pink flowers. It's upright and
Abutilon x hybridum Watercolor Orange  $9.95  Large salmon-orange flowers veined deep orange. Spreading stems make this a beautiful basket variety
Abutilon x hybridum White  $9.95  Charming white bell-shaped flowers on a mounding shrub with rich green maple-like leaves. Good conta
Acalypha Brazen  $9.95  Large leaves with solid light copper color.^family~Euphorbiaceae
Acalypha Ceylon  $9.95  Bronzy red crested coppery leaves, cream margins.^family~Euphorbiaceae^common~Fire Dragon
Acalypha Fairy Dust  $9.95  Green leaves margined white with creamy gold dustings and splotches throughout the leaf.^family~Euph
Acalypha Fancy Leaf Collection  $26.95  3 different plants, our choice
Acalypha Haleakala  $9.95  Crested, dark maroon, deeply fluted leaves.^family~Euphorbiaceae
Acalypha Heterophylla  $9.95  Branches pendulous with ragged, wavy, narrow ribbon-like leaves. Green with yellow edges.^family~Eup
Acalypha hispida - Red  $9.95  Covered with long, dangling rose-red cattails all year. Tropical.^family~Euphorbiaceae^common~Red Ho
Acalypha hispida White Margined  $9.95  Cream colored cattails with creamy white teeth on older leaf margins.^family~Euphorbiaceae
Acalypha Hoffmanii  $9.95  Dark green crested leaves with narrow cream margins.^family~Euphorbiaceae
Acalypha Inferno  $9.95  Small leaves on fire, varying from yellow to orange to red. Australian cultivar.^family~Euphorbiacea
Acalypha Jungle Dragon  $9.95  Large red leaves streaked and spattered with green and gold. From plant collector David Lloyd.^famil
Acalypha Kapiolani Bronze  $9.95  Small reddish-bronze leaves on dense shrub to 6 feet high. We discovered this cultivar in Waikiki Be
Acalypha Kilauea  $9.95  Dark green finely cut leaves bordered pink, becoming more colorful in summer heat.^family~Euphorbiac
Acalypha Kona Coast  $9.95  Large yellow and green splotched leaves.^family~Euphorbiaceae
Acalypha Kona Gold  $9.95  Smaller leaves colored green and yellow.^family~Euphorbiaceae
Acalypha Loco  $9.95  Medium sized frilly, twisted leaves of bronze and green.^family~Euphorbiaceae
Acalypha Louisiana Red  $9.95  Macafeeana selection with large slightly contorted leaves of intense reds and bronze.^family~Euphorb
Acalypha Macafeeana  $9.95  Large red leaves with copper on compact bushy shrub. Ideal for summer bedding plant.^family~Euphorbi
Acalypha Macrophylla  $9.95  Huge heart-shaped deep red, copper and bronze leaves.^family~Euphorbiaceae
Acalypha Marginata  $9.95  Coppery leaves, with thin serrate margins of pink. Hardiest variety to 32F.^family~Euphorbiaceae^com
Acalypha Marginata Bronze  $9.95  A form of 'Marginata' with more pink in wider margins.^family~Euphorbiaceae
Acalypha Marginata Green  $9.95  Green leaves, with serrate white margins, leaves later darkening to copper with rosy edge.^family~Eu
Acalypha Musaica  $9.95  Very large leaves, bronze, orange, and green with red to orange markings and spots.^family~Euphorbia
Acalypha pendula  $9.95  Deep red dangling cattails, small leaves, trailing. Use for ground cover or basket plant. Native of
Acalypha Raggedy Ann  $9.95  Australian cultivar with narrow maroon leaves highly serrated and cut.^family~Euphorbiaceae
Acalypha Tahiti  $9.95  Large twisted leaves, green with yellow markings.^family~Euphorbiaceae
Acalypha Tequilla Sunrise  $9.95  Large yellow leaves with splotches of green and gold with specks of red. From plant collector David
Acalypha Tiki Peach Whirl  $9.95  Large, swirled leaves with striking pink, peach and green coloring.^family~Euphorbiaceae
Acanthus sennii  $11.95  This rare African Acanthus from Ethiopia has attention-getting spikes of bright orange-red exotic fl
Achetaria azurea  $9.95  Unsurpassed for blue flower color in winter or summer garden, this compact shrublet covers itself wi
Acnistus arborescens  $10.95  Related to Iochroma. Uncommon small to medium sized tree, growing 10 to 20 feet high. Soft ba
Adenocalymma comosum  $20.95  This rare evergreen climber produces large 2½ inch trumpet-shaped bright yellow flowers from
Aeollanthus repens  $9.95  Creeping ground cover from Africa with fuzzy 2 inch gray leaves and numerous lavender flower cluster
Aeschynanthus Big Apple  $9.95  Clusters of deep red tubular flowers all year. Tapered dark green leaves, compact upright habit. (F,
Aeschynanthus Boschianus  $9.95  Coral-orange lipstick flowers emerge from light green tubular calyces. Small oval leaves, trailing s
Aeschynanthus Collection  $26.95  3 different, our choice.^family~Gesneriaceae
Aeschynanthus evrardii  $9.95  Spectacular large terminal clusters of fiery red flowers in summer and fall. Tapered leaves, compact
Aeschynanthus Fireworks  $9.95  Large spectacular upright clusters of bright red flowers. Dark green tapered leaves. (F, B)^family~G
Aeschynanthus Flash  $9.95  Large upright clusters of orange and red striped flowers in fall and winter. Whorls of tapered leave
Aeschynanthus gracilis  $9.95  Small trailer with overlapping fleshy tapered leaves. Red shrimp-shaped flowers. (B)^common~(Syn.:
Aeschynanthus hians  $10.95  Abundant clusters of red flowers striped black, with saucer shaped pale green calyces tinted pink. S
Aeschynanthus Holiday Bells  $9.95  Red flowers with bell-shaped salmon-rose calyces, produced in profusion, especially in winter. Trail
Aeschynanthus pulcher  $9.95  Clusters of large scarlet-red flowers emerge from green and purple striped calyces. Closely set oval
Aeschynanthus sp Thailand  $9.95  Large clusters of deep red lipstick flowers produced repeatedly throughout the year. Small closely s
Aeschynanthus speciosus  $10.95  This is a large growing plant with brilliant 3 inch yellow flowers and bright orange tips. This summ
Aeschynanthus Thai Pink  $11.95  Upright clusters of bright pink tubular flowers above calyces flushed pink. Flowers several times a
Albuca bracteata  $9.95  The pregnant onion is an old-fashioned novel houseplant that resembles an onion with numerous baby b
Allamanda cathartica Golden Butterfly  $11.95  This compact Allamanda makes an ideal pot plant. It produces large bright yellow trumpet-shap
Allamanda cathartica Hendersonii  $11.95  Throughout the tropics one of the most popular vines and rightly so. Trainable as a vine or shrub, i
Allamanda schottii  $11.95  Clusters of golden yellow trumpet-shaped flowers throughout the year. Hardier, more compact than the
Allamanda schottii Australian Silver  $11.95  A cultivar with narrow silver-gray leaves, yellow flowers. Compact grower.^family~Apocynaceae
Allamanda schottii Variegata  $11.95  Gray-green foliage variegated white, compact habit. Yellow flowers as above. Minimum 40F.^family~Apo
Aloysia virgata  $10.95  This evergreen drought resistant shrub or small tree shows off with wonderfully scented buddleja-lik
Alpinia formosana Pinstripe  $20.95  This cultivar with white pinstripe leaves grows slowly to about 3 feet high. White, yellow and red f
Alpinia purpurata  $19.95  One of the showiest of all tropical flowers, the red ginger is a true tropical and thrives in hot, h
Alsobia dianthiflora  $9.95  Large deeply fringed white flowers. Small dark green downy leaves arranged in tiny rosettes. Stoloni
Alsobia Iris August  $9.95  Similar to Alsobia 'San Miguel' with white flowers and purple dotted petals. Soft leaves on t
Alsobia San Miguel  $9.95  Striking fringed creamy white flowers profusely spotted purple. Small soft oval leaves. Trailing, st
Alternanthera bettzickiana Rainbow  $8.95  This is a colorful tropical ground cover or bedding plant with dark green leaf edges and center area
Alternanthera ficoidea Snowball  $9.95  Tiny irregularly shaped leaves variegated blush white on this variety of Joseph's Coat. Very compact
Alternanthera porrigens 'Little Grapes'  $9.95  We prevously listed this as Gomphrena serrata 'Little Grapes'. However, it is actually an
Alyogyne hakeifolia - Yellow Form  $9.95  Large silky yellow hibiscus-like flowers, dark green needle-like foliage. Drought tolerant, sun lovi
Alyogyne hakeifolia Purple Form  $9.95  Large open-faced purple hibiscus-like flowers, dark green needle-like foliage. Rapidly growing shrub
Alyogyne hakeifolia White Form  $9.95  Large silky white hibiscus-like flowers, dark green needle-like foliage. Rapidly growing shrub to 10
Alyogyne huegelii  $9.95  Beautiful lavender-blue silky hibiscus-like flowers appear throughout the year. Deeply cut leaves, s
Alyogyne huegelii Mood Indigo  $9.95  Deep violet-blue silky flowers throughout the year. Small, deeply cut foliage, compact, shrubby. Exc
Alyogyne huegelii Pink Tulip  $9.95  Pink form of the blue hibiscus with tulip-shaped flowers. Plant in well-drained soil in sun or parti
Alyogyne huegelii Rosy Purple  $9.95  Prolific flowers are purple with an iridescent rosy sheen to the petals. Its center with a white hal
Alyogyne huegelii White Swan  $9.95  A beautiful white flowered form, tinged lilac under cool conditions. (UC Santa Cruz introduction).^f
Alyogyne Lady Barbara Rose  $10.95  Has pale lavender flowers with a distinct raspberry eye. Grows to six feet tall but can be kept to a
Alyogyne Lavender Lace  $9.95  Inter-species hybrid. Large lavender-purple tulip shaped bell flowers on a sturdy upright woody shru
Alyogyne Sentinel  $10.95  Kartuz Exclusive. This inter-species hybrid is so named because it grows upright and if not topped w
Amorphophallus konjac  $9.95  This unusual exotic plant is in the same family as the Giant Corpse Flower (A. titanum), whic
Amphilophium crucigerum  $13.95  This semi-evergreen vine has 3 soft kidney-shaped leaflets with the middle one often becoming an unu
Aneilema zebrinum  $9.95  This rare "Wandering Jew" relative from Eastern Africa (Ethiopia to South Africa) has small ½
Anisacanthus quadrifidus var wrightii  $9.95  Mounding shrub to 5 feet with narrow light green leaves and spikes of tubular, bright red-orange flo
Anthurium pentaphyllum  $49.95  We are pleased to offer this rare Anthurium from our collection for the first time. This is a
Anthurium scandens  $18.95  This cute aroid is widespread in its forest habitat from southern Mexico and the West Indies to sout
Anthurium scherzerianum  $99.95  An unusual houseplant with dramatic green foliage, large showy red or orange spathe and a unique coi
Anthurium schlechtendalii  $13.95  Anthurium schlechtendalii is our best guess. Although, it could be a form of Anthurium hoo
Antigonon leptopus  $10.95  Large open, airy vine with long trailing sprays of rose-pink flowers in summer and fall. Loves long,
Aphelandra arborea  $14.95  This is a rarely offered brilliant colored tropical shrub from South America and the West Indies wit
Aphelandra schiedeana  $9.95  Grows to 4 feet high, with 5 inch long thin, finely pubescent, narrow ovate leaves. Blooms in winter
Aphelandra sinclairiana  $10.95  Evergreen tropical shrub with tubular pink flowers emerging from shell-like orange bracts. Infloresc
Arachnothryx leucophylla  $10.95  Small woody evergreen shrub with rose-pink flowers, primarily in winter and spring with scattered bl
Aristolochia gigantea  $20.95  Giant two foot rose-colored flowers mottled purple with pleasant lemon fragrance. Blooms profusely o
Asclepias curassavica orange  $9.95  Standard variety with orange and gold flowers all summer. Easy to grow perennial to 18 inches high,
Asclepias curassavica red  $9.95  A selected variety with red and yellow flowers all summer. Easy to grow perennial to 18 inches high,
Asclepias curassavica Silky Gold  $9.95  A selected variety with golden yellow flowers all summer. Easy to grow perennial to 18 inches high,
Asclepias physocarpa  $9.95  This milkweed has small white flowers followed by unusual golf ball sized seed capsules. These are l
Asystasia gangetica - Blue Flower  $9.95  This is a tender tropical perennial that sprawls over the ground, producing numerous dainty 1 inch t
Asystasia gangetica - Dark Purple Flower  $9.95  This is a tender tropical perennial that sprawls over the ground, producing numerous dainty 1 inch t
Asystasia gangetica - Light Blue Flower  $9.95  This is a tender tropical perennial that sprawls over the ground, producing numerous dainty 1 inch t
Asystasia gangetica - White Flower  $9.95  This is a tender tropical perennial that sprawls over the ground, producing numerous dainty 1 inch t
Asystasia gangetica St John  $9.95  This is a tender tropical perennial that sprawls over the ground, producing numerous dainty 1 inch l
Asystasia gangetica You're So Vein  $9.95  This is an eye-catching tender perennial with unique ruffled and puckered bright green leaves veined
Augusta rivalis  $10.95  This rare exotic shrub has 5 inch long white tubular flowers flaring to 1½ inches wide in clu
Bakeridesia integerrima  $10.95  Evergreen shrub or small tree to 15 feet. One to two inch yellow flowers with orange streaks in the
Ballochia rotundifolia  $15.95  This very rare endangered plant is native to the island of Socotra (part of Yemen) located in the Ar
Barleria cristata  $9.95  Four foot shrub with funnel-shaped, five-lobed blue flowers. Blooms summer through fall in shade or
Barleria cristata Alba  $9.95  As above but with white flowers^family~Acanthaceae
Barleria cristata Variegata  $9.95  This is a fairly upright shrub to 4 feet high with boldly variegated leaves of white and green. Bloo
Barleria lupulina  $9.95  Species name lupulina means "resemble hops," referring to the flower heads. From a terminal spike of
Barleria obtusa  $9.95  Sprawling evergreen shrub to 3 feet high by 5 feet wide with dark green elliptic leaves, covered wit
Barleria oenotheroides  $9.95  Tender small shrub to 4 feet with spikes of golden yellow flowers. Sun or part shade. Minimum temper
Barleria repens Pink  $9.95  This cultivar is characterized by its pink flowers and dark green glossy leaves. It's an excellent g
Barleria repens Purple Prince  $9.95  'Purple Prince' is a medium grower with glossy green leaves with deep purple tubular flowers. It's a
Barleria repens Rosea  $9.95  A vigorous evergreen low grower with small rounded soft glossy leaves and flame-red flowers at vario
Barleria rotundifolia  $9.95  Beautiful butter-yellow flowers with small shiny green leaves on this evergreen, spiny shrub from So
Bartlettina sordida  $10.95  This is a fast growing perennial shrub in the Daisy family from the cloud forests of Mexico. Grows u
Bartlettina sp  $10.95  This strikingly beautiful shrub comes from the cloud forests of Mexico. The large velvety heart-shap
Beaucarnea recurvata  $9.95  New! Native to Mexico, closely related to Yuccas and thrive under the same conditions. Plants have d
Begonia 62 Grand  $10.95  A mixture of types but grows like a small shrub begonia. Leaves have the pinkish bumps and coloring
Begonia acetosa  $10.95  (Distinctive Foliage Rhizomatous Begonia) Distinctive species with thick, round, felted deep green l
Begonia Afternoon Delight  $11.95  From our Brad Thomas collection comes this begonia introduced in 1990 with dark green wavy leaves, s
Begonia Aladdins Lamp  $9.95  Medium growing mallet cane with lobed bright green leaves covered with white speckles. Pink Flowers.
Begonia Alice's White Rabbit  $12.95  The name is a little playoff of unrelated Begonia 'Looking Glass', which is also silver. Whil
Begonia Alleryi  $9.95  An easy to grow, older hybrid of Begonia metallica.
Begonia Amaterasu  $12.95  This is a reintroduction of an old offering. Begonia 'Amaterasu' is a very easy to grow magni
Begonia amphioxus  $12.95  Narrow double pointed glossy leaves, wavy margins, with prominent red dots. Greenish white flowers.
Begonia Angel Glow  $11.95  Fantastic new rhizomatous begonia from Australia with medium sized deep coppery red leaves, ruffled
Begonia Antique Rose  $11.95  Full growing upright to 12 inches. Leaves are dark green with an overlay of gray-silver. Everbloomin
Begonia Apple Blossom Surprise  $11.95  Full growing upright to 12 inches. Leaves are dark green with silver speckles. Everblooming with pin
Begonia Arabian Sunset  $9.95  (Cane-like Mallet Begonia) Red backed dark coppery slender fluted leaves, pink flowers. (Thompson)
Begonia Arlene Ingles  $11.95  Medium growing superba-type cane. Leaves are medium sized lobed gray green with silver markings. Flo
Begonia Aunt Edith  $12.95  Begonia 'Aunt Edith' is both new and old. While it was named nearly 30 years ago, it was soon
Begonia Baby Grand  $11.95  Small growing shrub begonia. Sister plant to '62 Grand' but differs in that the leaves are cupped so
Begonia Baby Shower  $12.95  Begonia 'Baby Shower' got its name from the shower of baby pink flowers it produces year roun
Begonia Bad Kitty  $12.95  As quoted from the breeder, Brad Thompson: "Begonia 'Bad Kitty' gets her name from the fact t
Begonia Barbara Rose  $11.95  Medium to tall growing upright cane with medium sized dark bronzy leaves. Leaves are lobed, undulate
Begonia barsalouxiae  $11.95  (Distinctive Foliage Rhizomatous Begonia) Heart-shaped leaves with patterns of light green and choco
Begonia Believe in Magic  $12.95  Small to medium growing rhizomatous begonia. Normally the leaves are on the small side but in the ri
Begonia Benigo  $9.95  (Cane-like Mallet Begonia) Small dark coppery green fluted leaves finely spotted deep pink. Pink flo
Begonia Bethlehem Star  $9.95  (Miniature Rhizomatous Begonia) Small nearly black leaves with a satin sheen and prominent bright st
Begonia Bill Byron  $12.95  Begonia 'Bill Byron' is the perfect marriage between two popular species, Begonia egregia
Begonia bipinnatifida  $11.95  Deeply incised fern-like dark coppery leaves, pink flowers. Compact, extraordinary. Needs terrarium.
Begonia Black Adder  $11.95  Medium growing rhizomatous. Leaves are medium sized nearly black and deeply lobed. Very full and low
Begonia Black Fang  $10.95  Smooth ruffled, spiraled black leaves with prominent light green veins radiating from base of leaf,
Begonia Black Gold  $10.95  Dark oil colored lobed leaves with large light pink flowers. Heavy bloomer. Medium growing but branc
Begonia Black Mamba  $11.95  Large black double spiral deeply cleft fan leaves on a compact growing plant. Leaves are pure velvet
Begonia Black Pearls  $11.95  Tall growing upright cane with medium to large sized dark nearly black leaves. Leaves are lobed and
Begonia Black Taffeta  $11.95  Very large black star-shaped textured leaves. Pink flowers. Most impressive. (Kartuz)
Begonia Bob Golden  $11.95  Small growing mallet-type cane. Leaves are dark green, small and narrow with dark pink to red splash
Begonia bogneri  $13.95  (Distinctive Foliage Rhizomatous Begonia) Very rare terrarium begonia from Madagascar, with slender,
Begonia boisiana  $10.95  This is an easy to grow collectable begonia with upright growth to 2 feet with small white flowers a
Begonia Bolero  $12.95  This Superba cane was named many years ago, but never really got into circulation (nearly an heirloo
Begonia boliviensis  $11.95  Tuberous species with bright orange-red pendulous flowers on arching, trailing stems. Narrow bright
Begonia Boom Boom  $10.95  (Rex Begonia) Small metallic pink leaves suffused with silver on a sturdy, compact plant. Lovely, co
Begonia Boomer  $10.95  In 1987, Mabel Corwin bred Begonia solimutata with Begonia reniformis and produced thi
Begonia bowerae nigramarga  $10.95  (Miniature Rhizomatous Begonia) Tiny deep green leaves beautifully patterned black, white eyelash ed
Begonia Boyfriend  $9.95  An older small to medium leaved rhizomatous hybrid from Japan, but first time offered by Kartuz Gree
Begonia Brad Thompson  $14.95  This is a medium to large leaved rhizomatous begonia. Leaves are roughly star shaped with prominent
Begonia brooksii hort  $11.95  (Miniature Rhizomatous Begonia) Beautiful small growing rhizomatous begonia with smooth medium sized
Begonia Brown Derby  $9.95  (Miniature Rhizomatous Begonia) Small leaved rhizomatous similar in size shape and habit to Begon
Begonia Bunny Hug  $10.95  Medium sized silver, textured, sparsely hairy leaves with a slight pink hue. White flowers on long p
Begonia Burning Bush  $9.95  (Shrub-like Begonia) Tight clusters of pink flowers all year on a nice compact plant. Small, dark co
Begonia Burnt Sienna  $12.95  Leaves are star shaped with a serrated hairy edge and though the color varies with light conditions
Begonia Bushmaster  $11.95  Large growing rhizomatous. Upright large, cupped, double spiraled deeply lobed leaves, green with bl
Begonia Busy Bees  $10.95  This hybrid has been out a few years, but hasn't been widely circulated. An unusual hybrid of Beg
Begonia Buttercup  $10.95  (Yellow-flowered African Begonia) Abundant chrome-yellow and orange flowers striped red. Small, brig
Begonia Careless Whisper  $10.95  Large wavy double spiraled olive-green leaves, red stems, white flowers. Best new introduction (2000
Begonia Caribbean Prince  $10.95  Light green leaves with a rhizomatous growth habit. This easy, vigorous grower makes a full compact
Begonia Carmel Browne  $11.95  Carmel Browne's leaves have many pointed stars, cleft with a serrated edge, and are dark green to da
Begonia Carol Knight  $12.95  Leaves are lobed with lazy double spirals and a lightly hairy surface. As with all rhizomatous, the
Begonia Carol Pease  $10.95  Medium to large growing shrub with medium sized hairy bright green leaves. Similar in habit and appe
Begonia carolineifolia  $11.95  Distinctive species with upright fleshy rhizomes sporting large palmately compound glossy green leav
Begonia Carousel  $9.95  Small to medium sized dark green leaves with dark brown along veins. Edge of leaf is lightly lobed w
Begonia Casper  $10.95  Upright growing cane to 18 inches. Narrow dark green leaves with dentated wavy edge with dark silver
Begonia Castaway  $11.95  A compact growing cane with dark olive leaves with red backs. Rubra type cane. Flowers are pale pink
Begonia Cayuga  $10.95  Large lobed waxy green leaves with fine dark edge. Tall clusters of light pink flowers. (Kartuz)
Begonia Chameleons Way  $12.95  This medium-sized full growing plant easily makes a perfectly shaped specimen. As the name implies t
Begonia Charm  $9.95  Semperflorens. A variegated form of the type commonly called wax begonia. Lime green leaves with whi
Begonia Checkered Past  $12.95  Roughly round shaped leaves held upright on sturdy hairy petioles. Leaf is green with brown to black
Begonia Chiquita Rosa  $10.95  Upright growing to 1 foot tall, full and wide. Similar to Begonia foliosa, without its tall u
Begonia Chivalry  $10.95  Large lobed black leaves shaded green along main veins. Pink flowers are finely dotted pink. (Thomps
Begonia chloroneura  $14.95  (Distinctive Foliage Rhizomatous Begonia) Dwarf, compact rhizomatous begonia, red backed coppery lea
Begonia chlorosticta - Green Leaf Form  $12.95  (Distinctive Foliage Rhizomatous Begonia) A rare colorful begonia with bold markings: dark green lea
Begonia Chuckles  $9.95  Low to medium growing rhizomatous. Leaves are medium sized, dark velvety brown, round lightly lobed,
Begonia Clown Around  $10.95  Low to medium growing rhizomatous. Large rounded green leaves with variable reddish dots. Hard to fi
Begonia coccinea  $9.95  This begonia has been circulated under this name for many years, although it doesn't really seem lik
Begonia Comedian  $11.95  Medium to large sized rhizomatous. Black wavy medium sized spiral leaves on long stems that are cove
Begonia Comic Strip  $11.95  Little known member of the Comedy series and one of the last ones named. Has medium rounded lobed ha
Begonia Compact Cane Collection  $28.95  3 different, our choice, compact varieties.
Begonia Concord  $9.95  This popular favorite is easy to grow and blooms continuously under various light conditions. The le
Begonia Copper Gold  $11.95  Clusters of deep orange flowers all year. Dark coppery leaves lightly spotted. Compact. One of the b
Begonia Copper King  $12.95  Small rhizomatous begonia. The name is a bit of a misnomer in that it really should be Copper Kid or
Begonia Copperhead  $11.95  Low growing rhizomatous. Has double spiral dark green leaves with coppery brown markings that are de
Begonia Coral Chimes  $9.95  Clusters of deep coral-salmon flowers all year. Small silver spotted leaves edged red. Very dwarf, c
Begonia Coral Flame  $10.95  Large clusters of brilliant coral orange flowers all season. Dark green, red backed foliage, spreadi
Begonia Coral Sabers  $11.95  Medium growing upright cane. Long narrow pointed dark green leaves with a deeply serrated edge. Flow
Begonia Coral Sea  $11.95  Medium growing cane great for hanging baskets or as a wide full potted plant. Leaves are medium size
Begonia coriacea  $10.95  (Distinctive Foliage Rhizomatous Begonia) Small, round, peltate, slightly cupped leaves, dark copper
Begonia cornitepala  $10.95  Vigorous, sturdy, upright stems to 3 feet, smooth, thick, boat shaped leaves. Easy. New to cultivati
Begonia Cowardly Lion  $9.95  Large textured yellow-gold spiraled leaves veined and patterned russet brown, compact habit. Sprays
Begonia crassicaulis  $17.95  Medium growing upright and sprawling rhizomatous species. Rhizomes are very big and woody with leave
Begonia cubensis  $10.95  A cute species from Cuba discovered in 1858. This is the true species, not cubensis hort. It has sma
Begonia Cupids Curl  $10.95  'Cupid's Curl' lives up to its name; leaves corkscrew, spiral, twist and fold. Leaf is roughly heart
Begonia Curly Cleo  $12.95  Medium to large pale green leaves with dark markings and a pronounced double spiral. Leaves are on v
Begonia Curly Patti  $10.95  Small to medium growing rhizomatous. Medium sized bright fuzzy green leaves double spiraled, cleft a
Begonia Dangling Cherries  $11.95  Original plant by that name was lost, this is a new creation with much hardier parentage. Miniature
Begonia Dangling Pearls  $12.95  While this begonia is nearly the first begonia named by Brad Thompson, it hasn't been previously lis
Begonia Deco Checks  $11.95  Medium sized dark green leaves with dark black checkering and white center eye. Markings are consist
Begonia Deco Raspberry Truffle  $11.95  This is a rhizomatous begonia with medium sized light green leaves with dark purplish-black checkeri
Begonia Diane Parr  $14.95  The one thing you can say to describe Begonia 'Diane Parr' is that it is truly indescribable.
Begonia Dido  $10.95  (Rex Begonia) Compact miniature rex begonia. Leaves are pink, banded white and green. (F, D, T)
Begonia dipetala  $9.95  This is a thick-stemmed species from India discovered in 1828. A charming small growing begonia that
Begonia Dollar Down  $10.95  (Rex Begonia) Small spiraled brilliant scarlet-red leaves, edged black. (F, D)
Begonia domingensis  $11.95  A beautiful and easy to grow low growing species from the West Indies. Usually stays 12 to 18 inches
Begonia Don Englund  $10.95  Large clusters of fragrant white flowers. Large wavy leaves with downy silver surface, compact habit
Begonia Don Miller  $9.95  (Cane-like Mallet Begonia) Small leaves densely spotted with fine silvery white dots. Pink flowers,
Begonia dregei  $15.95  (Semi-tuberous Begonia) Small, lobed, maple-leaf foliage, red stems, dwarf. White flowers in abundan
Begonia Dueling Swords  $11.95  Medium growing upright cane. Has long narrow wavy light green pointed leaves. Profuse large clusters
Begonia Early Frost  $11.95  Tall upright growing cane to 3 feet. Leaves are long and narrow with deeply sawtooth edge. Leaves ar
Begonia Earthtones  $12.95  Small to medium growing rhizomatous. Leaves are medium sized, rounded, slightly lobed, on long strai
Begonia Edith Rose  $10.95  Low growing upright cane. Has small deeply pointed lobed leaves that are dark bronze. Both stems and
Begonia Edwardian  $11.95  (Rex Begonia) Introducing our new compact rex with large spiraled dusky rose and silver leaves. (Kar
Begonia egregia  $11.95  Tall growing thick stemmed species. Stems are woody and usually bare except near the tip. Leaves are
Begonia elaeagnifolia  $11.95  (Trailing-scandent Begonia) Terrarium begonia with 1 inch dark green smooth leaves with the undersi
Begonia Emerald Glow  $10.95  Full growing, compact upright to 18 inches but can be kept shorter. Leaves are cupped bright glowing
Begonia Emerald King  $11.95  Upright growing to 2 feet but grows full. Leaves are a dark emerald-green, lobed and lightly hairy w
Begonia Emerald Lacewing  $9.95  (Miniature Rhizomatous Begonia) Small deeply cut light green leaves, compact. Light pink flowers. (F
Begonia Emerald Maiden  $11.95  Upright growing to 2 feet. Leaves are very large to 12 inches, rounded at top and pointed at the bot
Begonia Enchanting  $10.95  Recreation and reintroduction of "Best New Introduction Plant for 1995". Small growing cane with sma
Begonia Erythrophylla  $9.95  Old-fashioned cultivar with dark green, glossy, round, peltate leaves, red underside. This German cr
Begonia Erythrophylla Helix  $10.95  This is a sport of Begonia 'Erythrophylla'. Everything is exactly the same as with the old-fa
Begonia Euphrates  $9.95  Large smooth spiraled leaves bordered black, compact habit. Pink flowers. (Thompson)
Begonia Exotica  $11.95  Tapered olive-green leaves boldly banded metallic crimson. Deep pink flowers. Upright, arching stems
Begonia F M Donovan  $11.95  Tall sturdy upright cane to 2 feet or more. Very impressive. Leaves are very large up to 14 inches l
Begonia Faberge  $11.95  Compact growing upright, though could be trained to be taller. Medium to large medium green leaves w
Begonia Fairy Prince  $12.95  Slightly cupped irregular star shaped leaf. Leaf is dark green to bright green depending on light in
Begonia Fer-de-lance  $11.95  Low to medium growing rhizomatous. Leaves are medium to large bright green star-shaped with large sp
Begonia Firefade  $12.95  Medium leaved rhizomatous begonia. Roughly star shaped leaves, lobed with hairy serrated edge. Leave
Begonia Firewalker  $11.95  Dark bronze pointed leaves with silver spots. Flowers are profuse and very dark red, even in low lig
Begonia Firewater  $12.95  This is one of those begonias that isn't quite a mini rhizomatous but isn't a medium either, so it f

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