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This site link lists all plants in alphabetical order, including those currently out of stock or no longer offered. Descriptions have been shortened to load quickly. Single quote marks on varieties have been omitted to enable the alphabetical sorting of the plants. Click on links for full descriptions.


Hoya incurvula  $29.95  Many clusters of small pink and red flowers, light green leaves, wiry stems. This is a very easy gro
Hoya kanyakumariana  $29.95  Small closely set crisp wavy leaves, wiry stems. Fragrant white flowers with red centers.^family~Apo
Hoya kerrii  $29.95  Very thick large leaves are light green and perfectly heart-shaped with long twining stems. Clusters
Hoya kerrii Albomarginata  $29.95  Thick heart-shaped leaves edged and variegated creamy white with green centers. Clusters of creamy y
Hoya khoniana Eskimo  $29.95  Sweetly fragrant clusters of small white flowers. Heart-shaped small dark green leaves, splashed wit
Hoya lacunosa  $29.95  Sweetly fragrant clusters of yellow-centered white flowers. Small dark green glossy leaves, thin tra
Hoya lacunosa x obscura  $29.95  Abundant clusters of fragrant fuzzy light pink flowers. Small rosy bronze foliage. Compact, vigorous
Hoya lamingtoniae  $29.95  Clusters of burgundy flowers with delicate white fringe. Slim elliptic leaves, trailing stems. This
Hoya lanceolata ssp bella  $29.95  Clusters of waxy white, pink centered, fragrant flowers. Small pointed leaves closely set on semi-tr
Hoya lanceolata ssp bella Luis Bois  $29.95  Rare variegated form of Hoya bella. Clusters of waxy white, pink centered, fragrant flowers.
Hoya limoniaca  $29.95  Many clusters of yellow and cream flowers. Lightly veined medium sized oval leaves. New Caledonia.^f
Hoya macgillivrayii  $29.95  Clusters of giant 3 inch flowers of deep rose-maroon, large oval leaves. One of the most spectacular
Hoya Mathilde  $29.95  Small easy grower with nickel-sized dark green leaves, clusters of pink-centered white flowers. (
Hoya meliflua  $29.95  Very long oval leaves (up to 1 foot long). Round clusters of fuzzy pink flowers with deep rose cente
Hoya meredithii  $29.95  Large light green leaves veined dark green. Large cluster of yellow and white flowers shaded rose. V
Hoya mindorensis  $29.95  Oval leaves shaded red. Globe-shaped red flower clusters.^family~Apocynaceae
Hoya Minibelle  $29.95  Narrow dark green stringbean-shaped leaves. Globular clusters of fragrant pink flowers in profusion.
Hoya nicholsoniae  $29.95  Waxy oval leaves flushed red, prominent lighter veins, twining stems. Creamy yellow flowers.^family~
Hoya obovata  $29.95  Large thick round leaves splashed with silver. Fragrant globe-shaped flower clusters, light pink wit
Hoya obscura  $29.95  Glossy reddish leaves veined green. Clusters of fragrant salmon pink flowers. Compact habit.^family~
Hoya obscura Major  $29.95  Glossy reddish leaves veined green. Clusters of fragrant salmon pink flowers with larger darker red
Hoya odorata  $29.95  Clusters of very fragrant yellow-centered white star-shaped flowers, oval leaves, trailing.^family~A
Hoya paziae  $29.95  Large umbels of delightfully fragrant red centered white star-shaped flowers produced continuously a
Hoya pentaphlebia  $29.95  Large waxy round leaves shaded rosy bronze. Unusually shaped flowers are buttery yellow and have a d
Hoya plicata  $29.95  Many clusters of flowers shaded pink. Oval leaves with unusual raised veins. Malaysia.^family~Apocyn
Hoya polyneura  $29.95  Light green fishtail-shaped leaves with prominent dark green veins. Arching stems. Red centered, yel
Hoya pubicalyx Black Dragon  $29.95  Similar to Hoya pubicalyx 'Red Buttons', but flowers are darker, almost blackish. Nice contra
Hoya pubicalyx Red Buttons  $29.95  Similar to Hoya purpurea-fusca 'Silver Pink', with deep maroon-red and black flowers and more
Hoya purpurea fusca Fresno Beauty  $29.95  Clusters of very fragrant rose red flowers with pink centers. Elongated leaves shaded purple, splash
Hoya serpens  $29.95  Large clusters of creamy white fragrant flowers. Tiny dime sized leaves, trailing.^family~Apocynacea
Hoya shepherdii  $29.95  Very slender, stringbean-shaped dark green leaves, clusters of fragrant pink flowers.^family~Apocyna
Hoya subcalva  $29.95  Clusters of waxy pink flowers with fruity grape juice fragrance. Deep green smooth oval leaves. Fast
Hoya subquintuplinervis  $29.95  Clusters of fragrant ivory white flowers, pink centers. Medium sized thick fleshy leaves flushed pin
Hoya tsangii  $29.95  Small dusky rose oval leaves are edged maroon. Clusters of red flowers tipped yellow all year. Compa
Hoya wayettii  $29.95  Narrow boat-shaped leaves edged dark red. Rose-red flowers.^family~Apocynaceae
Hypoestes aristata  $9.95  This evergreen shrubby perennial, with erect stems holding soft green leaves, is covered with spikes
Impatiens arguta  $9.95  Lilac-blue flowered perennial native to Nepal. Said to be cold and heat tolerant. Dies back to the g
Impatiens grandis  $9.95  Large shrub to 5 feet with glossy green leaves. White flowers are 2 inches wide with red or purple m
Impatiens grandis Rosa  $9.95  Large shrub to 5 feet. Glossy leaves have a rosey tint. Rose-pink flowers are 2 inches wide with red
Impatiens hians  $9.95  Large unusually shaped red and green flowers with a broad green tail tipped red.^family~Balsaminacea
Impatiens irvingii  $9.95  Large shocking pink flowers, dark green foliage.^family~Balsaminaceae
Impatiens niamniamensis African Princess  $9.95  This one has clusters of cornucopia-shaped red and cream flowers produced all year on dark brown suc
Impatiens niamniamensis African Queen  $9.95  Clusters of ornately shaped orange-red and yellow 1 inch flowers are produced all year on dark brown
Impatiens niamniamensis Golden Cockatoo  $9.95  Clusters of ornately shaped orange-red and yellow 1 inch flowers are produced all year on dark brown
Impatiens repens  $9.95  A beautiful species with succulent creeping red stems, tiny leaves and 1½ inch bright yellow
Impatiens sodenii  $9.95  Large pale lilac flowers with whorls of dark green oblanceolate leaves. Sturdy grower in part or dee
Impatiens sodenii Flash  $10.95  An exciting form of the poor man's rhododendron with large 2½ inch white flowers with streaks
Impatiens sodenii Full Moon  $9.95  Beautiful Impatiens cultivar with very large 3 inch, pure white flowers. Grows 4 to 6 feet in
Impatiens sodenii La Vida Rosa  $12.95  A striking variety of Impatiens sodenii with large splash of rose color on pure white petals.
Impatiens sodenii Robert the Red  $11.95  This outstanding new hybrid has 3 inch rosy pink flowers on red stems. Leaves also have a reddish ti
Impatiens sodenii var uguenensis  $10.95  Another uncommon form of Impatiens sodenii with pure white flowers and a central eye of magen
Impatiens walleriana x usambarensis  $9.95  A hybrid between the common bedding plant, Impatiens walleriana, and Impatiens usambarensi
Impatiens x walleriana Blazing Fire  $9.95  Possible Impatiens walleriana 'Super Elfin Sunrise' x Impatiens usambarensis hybrid. D
Impatiens x walleriana Magenta Giant  $9.95  This impatiens is a tetraploid hybrid that does not produce seeds. Large growing, 4 to 5 feet, with
Iochroma australe  $10.95  A half-hardy shrub or small tree. Iochroma australe has small lilac blue pendant flowers prod
Iochroma australe Alba  $10.95  A white flowered form of the species.^family~Solanaceae
Iochroma Collection  $28.95  3 different; our choice (does not include Acnistus or Iochoma australe).^family~Solana
Iochroma Countess  $11.95  Iochroma 'Countess' is a new interspecies hybrid between Iochroma australe 'Alba' and
Iochroma cyaneum Indigo  $10.95  Large clusters of rich deep violet flowers are especially striking. Flowers produced continuously.^f
Iochroma cyaneum Royal Blue  $10.95  Bright deep blue flowers in extra large, full clusters. Always in bloom.^family~Solanaceae
Iochroma cyaneum Sky King  $10.95  Beautiful sky blue flowers in clusters.^family~Solanaceae
Iochroma Empress  $11.95  Iochroma 'Empress' is a new interspecies hybrid between Iochroma australe 'Alba' and
Iochroma Frosty Plum  $10.95  Similar to Iochroma 'Plum Beauty' but with an edge of white frosting to the large plum colore
Iochroma fuchsioides  $10.95  A beautiful and rare species with fiery red flowers in clusters and glossy green leaves. Lower growi
Iochroma grandiflora  $10.95  A beautiful species, with bright blue flowers, 3 inches long and flaring to 1 inch wide (the largest
Iochroma Plum Beauty  $10.95  Very large rosy purple flower clusters in abundance.^family~Solanaceae
Iochroma Princess  $11.95  Iochroma 'Princess' is a new interspecies hybrid between Iochroma australe 'Alba' and
Iochroma Purple Prince  $11.95  Iochroma 'Purple Prince' is another new interspecies hybrid between Iochroma australe
Iochroma Queen  $11.95  Iochroma 'Queen' is a new interspecies hybrid between Iochroma australe 'Alba' and
Iochroma Royalty  $11.95  Iochroma 'Royalty' is a new interspecies hybrid between Iochroma australe 'Alba' and
Iochroma Ruby Red  $11.95  Heavy clusters of ruby-red flowers adorn this beautiful hybrid, a chance seedling between Iochrom
Iochroma Sunset  $10.95  Large clusters of salmon orange to pink flowers all season long.^family~Solanaceae
Iochroma umbellata  $14.95  Rare Iochroma for the collector with greenish-yellow flowers mottled with purple and many-see
Iochroma White Knight  $11.95  Iochroma 'White Knight' is a new interspecies hybrid between Iochroma australe 'Alba'
Iochroma Wine Red  $10.95  Clusters of deep crimson flowers all season.^family~Solanaceae
Ipomoea horsfalliae  $14.95  A Jamaican native that bears clusters of flaring red tubular flowers in late winter and spring. Name
Ipomoea indica  $9.95  Large bright blue morning glory flowers changing to pink later in the day. Blooms all year. Vigorous
Iresine herbstii Blazin' Lime  $9.95  This tender tropical perennial from Brazil has striking lime green leaves, veins with cream variegat
Isoglossa grandiflora  $9.95  Small 1½ foot high tropical shrub with 1 inch lavender blue flowers on a spike-like infloresc
Jacobinia chrysostephana  $9.95  Large striking terminal crown-like clusters of brilliant golden apricot colored flowers. Leaves are
Jasminum angulare  $10.95  Star-shaped, fragrant 1 inch flowers in summer. Three-part dark green glossy leaves, vining stems.^f
Jasminum azoricum  $11.95  Dark green leaves divided into three leaflets with fragrant white flowers in summer to 10 feet. Azor
Jasminum beesianum  $10.95  Clusters of lightly fragrant pink flowers, vigorous climbing vine, hardy to 10F.^family~Oleaceae
Jasminum floridum  $10.95  Compact grower with sweetly scented small bright yellow flowers all year. Small dark green pinnate f
Jasminum floridum subsp giraldii  $10.95  A rare find from the Huntington Botanical Gardens. Dark green leaves with small yellow flowers in fa
Jasminum grandiflorum  $10.95  Showy clusters of very fragrant 1 to 1½ inch white flowers produced spring through fall. Smal
Jasminum humile Revolutum  $10.95  Clusters of fragrant bright yellow flowers in summer and fall. Very hardy evergreen shrub or small v
Jasminum laurifolium var laurifolium  $10.95  Powerfully fragrant 1 inch pinwheel-shaped flowers cover this famous plant in summer, fall and into
Jasminum mesnyi  $10.95  Bright yellow flowers in spring, small dark foliage. Excellent for cool greenhouse or outdoors in mi
Jasminum molle  $11.95  From Australia, a small bushy vining plant with simple ovate dark green small leaves and satin white
Jasminum multiflorum  $11.95  This is a beautiful evergreen vine with small dark green oval leaves covered with soft downy hairs.
Jasminum multiflorum Variegatum  $11.95  Beautiful evergreen vine, small variegated leaves, splashed creamy white. Clusters of white flowers.
Jasminum nudiflorum  $10.95  One inch yellow flowers appear before leaves unfold, January to March. Deciduous viny shrub, very ha
Jasminum officinale  $10.95  Clusters of fragrant 1 inch white flowers, compound leaves, twining. The flowers release their wonde
Jasminum polyanthum  $10.95  Absolutely spectacular for winter and spring bloom with dense clusters of starry white flowers compl
Jasminum polyanthum Variegata  $10.95  Spectacular for winter and spring bloom with dense clusters of starry white flowers completely cover
Jasminum sambac Grand Duke of Tuscany  $14.95  Perhaps the most widely cultivated jasmines in the world are the double and single forms of this spe
Jasminum simplicifolium subsp australiense  $10.95  Clusters of small waxy white flowers with a wonderful strong scent. Dark green glossy foliage.^famil
Jasminum simplicifolium subsp australiense Medio Picta  $10.95  A beautiful variegated evergreen climber. The center of the each leaflet is spotted with yellow. Fra
Jasminum simplicifolium subsp le-ratii  $10.95  Tender evergreen vine from New Caladonia. Shiny lanceolate leaves on thin green twining stems, heigh
Jasminum simplicifolium subsp suavissimum  $11.95  Fountain-shaped shrub to 5 feet with fragrant white flowers and narrow slender leaves. From Australi
Jasminum tortuosum  $10.95  Terminal clusters of starry white flowers with delightful citrus fragrance produced throughout the y
Jasminum x stephanense  $10.95  Covered with fragrant clusters of pastel pink flowers. Vigorous twining vine. 20F.^common~Hybrid Pin
Jatropha integerrima  $10.95  Clusters of scarlet red flowers all year. Variously shaped dark green leaves. Dwarf, spreading habit
Juanulloa mexicana  $13.95  This showy tropical is a rare vining shrub with plentiful flowers each lasting only a couple of days
Justicia adhatoda  $9.95  Evergreen tropical shrub to 8 feet high. White flowers have a curved upper lip and are veined red to
Justicia amplifolia  $9.95  With an abundance of flaming bright orange flowers, this unusual shrimp plant blooms continuously fr
Justicia aurea  $9.95  Flowering shrub from Brazil with extraordinary foot long terminal spikes of golden yellow flowers. G
Justicia betonica  $9.95  Bushy shrub, upright white bracts with green netting. White flowers turn pink with age.^family~Acant
Justicia brandegeana  $9.95  Continually in bloom with arching spikes of white tubular flowers overlapped by coppery bronze bract
Justicia brandegeana Mutant  $9.95  Erect spikes of deep burnished red bracts with deep pink lipped flowers.^common~Mutant Shrimp Plant^
Justicia brandegeana Pink  $9.95  A different form of the popular shrimp plant that has rosy pink floral bracts, and tubular pink flow
Justicia brandegeana Variegata  $9.95  This special form of the popular shrimp plant has leaves splashed creamy white, bronzy orange floral
Justicia brandegeana Yellow Queen  $9.95  This popular selection has chartreuse-yellow bracts and white flowers.^common~Yellow Queen Shrimp Pl
Justicia brasiliana  $9.95  A relative of the shrimp plant (Justicia brandegeana), this has clusters of beautiful bright
Justicia candicans  $9.95  This Arizona native has bright red tubular 1 inch flowers and oval light green fuzzy leaves. Blooms
Justicia carnea  $9.95  Dense soft-wooded shrub with showy terminal spikes of pink flowers. Grows 3 to 5 feet high and to 2
Justicia carnea Alba  $9.95  Pure white flower form of Justicia carnea. Dense soft-wooded shrub with showy terminal spikes
Justicia carnea Radiant  $9.95  A more compact Justicia carnea variety growing 3 to 4 feet high with striking salmon-rose pin
Justicia extensa  $9.95  Novel plant with dark green, shiny leaves spotted with ash-silver. Very small horned flowers green w
Justicia floribunda  $9.95  Yellow tipped orange flowers in great abundance during winter. Tiny leaves on this dwarf, rounded ev
Justicia Fruit Salad  $9.95  Red flowers with yellow bracts. Much showier than other shrimp plants.^common~(Syn.: Justicia
Justicia fulvicoma  $9.95  Crimson bracts with orange and scarlet flowers. Small leaves.^family~Acanthaceae
Justicia gendarussa  $9.95  Thought to be native to China, it is widely grown throughout Southeast Asia, India, and the Philippi
Justicia gendarussa Variegata  $9.95  A variegated leaf form of gandarusa with various shades of white, green, and gray. Otherwise, the in
Justicia leonardii  $9.95  With clusters of upright tubular orange flowers, this easy Mexican plant is attractive to hummingbir
Justicia petiolaris subsp bowiei  $9.95  Attractive 1 ft perennial with soft, velvety oval leaves and two-lipped pink-purple 1 inch flowers.
Justicia plumbaginifolia  $9.95  After many years, we finally found the botanical name for this beautiful Justicia. Very showy
Justicia scheidweileri  $9.95  Colorful purple flowers emerge from a waxy red spike. A compact growing plant to 10 inches high with
Justicia sericea Inca Queen  $9.95  This 3 foot shrub has dark green elliptic leaves with stems covered with silky hairs. Blooms in warm
Justicia spicigera  $9.95  Evergreen shrub with clusters of 1½ inch orange flowers from spring through fall. Grows 3 fee
Kalanchoe beauverdii  $9.95  This is a very unusual kalanchoe that is sure to attract attention. It's one of the few climbing spe
Kalanchoe manginii  $11.95  This succulent plant displays spoon-shaped glossy green fleshy leaves, turning reddish in full sun,
Kalanchoe pinnata  $9.95  This succulent plant is often sold to Hawaiian tourists as a souvenir oddity because of its ability
Kalanchoe porphyrocalyx  $11.95  Pearl Bells is a compact, bushy succulent growing up to 8 inches high with slender leaves that are r
Kalanchoe prolifera  $9.95  This interesting giant succulent from Madagascar grows 6 to 9 feet tall with its unbranched 1&frac12
Kalanchoe schizophylla  $11.95  This is a very curious kalanchoe, as it is one of the few climbing species along with Kalanchoe b
Kalanchoe uniflora  $19.95  This is an attractive trailing succulent plant with small fleshy scalloped leaves and an abundance o
Karomia tettensis  $12.95  New! This is a shrub or small tree with an upright bushy habit and small scalloped leaves. In warm m
Kigelia africana  $19.95  Rarely offered distinctive ornamental tree grown for its pendulous racemes of velvety maroon bell-sh
Kohleria Anns Facial Tattoo  $9.95  Clusters of rose and purple flowers boldly spotted purple.^family~Gesneriaceae
Kohleria Astarte  $9.95  Clusters of bright red flowers produced freely throughout the year. Compact habit, easy culture. (F,
Kohleria Cinnamon Toast  $9.95  Clusters of yellow flowers boldly spotted red with red limb. Compact grower.^family~Gesneriaceae
Kohleria Clown Prince  $9.95  Vigorous growing, with clear rose flowers heavily spotted with large deep rose dots on lower face of
Kohleria Collection  $26.95  3 different, our choice.^family~Gesneriaceae
Kohleria Jester  $9.95  Same habit as Kohleria 'Clown Prince', except the flowers are a lovely shade of amethyst viol
Kohleria Kerstin  $9.95  Deep red flowers in abundance. Green leaves with dark red reverse.^family~Gesneriaceae
Kohleria Lono  $9.95  Light green flower spotted purple with lavender tube, a most unusual color combination. Dark foliage
Kohleria Manchu  $9.95  Flowers dotted and bordered scarlet on creamy background. Compact, free flowering. (Worley) (F, B)^f
Kohleria Marquise De Sade  $9.95  Pink and white flowers with deep pink spots. Dark coppery foliage. (Boggan) (F, B)^family~Gesneriace
Kohleria Mothers Lipstick  $9.95  Purple flowers covered with orange hairs with green to white face spotted purple. (F, B)^family~Gesn
Kohleria Nicoles Smile  $9.95  Pink flowers dotted red. (Martens)^family~Gesneriaceae
Kohleria Peridots Tom Thumb  $9.95  Large rose flowers spotted and striped with dark pink with orange-red tubes. Medium green leaves on
Kohleria Queen Victoria  $9.95  Masses of deep pink flowers with red spots. Dark olive-green leaves. (Boggan) (F, B)^family~Gesneria
Kohleria Red Ryder  $9.95  Clusters of very large fiery red flowers with deeper red spots. Marbled foliage, compact. An outstan
Kohleria Rongo  $9.95  Free flowering rose pink flowers spotted deep rose, marbled foliage. Excellent. (Batcheller) (F, B)^
Kohleria Roundelay  $9.95  Very large flowers spotted rose-pink on a creamy white background, salmon red tube. Foliage netted d
Kohleria Ruby  $9.95  Free flowering with red flowers, lower petals white dotted red. Compact grower with nice very dark f
Kohleria Sunny  $9.95  Yellow flowers dotted red.^family~Gesneriaceae
Lantana camara Greg Grant  $9.95  Attractive variegated cream and green foliage with clusters of sulphur yellow flowers fading to pink
Ledebouria socialis  $9.95  This is an evergreen bulbous plant from South Africa with silvery leaves dotted with olive green spo
Leonotis leonurus  $9.95  This is an erect shrub with unusual fuzzy orange tubular flowers arranged in whorls, blooming from l
Louteridium mexicanum  $14.95  Unusual collector's plant with odd shaped 1½ to 2 inch pale green flowers with pale purple ve
Ludisia discolor var dawsoniana  $11.95  For foliage, as well as flower, said to be the most beautiful terrestrial orchid in the world. Exqui
Lycianthes rantonnetii - Blue Flower  $9.95  Bushy informal shrub covered in violet-blue 1" saucer-shaped flowers with yellow centers. Blooms nea
Lycianthes rantonnetii Lynns Variegated  $10.95  A rare white variegated form of the common potato bush. The purplish-blue flowers are in sharp contr
Lycianthes rantonnetii Royal Robe  $9.95  Very floriferous, over a long season, covered with 1" deep rich purple flowers. Small dark green ova
Lycianthes rantonnetii Royal Robe Variegata  $10.95  Striking leaves variegated with yellow and green in contrast with the solid purple flowers. Maybe so
Lysionotus pauciflorus  $9.95  Abundant clusters of lavender-blue slipper-shaped flowers with prominent lighter veins in the throat
Lysionotus pauciflorus var Ikedae  $9.95  Large pale blue nodding flowers. Whorls of notched oval leaves, compact. Easily grown in a moss line
Lysionotus Pudding  $11.95  Light buttery yellow flowers are produced in abundance on long stems held high above its bright waxy
Mackaya bella  $9.95  A beautiful shrub with slender branches bearing small dark green leaves, having mauve to white flowe
Macleania insignis  $14.95  Rare. Epiphytic vining shrub with long slender shoots, woody tuberous base with age. Leaves are redd
Malpighia coccigera  $9.95  Glossy green ½ inch holly-like leaves, compact growth, with ½ inch frilly pink fragran
Malpighia emarginata Manoa Sweet  $10.95  Berries produced by this shrubby hybrid are one of the best sources of vitamin C known, the source o
Malva Purisima  $11.95  This fast growing sprawling evergreen shrub produces an abundance of striking, tropical looking 3 in
Malvaviscus arboreus  $9.95  Sprawling evergreen shrub, related to Hibiscus, with pendant bell-shaped flowers. Part shade
Malvaviscus arboreus var mexicanus Alba  $9.95  Sprawling evergreen shrub, related to Hibiscus, with pendant white bell-shaped flowers. Easil
Malvaviscus arboreus var mexicanus Blush  $9.95  Sprawling evergreen shrub, related to Hibiscus, with pendant blush colored bell-shaped flower
Malvaviscus arboreus var mexicanus Red  $9.95  Sprawling evergreen shrub, related to Hibiscus, with pendant showy red bell-shaped flowers. E
Malvaviscus arboreus var mexicanus Rosea  $9.95  Sprawling evergreen shrub, related to Hibiscus, with pendant pink bell-shaped flowers. Easily
Manihot esculenta Variegata  $10.95  Deeply lobed leaves are beautifully variegated yellow, bordered green. Striking container plant or s
Manihot grahamii  $9.95  A small tropical tree growing quickly to 15 feet high with large, palmate lobed leaves. Easy to care
Mansoa difficilis  $10.95  Large clusters of bright lavender to purple trumpet-shaped flowers in summer and fall with glossy co
Mansoa hymenaea  $14.95  The "Garlic Vine" is a dense evergreen woody climber festooned with exquisite 3 inch purple trumpet-
Medinilla alata  $19.95  This striking new species shows off with translucent pale bluish white petals over burgundy calyxes
Medinilla cumingii  $19.95  Large pendant clusters of bright pink flowers followed by showy clusters of blue berries. Similar to
Medinilla magnifica  $23.95  One of the showiest tropical shrubs in the world, with spectacular 18 inch hanging clusters of brigh
Medinilla multiflora  $23.95  Panicles of pink flowers in summer and fall followed by pendant clusters of pink berries. Medium siz
Medinilla scortechinii  $19.95  Bright orange flowers with orange stems in panicles. Leathery dark green oval leaves on this low gro
Medinilla sedifolia  $18.95  A beautiful but little known species for terrarium or small hanging basket, this elegant rare plant
Megaskepasma erythrochlamys  $9.95  A magnificent herbaceous shrub with large ovate leaves and great erect heads of red bracts, white fl
Melianthus major  $10.95  Prized for its luxuriant bluish green serrated compound foliage. Deep crimson tubular flowers on ter
Melianthus minor  $10.95  Similar to Melianthus major but grows only half the size to 4 feet. Leaves are greener with d
Melodinus cochinchinensis  $11.95  Rare climbing vine from China, Vietnam with sweetly fragrant small tubular white flowers in large cl
Metarungia longistrobus  $9.95  Uncommon South African shrub with unusual candle-shaped spikes with burnt orange shrimp-like flowers
Monocostus uniflorus  $18.95  Smooth dark green leaves arranged in a spiral on 1 foot stems. Very large showy yellow crepe-like fl
Monolena primuliflora  $14.95  Satiny oval leaves arise from basal caudex. Pink begonia-like flowers on tall red stems. Rare, unusu
Monstera adansonii  $22.95  With its unusual leaf structure this is a very popular climbing houseplant. The leaves are about 6 i
Montanoa atriplicifolia  $10.95  Large woody vine with fragrant white daisy flowers in winter.^family~Asteraceae^common~(Syn.: Mon
Montanoa bipinnatifida  $10.95  Double white flowers with yellow center in winter. Large soft green deeply indented leaves. Grows to
Montanoa grandiflora  $10.95  Large white single flowers, yellow center with fragrance like freshly baked cookies. With large lobe
Montanoa leucantha  $10.95  Multi-stemmed shrub 5 to 20 feet high and wide. Slightly fragrant 1½ inch single white daisie
Nashia inaguensis  $9.95  A beautiful small shrub to 5 feet with miniature glossy leaves, which are used to add flavor to herb
Nematanthus albus (Santa Teresa)  $10.95  Unusually large white flowers with heavily spotted yellow throat, an adaption for pollination by tro
Nematanthus albus Serra Bonita  $10.95  Large translucent white flowers with throat brightly spotted yellow. Small soft downy leaves, traili
Nematanthus Apres  $9.95  Waxy deep red flowers, larger than most nematanthus. Glossy dark green leaves blotched deep red unde
Nematanthus Black Gold  $9.95  Deep gold flowers freely produced. Small purple-black glossy leaves. Compact, trailing. Easy to grow
Nematanthus brasiliensis  $10.95  Large bright yellow trumpet-shaped flowers with red streaks set of by a bright red calyx. They dangl
Nematanthus Carnival  $9.95  Large columnea-sized dangling red flowers tipped gold. Beautiful foliage deep red bordered green und
Nematanthus Castanet  $9.95  Dangling pink and orange striped flowers in profusion. Waxy green leaves boldly marked red underneat
Nematanthus Christmas Holly  $9.95  Bright red pouch-shaped flowers are produced freely. Small glossy deep green leaves. Dwarf, branchin
Nematanthus Collection  $26.95  3 different, our choice.^family~Gesneriaceae
Nematanthus corticola  $10.95  Clusters of large 1 inch bright scarlet-red flowers dangle on long thread-like stems beneath the glo
Nematanthus Dugny  $9.95  Large yellow flowers marked and striped red. Attractive dark glossy foliage shaded deep red. (F, B)^
Nematanthus Emma  $9.95  Miniature Goldfish Plant with tiny glossy green leaves and abundant yellow tipped orange flowers. (F
Nematanthus fissus  $9.95  Tall upright grower with unusual scarlet hairy flowers that are upside down with a long narrow corol
Nematanthus fritschii  $10.95  Showy dark green, 3 inch shiny leaves with a large red spot on the underside, which helps attract th
Nematanthus Glowing Embers  $9.95  Glossy green leaves with clusters of light orange flowers with reddish striping and dots radiating o
Nematanthus Green Magic  $9.95  Dangling red flowers tipped yellow. Glossy red backed dark green leaves. Free flowering. (Saylor) (F
Nematanthus gregarius  $9.95  Common name refers to the shape and color of the flower, somewhat resembling a gold fish. Easy to gr
Nematanthus gregarius Dibleys Gold  $9.95  Small dark green foliage with yellow centers. Orange flowers. (F, B)^family~Gesneriaceae
Nematanthus gregarius Golden West  $9.95  Small, glossy foliage beautifully variegated cream, yellow and light green, tinged pink. Orange flow
Nematanthus Hawaiian Jade  $9.95  Bright golden yellow flowers, small glossy foliage. Compact, always in bloom. (F, B)^family~Gesneria
Nematanthus Jason  $10.95  Clusters of dangling crimson flowers. Red blotch on underside of leaves, spreading, trailing stems.
Nematanthus Jungle Lights  $9.95  Orange-pink flowers tipped yellow. Small, glossy, dark purplish leaves. Compact, trailing. Fine dwar
Nematanthus Lemon Lime  $9.95  Dangling brilliant lemon yellow flowers, smooth bright green foliage. Cross of Nematanthus ('
Nematanthus Linda Jo  $9.95  Small glossy dark green leaves marked red under. Clusters of salmon red flowers tipped yellow. Compa
Nematanthus Orion  $10.95  Large dangling rose pink flowers with spotted throat. Large spreading habit with red blotch on under
Nematanthus Pele  $10.95  A very prolific bloomer erupting with bright yellow and orange flowers. Glossy green leaves on a com
Nematanthus Plum Pretty  $9.95  Large yellow dangling flowers finely dotted red with dark red calyces. Large deep green leaves, dark
Nephrolepis exaltata Elzevir  $9.95  Tiny, irregularly fringed fronds, dense, compact habit to 5 inches. This is the only fern cultivar t
Norantea guianensis  $29.95  Large vining shrub with thick glossy leaves. It produces long orange-red flower spikes with unusual
Ochna serrulata  $9.95  ^family~Ochnaceae
Odontonema callistachyum Lavender  $9.95  Fast growing large, showy evergreen shrub to 10 feet. Spikes of upright panicles of lavender tubular
Odontonema callistachyum Purple  $9.95  Fast growing large, showy evergreen shrub to 10 feet. Spikes of upright panicles of purple tubular f
Odontonema cuspidatum  $9.95  Large shrub with glossy green leaves and bright red flower spikes. Grows to 6 feet in sun to part sh
Ophiopogon planiscapus Nigrescens  $9.95  Distinctive purplish-black grassy leaves with small violet-white flowers, followed by globular bluis
Oplismenus hirtellus Variegatus  $9.95  This tropical grass is popular in hanging baskets with its tri-colored striped leaves in green, pink
Orthophytum Copper Penny  $14.95  This is a vintage Orthophytum bromeliad hybrid by Gary Hendrix of Homestead, Florida from aro
Oxera pulchella  $15.95  Large pendant waxy white trumpet-shaped flowers in winter. Vine with leathery leaves.^family~Lamiace
Oxypetalum coeruleum  $9.95  This charming Hoya relative is a twining subshrub with intense delphinium blue starry flowers
Pachira glabra  $24.95  A small evergreen tree, it makes an ideal potted indoor plant, bonsai, or outdoor specimen with a ca
Pachystachys lutea  $9.95  Candle-like terminal clusters of brilliant yellow bracts with white flowers. Plant in sunny location
Pachystachys spicata  $9.95  Large terminal clusters of brilliant red flowers, green bracts. Dark green elliptic leaves. Plant in
Paliavana prasinata  $10.95  An unusual gesneriad from southern Brazil. This evergreen shrub to 7 feet is closely related to S
Pandorea jasminoides Alba  $10.95  Beautiful white trumpet-shaped flowers blanket this vigorous, fast growing vine. It climbs by means
Pandorea jasminoides Pink Supreme  $10.95  Kartuz superior selection with large trumpet-shaped deep pink colored blossoms with rich green, glos
Pandorea jasminoides Variegata  $10.95  Large light pink trumpet-shaped flowers with a dark pink throat and attractive green and white varie
Passiflora actinia  $15.95  Beautiful flowers with blue and white corona in spring. Small oval leaves. Tolerates light frost.
Passiflora Adularia  $13.95  Compact grower with pink centered creamy yellow flowers. Always in bloom. Easy, good houseplant vari
Passiflora alata  $19.95  Huge fragrant flowers shaded red with large purple and red corona. This attractive vine has large ov
Passiflora allardii  $13.95  Large very fragrant pink and white flowers with dark violet blue corona, flowering most of the year.
Passiflora Anastasia  $15.95  Abundant large deep pink flowers with red centered white crown produced all season. Temperature tole
Passiflora arida  $13.95  Free flowering white flowers with rose pink centers. Small trilobed leaves. Drought resistant. Nativ
Passiflora atropurpurea  $13.95  Large showy deep rose pink flowers with white corona, deep purple center. Trilobed leaves. Flowers t
Passiflora Betty Myles Young  $13.95  Easy to grow, free flowering, produces edible fruit. Hardy down to 28F.
Passiflora Blue Bouquet  $13.95  Each flower comprises blue and white filaments surrounding a dark purple center over pale blue petal
Passiflora Blue Eyed Susan  $14.95  Large 4 inch fragrant frilly deep blue flowers in abundance all season long. Easy grower, vigorous.
Passiflora Byron Beauty  $13.95  Very showy with abundant large frilly white and blue fragrant flowers with deep blue center. Hardy t
Passiflora caerulea  $11.95  The old-fashioned passionflower. A vigorous grower, with 5-lobed leaves and lightly scented white fl
Passiflora caerulea Constance Elliott  $11.95  The finest white flowered selection of Passiflora caerulea, this is an extra vigorous plant a
Passiflora citrina  $13.95  Bright lemon yellow flowers all year on this small growing vine, making it ideal for indoor culture.
Passiflora Collection  $38.95  3 different, our choice:
Passiflora Coral Glow  $13.95  A profusion of showy 5 inch flowers of deep, rich coral red-pink completely cover the plant all year
Passiflora coriacea  $14.95  Distinctive with large elliptical double pointed dark green leaves, lightly mottled with light green
Passiflora Crimson Tears  $19.95  Numerous bright crimson red flowers with a red and white corona. Easy, vigorous.
Passiflora edulis  $13.95  Sweet purple-black fruits (the size of a large egg) are freely produced on this self-fertile vine du
Passiflora edulis flavicarpa  $13.95  The yellow fruited Passiflora edulis. Large tasty fruit.
Passiflora Elizabeth  $15.95  Spectacular large fragrant mauve blue flowers with blue crown. Glossy lobed leaves. 28F.
Passiflora exoniensis  $13.95  Large bright deep rosy pink flowers are produced throughout the year. Vigorous grower, prefers cool
Passiflora gabrielliana  $15.95  Clusters of very fragrant large red flowers with purple crown. Tolerates temperatures down to 40F. M
Passiflora herbertiana  $14.95  Flowers change from creamy yellow to salmon orange over a period of days. Narrow petaled flowers, lo
Passiflora holosericea  $15.95  This is a real eye-catcher with white petals and bright yellow filaments on a red base. Produces up
Passiflora incarnata  $13.95  Sweetly scented white flowers with lilac crown. Edible green or yellow fruit. This is the hardiest o
Passiflora Incense  $13.95  A beautiful hybrid of Paciflora incarnata and Passiflora cincinnata, this tropical loo
Passiflora Jeannette  $13.95  Large violet-blue and white flowers in abundance all season. Vigorous, easy. Similar to Passiflor
Passiflora kermesina  $19.95  Large bright rose pink reflexed flowers with violet crown. Small trilobed leaves on this rare and be
Passiflora kewensis  $13.95  Abundant large reflexed showy pink flowers with a white corona. Handsome leathery foliage. Hardy to
Passiflora Lady Margaret  $13.95  Large vibrant red flowers with white centers, dark red corona tipped white. Flowers in abundance all
Passiflora laurifolia  $15.95  Large flowers with purple corona and pale blue petals. Noted for its fragrant, sweet yellow fruit. T
Passiflora Lavender Lady  $13.95  Large violet-purple blooms throughout the year. Three lobed leaves. Hardy to 28F.
Passiflora ligularis  $14.95  Noted for its tasty fruit. White flowers shaded green with large purple and white corona. Heart-shap
Passiflora macrocarpa Warmlands  $19.95  Very large striking violet-blue flowers with a frilly purple and white corona. Huge fragrant fruit.
Passiflora maliformis  $19.95  Fragrant white flowers with large rosy purple corona. Delicious fruit readily produced on this self-
Passiflora Monika Fischer  $19.95  Large rosy violet flowers with prominent white corona tipped blue. Very free flowering. Hardy to 40

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