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This site link lists all plants in alphabetical order, including those currently out of stock or no longer offered. Descriptions have been shortened to load quickly. Single quote marks on varieties have been omitted to enable the alphabetical sorting of the plants. Click on links for full descriptions.


Begonia Flippant  $10.95  (Rex Begonia) Miniature rex begonia with small ruffled spiraled silvery leaves. Compact, self-branch
Begonia foliosa  $9.95  The fern begonia. Very tiny oval leaves, arching and trailing stems. Small starry white flowers. Bea
Begonia foliosa var miniata  $9.95  Deep coral-red flowers hang in clusters resembling fuchsias. Tiny dark green glossy leaves. Can be t
Begonia Fredas Folly  $10.95  Upright growing to 3 feet but can be shaped to any size. Very full growing and easy to grow. Leaves
Begonia Funhouse  $10.95  Medium growing rhizomatous. Medium sized lightly lobed spiraled fuzzy bright light green leaves. Eas
Begonia gardneri  $14.95  This is a thick stemmed species from Brazil with large green parted leaves. Grows 4 feet tall with s
Begonia Gartersnake  $11.95  Large growing rhizomatous. Large cupped, star-shaped dark green leaves with a spiral and dark brown
Begonia Gary Hunt  $10.95  Full and upright growing to 2 feet. Leaves are triangle-shaped, cupped and fuzzy, dark maroon-green
Begonia gehrtii  $10.95  Broad, glossy light green leaves with a distinctive bubbly texture. Compact, low growing. White flow
Begonia George Fewkes  $11.95  (Distinctive Foliage Rhizomatous Begonia) Red backed dark coppery round leaves, deep pink flowers pr
Begonia Giddy  $11.95  Low growing rhizomatous. Medium round pointed green leaves with brownish red spots and a lightly den
Begonia Gideon  $11.95  This interesting begonia is grown for its variegated leaves with green venation on a pale green back
Begonia Giggles  $11.95  Low growing rhizomatous. Medium sized spiral deeply lobed green leaves with a crinkled hairy edge. F
Begonia Ginny  $9.95  Narrow red backed coppery leaves, clusters of pink and white flowers all year. Compact, easy. (F, D)
Begonia glandulosa  $11.95  Elliptic leaves on short stems with small green-white flowers. Mexican species.^common~(Syn.: Beg
Begonia goegoensis  $11.95  (Distinctive Foliage Rhizomatous Begonia) Rare begonia with distinctive, large, heavily veined green
Begonia Golden Swallowtail  $10.95  We don't know how "new" this begonia is but it's new to Kartuz Greenhouses. We really like it. The l
Begonia Green Snowballs  $10.95  Large clusters of white flowers shaded green. Tapered leaves, upright habit.
Begonia Green Wings  $12.95  Begonia 'Green Wings' is a small easy to grow cane with dark olive green leaves. Leaves are a
Begonia Gypsy Maiden  $10.95  Large tapered leaves heavily suffused silvery pink. Light pink flowers. Upright, commanding stature.
Begonia Gypsy Rose  $9.95  (Cane-like Mallet Begonia) Low to medium growing mallet cane. Leaves are medium sized, textured dark
Begonia Halloween Treat  $12.95  Was formally named 'Halloween' but we found there was already a B. 'Halloween' so it was chan
Begonia Hallows' Eve  $12.95  Shallow lobed star leaf with serrated, sparsely hairy edge. Surface of leaf is also sparsely hairy.
Begonia Harmony's Stormy Sunset  $12.95  This charming rhizomatous begonia, a sport of Begonia 'Passing Storm', has tear shaped leaves
Begonia Hee Haw  $11.95  Low growing rhizomatous. Has medium sized deeply lobed light green leaves with variable reddish spot
Begonia herbacea  $13.95  (Distinctive Foliage Rhizomatous Begonia) Glossy lance-shaped leaves with wavy margins. White flower
Begonia Hotspot  $12.95  This is like the unruly monster version of Michael Kartuz's Begonia 'Vivaldi'. While it share
Begonia Hugh McLaughlin  $11.95  (Rex Begonia) Upright tapered leaves flushed pink with silver markings. Compact, dwarf habit. Mildew
Begonia Humerous  $11.95  Low growing rhizomatous. Has dark brown satiny medium sized leaves that are undulated with an angula
Begonia hydrocotylifolia  $9.95  Low growing compact rhizomatous species. Leaves are small, very fleshy with waxy round leaves that a
Begonia Hyroglyphics  $10.95  (Yes, that isn't the normal spelling.) Double spiraled slightly cupped medium sized green leaves wit
Begonia In Stitches  $11.95  Low to medium growing rhizomatous. Leaves are medium sized with medium green star-shaped leaves with
Begonia Indian Summer  $12.95  Medium leaved rhizomatous. It's very hard to get a perfect image since the velvety sheen to the leaf
Begonia integerrima  $9.95  (Trailing-scandent Begonia) Clusters of red centered, white flowers with intense plum-blossom fragra
Begonia Ionic  $9.95  Extra big clusters of large, deep salmon flowers. Wavy, satiny leaves, compact. Delightfully scented
Begonia Iris Bird  $11.95  Low sprawling rhizomatous. Leaves are medium sized cupped deeply cleft double spirals held upright o
Begonia Irish Coffee  $12.95  Small leaved rhizomatous begonia. Gets its name from its coloring, not the beverage, since it's basi
Begonia Jagged Edge  $9.95  Low growing rhizomatous. Leaves are upright cleft fans with spirals and a serrated edge. Leaves are
Begonia jairii  $9.95  Probably can be grown to be large but is easily maintained and kept to a small size. Considered by s
Begonia Janet Brown  $11.95  Sturdy upright grower to 2 feet. Large cleft brown and green leaves. Although plainer coloring, stil
Begonia Jealous Zebra  $11.95  Medium sized bright green star leaves with reddish brown to black stripes and a serrated hairy edgin
Begonia Jeanne Jones  $10.95  Many clusters of large pink flowers. Deeply cut satiny black leaves, silver spotted, red backed. (Th
Begonia Jim Jaeger  $12.95  This recently released begonia has roughly star-shaped medium-sized leaves that are multicolored, al
Begonia John Ingles  $11.95  Tall upright growing cane 2 to 3 feet. Leaves are long narrow superba-lobed leaves that are silvery
Begonia Josephine  $10.95  Clusters of large translucent pink flowers are held above the foliage. Wavy silver spotted leaves, c
Begonia Joust  $11.95  Medium growing rhizomatous. Medium to large, cupped deeply cleft and spiraled leaves held upright, v
Begonia Jumbo Jet  $10.95  Immense clusters of huge pink flowers, the largest in its class. Coppery leaves. Great variety. Supe
Begonia Just Dandy  $12.95  Medium to large growing. Medium sized leaves live up to its name and vary in shades of reds, oranges
Begonia Kecemen  $10.95  This cane has bronze leaves with silver spots. The leaves are medium sized and have a ruffled edge.
Begonia King Me  $12.95  Medium leaved rhizomatous begonia. Bright green leaves with so many nearly red checks that some leav
Begonia King Tut  $11.95  Low growing rhizomatous. Has medium sized medium green lobed leaves with black markings and edge tha
Begonia Kingsbury  $10.95  Medium to large sized angular-shaped leaves with red hairs on margin. Leaves are a pale gray-green c
Begonia kisuluana  $10.95  (Trailing-scandent African Begonia) Small oval leathery leaves, red center vein. White flowers tippe
Begonia Kit Jeans Mounger  $10.95  Large deeply cut spiraled bronzy textured leaves. Unusual lime-green flowers.
Begonia Kula  $10.95  Large lobed waxy green leaves with pronounced black edge. Tall clusters of light pink flowers. Simil
Begonia Lady Corby  $12.95  This is a tall growing cane with medium sized superba type leaves that are bronze and streaked with
Begonia Lady Hoskins  $10.95  Large upright growing cane to 3 feet, but can be pruned to a smaller size. Leaves are cupped, medium
Begonia Lady Katsu  $11.95  Upright growing, full and compact, 18 to 24 inches. Long narrow cupped dark green leaves with silver
Begonia Lady Lenert  $11.95  Medium to tall growing superba cane with large cleft cupped and serrated leaves. Leaves are dark gre
Begonia Lady Lois  $9.95  Low growing upright cane with medium sized bright green leaves with silver green markings and a brig
Begonia Lady Louise K  $11.95  Upright large growing superba-type cane. Can grow very tall but can be kept to 2 feet tall. Leaves a
Begonia Lady McElderry  $11.95  Medium growing superba-type cane. Has deeply cleft leaves that are very dark bronze with silver spot
Begonia Lady Orange  $11.95  Low to medium growing upright cane. Nearly a superba type, but not quite as tall or large leaved. Le
Begonia Lana  $9.95  Profuse clusters of rose-red flowers. Dark green lobed leaves are heavily splashed silver. Superba.
Begonia lanceolata  $13.95  (Distinctive Foliage Rhizomatous Begonia) Narrow lance-shaped leaves arise directly from a creeping
Begonia Last Tango  $9.95  Sprawling upright plant to 2 feet. Small dark green oval leaves that come to a point. Profuse flower
Begonia Laughter  $11.95  Medium sized lobed bright green leaves with large chocolate chip markings. Stays very compact with t
Begonia Lazy Susan  $10.95  Low growing cane with lazy trailing stems that makes a great basket or low growing potted plant or w
Begonia Leprechaun  $9.95  (Miniature Rhizomatous Begonia) Small ruffled spiraled leaves light green leaves, dark chocolate-gre
Begonia Leprechaun Envy  $12.95  Medium leaved rhizomatous begonia. Gets its name from the fact that it's a little more green and a l
Begonia Leprechaun's Kiss  $12.95  Begonia 'Leprechaun's Kiss' has roughly heart shaped double spiral leaves. Leaves start out a
Begonia leprosa  $10.95  Round apple green leaves with clusters of delicately fragrant white flowers. Compact rhizomatous beg
Begonia letestui  $10.95  (Trailing-scandent African Begonia) Small leathery red veined oval leaves, compact. Profuse clusters
Begonia Liberty  $11.95  Low to medium growing cane. Leaves are cupped, long and narrow with a lobed and dentated edge. Leave
Begonia Little Alabaster  $10.95  Low, full growing compact cane. The small glossy dark olive leaves cup and overlap. Flowers are a cl
Begonia Little Antique White  $10.95  Similar to Begonia 'Emerald Glow' but smaller growing and smaller leaves. Very compact and fu
Begonia Little Frosty  $11.95  Low growing shrub of mixed parentage, could be considered a mallet. Leaves are small and cupped with
Begonia Little Miss Mary  $11.95  Upright cane 1 to 2 feet tall under normal conditions. Mediums sized superba leaves that are dark br
Begonia Little Miss Mummey  $10.95  Glossy black serrated leaves spotted white. Beautiful branching compact plant, white flowers. (Thomp
Begonia Little Miss Sherri  $12.95  This is a miniature cane-like begonia with small dark green leaves dotted with white spots and small
Begonia Little Night Music  $9.95  (Miniature Rhizomatous Begonia) Small midnight black leaves, eyelash edges, light pink flowers. Smal
Begonia Little Red Eye  $11.95  Reintroduction of this small growing cane. Small bright green leaves that are deeply lobed with gree
Begonia Little Symphony  $12.95  The small to medium-sized leaves are of a dark orange to reddish brown tone with slightly recurved e
Begonia Lomita Lady  $11.95  This cane is a real show stopper and one of the few everblooming superba-type canes. It is low to me
Begonia Lomita Lass  $11.95  Low growing cane. Little sister to Begonia 'Lomita Lady'. Leaves are much smaller dark green
Begonia Looking Glass  $12.95  Leaves of stunning metallic silver, veins penciled in deep green, with deep burgundy-red back. Pink
Begonia Lovely Louise  $10.95  Compact growing upright cane. Medium sized long narrow, dark green (nearly black) leaves with lobed
Begonia luxurians  $11.95  Palmate leaves divided into slender fingers. Clusters of small, fragrant white flowers. Tall, regal,
Begonia maculata  $19.95  Pristine white flowers. Tapered olive-green leaves boldly spotted white. Beautiful, distinctive spec
Begonia Madame Coulat  $10.95  Many clusters of red flowers on a compact, branching plant. Satiny black leaves, always in bloom. (T
Begonia Madame McCooey  $12.95  This begonia came close to getting the name B. 'Screwy McCooey' because of all the curls and
Begonia Madame O'Reilly  $11.95  Medium growing rhizomatous. Leaves are medium sized, dark burgundy to red depending on season with h
Begonia Madame Queen  $11.95  Large glossy, coppery leaves, deeply ruffled and frilled, red reverse. Prominent light green veins r
Begonia Madame Rarick  $12.95  A medium leaved rhizomatous begonia. Depending on light conditions, B. 'Madame Rarick' can be
Begonia Magdalene Madsen  $9.95  Begonia listada hybrid with nearly perfect listada green stripe down the center of the leaf.
Begonia Magic Spell  $11.95  Medium growing rhizomatous. Leaves are medium sized, most leaves being solid silvery white with gree
Begonia Margaret P Holmes  $9.95  (Cane-like Mallet Begonia) Rounded dark purple-rose leaves, deep red under. Medium pink flowers. (Wo
Begonia Margaret Thompson  $10.95  Upright growing compact cane with dark bronze leaves that are long and narrow with a serrated and lo
Begonia Margaritacea  $9.95  (Cane-like Mallet Begonia) Metallic rose leaves, red under. Bright pink flowers are produced liberal
Begonia Marias Revenge  $11.95  Low growing rhizomatous. Small to medium sized, round pointed green leaves with brownish red spots.
Begonia Marmaduke  $9.95  Large bubbly leaves splashed copper and gold. Tall sprays of pink flowers. (F, W)
Begonia Martin's Mystery  $9.95  (Trailing-scandent Begonia) Smooth, rounded pink leaves, deep red underneath, light pink flowers are
Begonia Mary Sakamoto  $11.95  Alfred D. Robinson Medal winner. Upright growing to 2 feet. Large oval bright green fan leaves with
Begonia masoniana  $19.95  (Distinctive Foliage Rhizomatous Begonia) Large textured light green leaves with distinctive chocola
Begonia Master Mark  $10.95  Large growing upright cane with medium sized, narrow slightly cupped leaves. Leaves have a lobed ser
Begonia Maurice Amey  $9.95  (Cane-like Mallet Begonia) Lovely tapered red backed dark coppery leaves dotted silvery pink. Cluste
Begonia Mello Yellow  $12.95  First truly yellow cane begonia. Low growing, with bright green leaves which sometimes show darker m
Begonia Merlin  $11.95  (Rex Begonia) Tiny, fancifully spiraled, deeply cut leaves (no two alike) metallic red, pink and sil
Begonia microsperma  $14.95  (Yellow-flowered African Begonia) Round bubbly textured bright green leaves, chrome-yellow flowers,
Begonia Midnight Sun  $11.95  Fantastically variegated foliage, bright pink and forest-green. Compact. New leaves are as colorful
Begonia Mini Orange County  $10.95  This cane has small olive-green leaves and is one of the best orange flowered canes. Everblooming wi
Begonia Mirage  $9.95  Medium sized leaves of milky silver flushed pink, maturing to silver. Sturdy, subtle beauty. Light p
Begonia Miss Janet  $9.95  Low to medium growing cane. Has dark medium sized rounded leaves with a blunt point and small silver
Begonia Miss Julie  $11.95  Small growing with bright green serrated cupped leaves. Very full growing. Blooms profusely with bri
Begonia Mo Reese  $9.95  Satiny black spiraled wavy leaves, with contrasting red on the underside. Compact grower. Deep salmo
Begonia molleri  $9.95  (Trailing-scandent African Begonia) This trailing fibrous-rooted begonia has dark green leathery lea
Begonia Morocco  $9.95  Textured verdant leaves shaded and edged red, plush red under. Clusters of white flowers. Sturdy, ex
Begonia Morris Mueller  $12.95  Medium growing rhizomatous with bright green leaves with strong reddish brown to nearly black markin
Begonia Mothers Day  $11.95  (Rex Begonia) Introducing a new Kartuz rex begonia hybrid. Brightly colored pink and white with dist
Begonia moysesii  $19.95  Similar to Begonia gehrtii, but with darker green leaves and red color on the underside. Broa
Begonia Mr Hunt  $11.95  Upright but full growing to 2 feet on sturdy stems. Leaves get large, even on a small plant. Awesome
Begonia Mr Meyer  $11.95  Medium to tall growing upright jointed rhizomatous. Deeply cleft medium sized satiny dark green leav
Begonia Mrs Fred T Scripps  $10.95  Large growing shrub hybrid. Very tall and large growing with large fingered leaves of medium green a
Begonia Mrs Miller  $10.95  Low growing cane. Full growing compact plant with bronze ruffled leaves with silver spots. Profuse b
Begonia Mrs Ruth Pease  $10.95  Rhizomatous begonia with dark reddish black leaves with hairy edge. Leaves are double spiraled cuppe
Begonia Mumtaz  $10.95  (Distinctive Foliage Rhizomatous Begonia) Large textured round coppery, red backed leaves, pink flow
Begonia Night Eyes  $12.95  Its small to medium leaves go through color changes with the seasons from tawny brown with faint mar
Begonia Nonsense  $10.95  Medium to large growing rhizomatous. Medium sized, rounded, scalloped double spiral leaves, bright g
Begonia O Flahertys Folly  $10.95  Medium to tall growing shrub begonia. Leaves are small to medium sized bright green long and narrow
Begonia Oleta  $9.95  Deeply cut forest-green leaves, ending in light green spiral. Prominent white hairs on leaf edges an
Begonia Olive Garden  $11.95  Low to medium growing, long narrow olive medium sized green leaves with lightly serrated edge. Profu
Begonia Orange County  $10.95  Medium growing upright cane. Leaves are oval with a scalloped edge and blunted point. Leaves are dar
Begonia Orococo  $9.95  (Trailing-scandent Begonia) Textured ivy-shaped leaves of great substance, green-gold, shaded and ed
Begonia paleata  $9.95  Low growing Brazilian species with large round apple green leaves and white flowers. The vibrant lea
Begonia Palomar Crest  $11.95  Large glossy apple green leaves curled and crested. Tall sprays of light pink flowers in spring. Com
Begonia Palomar Pirate  $9.95  Slim glossy textured red backed leaves, white flowers. Sturdy, easy. (Kartuz)
Begonia Palomar Prince  $10.95  Double spiraled deeply cut leaves splashed and shaded copper and green. Pink flowers. (Kartuz) (F, D
Begonia Palomar Shadows  $9.95  Double spiraled leaves shaded dark green along main veins. Compact, pink flowers. (Kartuz) (F, D, W)
Begonia Palomar Storm  $10.95  Slim, dark green glossy leaves with bubbly texture, red undersides. White flowers in summer held abo
Begonia Palomar Sunset  $12.95  (Miniature Rhizomatous Begonia) Miniature to small growing compact rhizomatous begonia. Leaves are a
Begonia Palomar Whirlwind  $9.95  Medium sized dark double spiraled leaves radiating lighter green along main veins. Compact, pink flo
Begonia Paper Snowflakes  $11.95  Upright growing to 2 feet. Large deeply lobed bright green leaves with irregular-shaped large white
Begonia Pastel Princess  $10.95  Upright growing to 3 feet but can be shaped to any size. Grows very full at any size. Specimen plant
Begonia Patriot Games  $10.95  Clusters of bright pink flowers, very dark green deeply cut superba-type foliage. (Thompson)
Begonia Patti Thompson  $9.95  Reintroduction of this small leaved cane with cleft bright green leaves and strong silver spots. Flo
Begonia Paul Hernandez  $10.95  An awesome fast growing plant, which might be the largest growing begonia. Can grow to 8 feet high b
Begonia paulensis  $11.95  Large glossy light green peltate leaves with a distinctive concentric pleated texture. White flowers
Begonia Peppermint Princess  $10.95  Small to medium growing upright with dark green leaves and small white spots. Flower clusters are la
Begonia Peppermint Sabers  $10.95  Low to medium growing upright cane. Leaves are dark glossy green, medium long and narrow with a deep
Begonia Peter Piper  $12.95  Medium growing rhizomatous. Medium sized cupped leaves that always stay some shade of orange. Always
Begonia Peter Sharp  $11.95  This compact growing medium leaved rhizomatous is one of the few begonias created by renowned Austra
Begonia Phoes Cleo  $9.95  Bright green star-shaped leaves, pencilled brown on edges. Very compact. Pink flowers. (F, D, W)
Begonia Pink Minx  $10.95  Deeply lobed red backed leaves splashed silver and pink. Clusters of pink flowers throughout the sea
Begonia Pink Sabers  $10.95  Low to medium growing upright cane. Leaves are medium green, medium sized long and narrow with denta
Begonia Pink Surprise  $9.95  (Miniature Rhizomatous Begonia) The leaves on this miniature plant are silvery pink edged dark green
Begonia Pink Taffeta  $10.95  Low to medium growing superba-type cane. Nearly a perfect plant. Leaves are medium sized, lobed, and
Begonia Pintura  $10.95  Very compact miniature with small dark green leaves dotted white. Rose pink flowers held above the f
Begonia Pixie Queen  $12.95  Small to medium growing rhizomatous begonia. Crisp bright green leaves with various dark brown, silv
Begonia Pixie's Reward  $10.95  Low growing upright stemmed rhizomatous. Small to medium sized maple shaped green leaf with serrated
Begonia Pizzaz  $10.95  (Rex Begonia) Colorful, compact, almost miniature, rex begonia. (Mabel Corwin hybrid)Brad Th
Begonia polygonoides  $9.95  (Trailing-scandent African Begonia) Small glossy narrow tapered leaves, trailing stems. White flower
Begonia Precious Patti  $9.95  Low growing rhizomatous. Small rounded fuzzy leaves with a black stitched edge and point. Stays smal
Begonia prismatocarpa  $10.95  (Yellow-flowered African Begonia) Low, compact miniature jewel. Brilliant yellow and orange flowers,
Begonia Puff Adder  $11.95  Medium to large growing rhizomatous. Large wide cupped double spiraled and lobed fuzzy dark green le
Begonia Python  $10.95  Medium growing rhizomatous. Medium star leaves on sturdy petioles. Leaves are nearly black stars wit
Begonia quadrialata  $14.95  (Yellow-flowered African Begonia) Yellow flowers striped red on upper petals. Round satiny light gre
Begonia quadrialata subsp nimbaensis  $14.95  (Yellow-flowered African Begonia) Teardrop-shaped leaves, soft green, elegantly veined reddish brown
Begonia Red Charm  $9.95  Semperflorens. A variation of Begonia 'Charm'. Same habits and traits as Begonia 'Char
Begonia Red Doll  $9.95  (Miniature Rhizomatous Begonia) Small leaves beautifully marbled coppery red and chestnut. Pink flow
Begonia Red Tiger  $12.95  It was named for its color and it's a little unruly, like a tiger, but in a good way. It has dark re
Begonia reniformis  $12.95  This is an impressive thick-stemmed tree-like Begonia from Brazil. It has huge glossy dark green lea
Begonia Rex Hybrid  $9.95  (Rex Begonia) Our own named or unnamed hybrids of the standard size rex begonia - our choice.
Begonia Rhizomatous Collection  $28.95  3 different Rhizomatous Begonias, our choice:
Begonia Rhizomatous Miniature Collection  $28.95  3 different Miniature Rhizomatous Begonias, our choice.
Begonia Ring of Fire  $11.95  (Rex Begonia) Sturdy, colorful, banded red and silver. (Kartuz)
Begonia River Nile  $9.95  Beautiful smooth spiraled light green leaves bordered black. Pink flowers, compact. One of the Egypt
Begonia Robert Golden  $11.95  Low to medium growing upright jointed rhizomatous. Leaves are mostly red with dark green, silver and
Begonia Robert Shatzer  $9.95  (Miniature Rhizomatous Begonia) Small leaves patterned black and green, pink flowers. (F, D, W,)
Begonia Rosa Andres  $12.95  Small to medium-sized full growing plant that makes a splendid specimen. The image doesn't do it jus
Begonia Rosalie  $12.95  Roundish cupped leaf with very nice double spirals. Leaf is usually reddish bronze with green in the
Begonia Rose Daggers  $11.95  Upright growing cane to 2 feet. Long narrow superba-type dark maroon leaves with light silver spots.
Begonia Royal Lustre  $9.95  (Miniature Rhizomatous Begonia) Tiny leaves, lustrous silver purple and green. White flowers. Unusua
Begonia rubriflora  $11.95  This lovely species is noted for its deep orange flowers and dark green tapered leaves. Flowers prod
Begonia Ruby Tears  $9.95  Medium growing upright to 2 feet. Full growing with dark green oval leaves with light dentation on t
Begonia San Pebbles  $11.95  Mallet-type hybrid with rosy bronze leaves with silver spots and red stems. Flowers are dark pink. E
Begonia Sands of Arabia  $9.95  (Cane-like Mallet Begonia) Tapered dark coppery leaves finely dotted pink. Pink flowers. (Thompson)
Begonia Satin Jazz  $11.95  (Rex Begonia) New Kartuz rex begonia with iridescent pink leaves, dark veins, fluted edges. Full, co
Begonia scapigera  $14.95  (Yellow-flowered African Begonia) Smooth, round, bright green leaves edged red. Clusters of bright y
Begonia scutifolia  $11.95  (Yellow-flowered African Begonia) Bright green teardrop leaves with red stems, yellow flowers. Nativ
Begonia sericoneura  $10.95  Large, easy grower with round, apple green leaves with red sinus at base. Upright rhizomatous type,
Begonia Shaun Henthorne  $11.95  (Rex Begonia) New Kartuz rex begonia with large spiraled leaves banded purple and silver. Outstandin
Begonia Sherri Rose  $11.95  Superba type cane with medium sized long narrow bronze leaves with evenly spaced small white spots o
Begonia Shrub-like Collection  $28.95  3 different, our choice.
Begonia Sierra Gentle Rain  $10.95  Small deeply lobed dark green leaves splashed silver. Clusters of light pink flowers in abundance. (
Begonia Sierra Green Butterfly  $9.95  Ruffled, fluted, double spiraled verdant green leaves with red stems. Nice compact habit. Pink flowe
Begonia Sierra Silver Moon  $9.95  Red backed pearly silver spiraled leaves, light pink flowers. (Bishop) (F, D, W)
Begonia Sierra Silver Rose  $9.95  Red backed dusky rose star-shaped leaves sprinkled silver. Pink flowers. (Bishop) (F, D, W)
Begonia Silver Darling  $11.95  Mallet-type hybrid with large light green leaves with white spots. Pink flowers. Very vigorous and e
Begonia Silvermist  $9.95  Great clusters of light pink flowers. Wavy, lobed leaves heavily splashed silver. Tall superba-type.
Begonia Sinbad  $9.95  (Shrub-like Begonia) Small leaves densely spotted silver, pink flowers all year.
Begonia Sincerity  $11.95  Low to medium growing upright cane. Large rounded green leaves with silver sprinkles and serrated ed
Begonia Snow Capped  $9.95  Leaves are covered with a blizzard of silvery white spots. Clusters of bright red flowers. (F,D)
Begonia Snow Palace  $11.95  Hybrid between a cane and a shrub begonia, grows like a shrub but has white-silver cane leaves. Leav
Begonia solimutata  $10.95  (Distinctive Foliage Rhizomatous Begonia) Dark coppery textured leaves with silvery green stripes ra
Begonia Special Collection of 3  $28.95  If you can't make up your mind of what begonias to order, these collections offer a wide selecti
Begonia Special Collection of 6  $50.95  Our choice of 6 different begonias from different groups.
Begonia Sphinx  $10.95  Low to medium growing rhizomatous. The smallest of the Egyptian series, it has small to medium sized
Begonia Spindrift  $11.95  Spiraled and ruffled creamy pink leaves with prominent dark veins. Compact, beautiful. (F, B, D)
Begonia Spitting Cobra  $11.95  Medium to large growing rhizomatous. Large double spiral medium green leaves with black markings and
Begonia staudtii  $14.95  (Yellow-flowered African Begonia) Large round light green textured leaves, bright yellow flowers str
Begonia Stormy Night  $11.95  Low to medium growing rhizomatous. One of the blackest of all begonias, it's really black in all lig
Begonia Summer King  $11.95  Medium sized leaves are silver streaked and have a scalloped lobed edge. Profuse large dark pink flo
Begonia Summer Queen  $11.95  Upright large growing superba-type cane. Can grow very tall but can be kept to 2 feet tall. Leaves a
Begonia Summerland Sands  $9.95  Mallet-type hybrid with rosy bronze leaves with silver spots and red stems. Flowers are dark pink. E
Begonia Sunny Bunny  $12.95  Medium growing rhizomatous. Medium yellow/green leaves with dark brown markings. Compact and easy to
Begonia Sunshower  $11.95  (Trailing-scandent Begonia) Clusters of clear yellow flowers with a deep red eye adorn this beautifu
Begonia Suspicion  $11.95  Medium to tall, very sturdy and clean growing superba cane. Leaves are dark bronze lobed and serrate
Begonia Tall Cane Collection  $28.95  3 different, our choice, tall varieties.
Begonia Tangier  $9.95  (Trailing-scandent Begonia) Abundant clusters of coral-red flowers. Small dark green wavy leaves. Ma
Begonia Tempest  $10.95  (Rex Begonia) Tiny deeply lobed and spiraled leaves of metallic red and black. A glowing miniature j
Begonia Thelma O'Reilly  $11.95  Low to medium growing rhizomatous. Leaves are medium sized, bright green with dark brown spots and s
Begonia Thrill Seeker  $11.95  A medium to tall growing superba-type cane with long bronze leaves that have a wavy deeply cut saw t
Begonia Thurstonii  $18.95  A true heirloom begonia created in 1887. A large growing shrub with medium sized metallic olive gree
Begonia Tinkerbell  $10.95  Semperflorum shrub-type begonia. Bears some resemblance to Begonia fischeri but is actually a
Begonia Tiny Gem  $9.95  (Trailing-scandent Begonia) Miniature trailer with constant clusters of deep pink flowers. Small, cr
Begonia Tom Ment  $9.95  Low growing cane with small bronze leaves with large silver spots. Blooms well with dark salmon to c
Begonia Toms Fantasy  $9.95  Always covered with orange flowers. Small wavy silver spotted leaves, compact, great in hanging bask
Begonia U076 (polilloensis)  $11.95  Possibly one of the most unusual of all begonias. Small, deeply divided, fern-like leaves, red stems
Begonia U508  $12.95  (Distinctive Foliage Rhizomatous Begonia) Attractive steel gray tapered leaves, deep burgundy red un
Begonia U604  $13.95  (Distinctive Foliage Rhizomatous Begonia) Tapered dark green leaves splashed silver, red underneath.
Begonia Unconventional  $10.95  Medium sized cupped star leaves with serrated edge that are bright green with black stitching on the
Begonia undulata  $10.95  Glossy green oblong-lanceolate leaves with undulating margins and crisp white pendulous flowers. Ere
Begonia valida  $9.95  Large growing large leaved thick-stemmed begonia. For those unfamiliar with the term, thick-stemmed
Begonia Vanessa  $11.95  (Rex Begonia) New Kartuz rex begonia with large beautiful spiraled silvery white leaves flushed pink
Begonia vankerckhovenii  $19.95  (Yellow-flowered African Begonia) Micro-miniature species with small bright green teardrop leaves, r
Begonia velloziana  $13.95  (Distinctive Foliage Rhizomatous Begonia) Lance-shaped leaves similar to Begonia herbacea, sl
Begonia Venona  $9.95  Red flowers, dark green red backed silver spotted leaves. Compact, upright.
Begonia venosa  $9.95  White flowers with wonderful spicy fragrance. Thick, succulent leaves are covered with white scurf.
Begonia versicolor  $14.95  (Distinctive Foliage Rhizomatous Begonia) Round velvety plush leaves, red veins radiating from cente
Begonia Very Verde  $12.95  The leaves of this begonia are of ordinary shape and average size, but what stands out about them is
Begonia Victorian  $11.95  (Rex Begonia) Elegant spiraled silvery rose leaf, broadly edged purple with pink dots. (Kartuz)
Begonia Vista Checks  $11.95  Medium bright green leaves with nearly black checkered markings. Leaves are a distorted star shape w
Begonia Vista Frills  $12.95  'Vista Frills' is a cross between types so it won't be exactly what you think of as rhizomatous but
Begonia Vista Lady  $12.95  This is a Begonia luxurians hybrid with much the same habit and size but with only a partiall
Begonia Vista Pauper  $12.95  Medium to large leaves on a compact growing plant. A hybrid of Begonia 'Palomar Prince', it s
Begonia Vista Quest  $11.95  Begonia luxurians hybrid accentuating the best traits. Variable large mostly fully palmate le
Begonia Vista Silver Shimmer  $12.95  Small to medium leaves on a compact full growing plant. Leaves are small, rounded and cupped on shor
Begonia Vista Way  $10.95  The perfect marriage of the best traits of two popular shrub species, Begonia egregia and
Begonia Vivaldi  $11.95  Medium sized leaves are variegated copper and light green with chocolate brown markings. Full, compa
Begonia Vivian Hill  $10.95  Large clusters of scarlet-red flowers, silver spotted red backed coppery leaves. (Thompson)
Begonia Wabbit Twacks  $9.95  Begonia ghertii hybrid similiar in some ways to Begonia 'Dale Kramer', but different g
Begonia Wanda  $14.95  (Distinctive Foliage Rhizomatous Begonia) This beautiful terrarium subject is similar in appearance
Begonia White Sabers  $12.95  This begonia is a member of Brad Thompson's "Saber" series of cane begonias ('Coral Sabers', 'Pepper
Begonia Wild Irish Rose  $11.95  Low growing cane. Has small narrow bright green undulated leaves. Has white flowers with rose-blush
Begonia Wild Pony  $12.95  This medium to large leaved rhizomatous begonia has been in circulation for at least 40 years. It wa
Begonia Willie Mae Wilson  $11.95  Medium growing rhizomatous. Leaves are medium sized upright cupped stars that are nearly black with
Bertolonia maculata  $13.95  Beautiful rare low growing tropical perennial with 3 inch coppery brown oval leaves, magenta-pink un
Bertolonia marmorata  $20.95  Similar to Bertolonia maculata with 3 inch silvery white oval leaves striped brown, pink unde
Bertolonia sp Domingos Martins  $11.95  Rare offering. Small, compact plant with ribbed and textured leaf, shaded copper and green with spar
Bertolonia sp Jussari  $13.95  Rare melastom from Brazil with coppery brown leaves, pink underside. Pink flowers. Medium sized plan
Beschorneria yuccoides  $10.95  This gorgeous plant resembles a yucca, but its gray-green leaves are soft and spineless. The stemles
Bignonia magnifica  $13.95  Of the many showy trumpet vines, this is the most useful to the container gardener, for unlike its l
Bowiea volubilis  $13.95  This bulb is a curiosity. It's neither from the sea or related to an onion, but instead is a member
Breynia disticha Minima  $10.95  Very compact growing shrub with tiny round leaves splotched white, shaded pink. Grow in bright shade
Breynia disticha Roseopicta  $10.95  Tropical shrub to 5 feet with small colorful leaves of white, pink, red and green. Commonly used as
Brillantaisia owariensis  $9.95  Herbaceous shrub growing 4 to 6 feet tall, with large arrowhead-shaped leaves and spikes of large bl
Brugmansia Apricot  $11.95  The typical form of this large flowered species, with sweetly fragrant pendant flowers, aging from w
Brugmansia Betty Marshall  $11.95  An unusually compact and floriferous selection bearing single white flowers with spicy-sweet perfume
Brugmansia Charles Grimaldi  $11.95  An exceptional California hybrid with enormous 15 inch yellow-orange flowers and strongly recurved p
Brugmansia Collection  $28.95  3 different, our choice.^family~Solanaceae
Brugmansia Creamsickle  $11.95  A beautiful scented free flowering brugmansia with very large 15 inch, double trumpet-shaped flowers
Brugmansia Culebra  $15.95  A very unusual and rare cultivar of B. aurea with narrow ribbon-like leaves. Flowers are whit
Brugmansia Cypress Gardens  $11.95  Huge pendant trumpet-shaped white flowers with upturned edges in abundance. Possibly a suaveolens
Brugmansia Double White  $11.95  An exceptional double flowered brugmansia, with large velvety leaves and pendant hose-in-hose double
Brugmansia Dr Seuss  $11.95  Huge fragrant golden orange flowers in great profusion. A vigorous grower producing a tremendous sho
Brugmansia Ecuador Pink  $11.95  A rarer pink form of the versicolor species, with large pendant flowers aging from white to p
Brugmansia Forestville Double  $14.95  Large 12 inch very double flowers (elongated trumpet within a trumpet). Color is white with a soft a
Brugmansia Frosty Pink  $11.95  Large salmon-pink flowers with a strong sweet scent plus a vigorous growth habit make this our best
Brugmansia HerrenHauser Garten  $14.95  Impressive dark orange flowers are 14 inches long, consisting of four corollas fitted one within the
Brugmansia Jamaica Yellow  $11.95  Beautiful lemon-yellow flowers with a spicy-sweet fragrance, compact. Very free flowering. A suav
Brugmansia Jamies Monkey Business  $15.95  Beautiful fragrant dark orange flowers on large study plant. German hybrid by Ludger Schneider, rele
Brugmansia Jean Pasko  $11.95  Giant golden yellow fragrant flowers with dark edge. A natural hybrid collected in Ecuador.^family~S
Brugmansia Maya  $11.95  Beautiful variegated foliage with apricot colored tubular flowers. Light fragrance. Leaves variegate
Brugmansia Milk n Honey  $11.95  Impressive display of beautiful large fragrant white trumpets with green veins and long tips. Flower
Brugmansia Miss Emily Mackenzie  $15.95  Profuse blooms of fantastic dark pink flowers, each up to 20 inches long. Hybrid of 'Pink Beauty' an
Brugmansia New Orleans Lady  $15.95  Very large beautiful trumpet-shaped pendant double flowers with long corolla tips. Opens white and c

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