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This site link lists all plants in alphabetical order, including those currently out of stock or no longer offered. Descriptions have been shortened to load quickly. Single quote marks on varieties have been omitted to enable the alphabetical sorting of the plants. Click on links for full descriptions.


Passiflora nephrodes  $19.95  Showy pink flowers with pink and white corona. Flowers repeatedly throughout the year. Lobed leaves
Passiflora nigradenia  $19.95  Large white flowers shaded green, prominent corona banded pink and white. Smooth leathery oval leave
Passiflora perfoliata  $15.95  Racemes of rose magenta flowers in abundance. Small grower with bilobed leaves.
Passiflora phoenicea  $19.95  Closely related to the giant granadilla (Passiflora quadrangularis), it is hardier to cold an
Passiflora platyloba  $13.95  Large light green bracts envelop the very fragrant purple and white flowers. Edible fruit with grape
Passiflora Pura Vida  $15.95  Deep crimson flowers with distinctive purple and white tipped pentagon-shaped corona. Free flowering
Passiflora Purple Tiger  $19.95  Huge crimson red fragrant flowers with a purple and white corona. Large edible fruit. Similar to
Passiflora quadrangularis  $19.95  Very large fragrant rose pink flowers with large spreading corona banded blue and white. Large oval
Passiflora racemosa  $15.95  Very showy pendant racemes of 4 inch coral-red flowers with purple corona. Smooth three-lobed leaves
Passiflora racemosa Coral Flame  $9.95  A strikingly beautiful vine with long clusters of 8 to 12 bright pink flowers up to 5 inches in widt
Passiflora reflexiflora  $19.95  Numerous rosy pink flowers, small trilobed leaves on this beautiful species, probably extinct in in
Passiflora sanguinolenta  $13.95  Pink flowers in profusion all season. Small bilobed leaves, compact, very suitable for indoor cultur
Passiflora seemannii  $14.95  Fragrant flowers are purple-blue with a corona banded purple and white. Occasionally cultivated in M
Passiflora serratifolia  $15.95  Reflexed reddish purple flowers with a wonderful intense fragrance. Oval leaves. Large sweet edible
Passiflora standleyi  $13.95  Clusters of reflexed mauve and purple fragrant flowers, unusual long bilobed leaves. Suitable indoor
Passiflora Star of Bristol  $13.95  Large white flowers shaded blue with purple corona. Always in bloom. Hardy to 28F.
Passiflora subpeltata  $13.95  White flowers staying open for several days. Lobed leaves. Easily grown as a houseplant in a sunny w
Passiflora Sunburst  $13.95  A hybrid with flowers of bright orange-yellow, a rare color in passionflowers. A vigorous hybrid, it
Passiflora triloba  $14.95  Huge very fragrant coppery red flowers with blue and white corona. Large, vigorous, flowers througho
Passiflora tulae  $15.95  Attractive pink flowers with tubular orange center. Small grower.
Passiflora umbilicata  $19.95  Deep purple flowers in profusion. Small trilobed leaves. Easy to grow vigorous vine. Prefers cool cl
Passiflora Violetta  $15.95  Very large purple-black corona covering white petals. Free flowering, small lobed leaves.^common~(Sy
Passiflora vitifolia Scarlet Flame  $13.95  The most spectacular of all the red flowered passionflowers. Large 5 inch reflexed flowers with over
Passiflora White Wedding  $14.95  Sumptuous large pure white flowers. The slightly fragrant flowers are produced in abundance througho
Pavonia missionum  $10.95  Uncommon evergreen shrub, growing about 5 feet high and wide, with abundant 1½ inch vibrant orange-
Pavonia x gledhillii Rosea  $10.95  Showy long lasting feathery carmine red bracts held upright in candelabra fashion. Narrow dark green
Pelargonium carnosum  $16.95  Native to South Africa, this succulent geranium has thick succulent gray stems swollen at the intern
Pellionia pulchra  $9.95  Great trailing indoor plant for basket or terrarium. Showy leaves are dark veined with an olive-gree
Pellionia repens  $9.95  Grown for the beauty of its leaves, it makes an ideal basket or terrarium plant. Showy leaves are pu
Pennisetum macrostachyum Burgundy Giant  $10.95  This fast growing grass with deep burgundy leaves (boldest of the fountain grasses) makes a dramatic
Pentalinon luteum  $10.95  Large bright yellow trumpet-shaped flowers in abundance all season long. Attractive glossy dark gree
Pentas Collection  $26.95  3 different, our choice.^common~Egyptian Star Cluster^family~Rubiaceae^catdiv~
Pentas lanceolata Blush  $9.95  Blush is a medium tall plant with palest pink, almost white flowers.^family~Rubiaceae
Pentas lanceolata Compact Lavender  $9.95  This variety is a dwarf form but has very unique bluish lavender flowers.^family~Rubiaceae
Pentas lanceolata Crimson Star  $9.95  Tall grower, bright, deep red flowers.^family~Rubiaceae
Pentas lanceolata Nova  $9.95  Vigorous tall grower, extra large pink cerise flowers.^family~Rubiaceae
Pentas lanceolata Orchid Star  $9.95  Tall grower, extra large orchid purple flowers.^family~Rubiaceae
Pentas lanceolata Silver Star  $9.95  Tall grower, pure white flowers.^family~Rubiaceae
Pentas lanceolata Southern Star  $9.95  Tall, bicolored flowers of clear pink shading to deep rose-pink centers.^family~Rubiaceae
Pentas lanceolata Stars and Stripes  $9.95  Tall grower, variegated white and creamy lime leaves with deep red flowers.^family~Rubiaceae
Peperomia caperata Rosso  $9.95  This perfect houseplant shows off glossy green deeply grooved leaves with dark veins and contrasting
Peperomia clusiifolia Jellie  $15.95  This is one of the showiest peperomias. The thick reddened stems are adorned with striking succulent
Peperomia obtusifolia Golden Gate  $15.95  This is a striking variegated houseplant with uniquely patterned leaves of creamy yellow and pale gr
Peperomia perciliata  $9.95  This unique peperomia has oval, thick succulent green leaves with subtle light green stripes and ste
Peperomia polybotrya  $9.95  The Raindrop Peperomia is an easy to grow tropical house plant with thick, glossy green, teardrop-sh
Peperomia prostrata  $15.95  This is a favorite miniature plant that creeps along the ground creating a dense mat. It can even cl
Peperomia rubella  $15.95  Miniature trailer with tiny red backed leaves. Suitable for hanging basket, terrarium, vivarium or d
Peperomia scandens Variegata  $9.95  This "False Philodendron" is a popular house plant with heart-shaped waxy variegated leaves of green
Pereskia aculeata Godseffiana Variegata  $14.95  This is an unusual climbing primitive cactus with golden waxy leaves with a green central flame on t
Petrea sp  $14.95  Seed grown plants from a new Petrea species with larger flower clusters than Petrea volubi
Petrea volubilis  $14.95  Spectacular long clusters of starry blue flowers with purple centers blooming spring and summer. Woo
Philadelphus mexicana  $14.95  
Philadelphus mexicana Flore Plena  $13.95  
Philodendron camposportoanum  $39.95  The small slightly velvety and glossy leaves on this rare philodendron start out heart shaped on a y
Philodendron crassinervium  $49.95  New! This philodendron from southeast Brazil has dark green, lance-shaped leaves with a prominent th
Philodendron Jose Buono  $149.95  This is a rare variegated form of a large growing tropical climber. Leaves are up to 2 feet long and
Philodendron Pink Princess  $74.95  This is a beautiful Australian hybrid with dark olive-green waxy leaves streaked with shades of purp
Philodendron verrucosum  $74.95  Rare collector's aroid. Beautiful heart-shaped leaves with a velvety sheen and a wine colored patter
Phlogacanthus turgidus  $11.95  Here is a rare plant for the tropical plant collector. This compact plant has pale lavender-pink bel
Phymosia umbellata  $11.95  Three inch red mallow-like flowers on a spreading evergreen shrub or small tree to 15 feet with deep
Pilea pubescens Silver Cloud  $9.95  Uncommon house plant with striking silvery leaves, ruffled and serrated, with pinkish color on the u
Pilea spruceana Silver Tree  $9.95  This pilea has a narrow, serrated, chocolate colored leaf with a broad silver band running down its
Piper crocatum  $15.95  Beautiful greenhouse climber with corrugated glossy dark olive-green leaves with silver-pink marblin
Pisonia grandis Alba  $15.95  This small evergreen tree is grown for its foliage. Its canopy of luminous, pale yellow-green leaves
Pisonia umbellifera Aurea  $20.95  This is a very rare unusual form of the Bird Catcher Tree with beautiful leaves of bright yellow and
Pisonia umbellifera Variegata  $15.95  Beautiful variegation with various shades of white and green. Resembles a compact variegated rubber
Plectranthus barbatus var grandis  $9.95  Perennial from tropical East Africa, 6 foot high with 5 inch hairy leaves. Blooms with foot long clu
Plectranthus barbatus var grandis White Rhino  $9.95  Rare variegated form of Plectranthus barbatus var. grandis. Lime green leaf with darke
Plectranthus ecklonii - Purple  $9.95  Attractive bold perennial with large deep glowing bluish-purple flower spikes in autumn. This slight
Plectranthus ecklonii Erma - Pink  $9.95  Attractive bold perennial with large pink flower spikes in autumn. This slightly woody evergreen shr
Plectranthus ecklonii Tommy - White  $9.95  Fast growing, shrubby perennial for shade, related to coleus. Abundant, many-branched spikes of tiny
Plectranthus ernestii  $9.95  Small felted leaves with mauve flowers and distinctive caudex. Makes interesting bonsai. South Afric
Plectranthus forsteri Green on Green  $9.95  Furry green rippled leaves with margin of lime green. So. Pacific.^family~Lamiaceae
Plectranthus forsteri Marginatus  $9.95  Showy upright plant with bright white margin on scalloped rich green leaves.^family~Lamiaceae
Plectranthus neochilus Dwarf Variegated  $9.95  Dwarf form with small leaves of various shades of green with white feathered edges. A new find for t
Plectranthus oertendahlii Lime Light  $9.95  Colorful basket or ground cover plant with three and sometimes four colors of variegation (green, cr
Plectranthus spicatus  $9.95  This is a succulent plectranthus with small bright green, serrated leaves. It has a long bloom perio
Plowmania nyctaginoides  $11.95  This rare plant is a very unusual Brunfelsia relative with racemes of small tubular red-orang
Plumbago auriculata Alba  $9.95  Same as blue form but with pure white flowers. South Africa.^family~Plumbaginaceae
Plumbago auriculata Royal  $9.95  Clusters of blue flowers throughout the year, small leaves, scandent stems. South Africa. 25F.^famil
Plumbago indica  $10.95  A superior selection of this species, with 4 inch wavy dark green leaves, a compact growth habit, an
Plumeria pudica  $15.95  This species of plumeria has large 3 inch bright white flowers and unique fiddle-shaped leave
Podachaenium eminens  $10.95  Sprays of fragrant white daisy flowers in spring. Huge velvety tropical looking leaves.^family~Aster
Polygala fruticosa Petite Butterfly  $10.95  Compact form of the sweet pea shrub with bright purple pea-like flowers nearly year-round. Easy, fas
Polyscias Collection  $28.95  3 different, our choice, from a selection of these colorful leafed tropical shrubs.^catdiv~
Polyscias cumingiana  $10.95  This is a tall upright shrub with leathery fern-like leaves up to 15 inches long. In full sun the fo
Polyscias fruticosa  $10.95  The Ming Aralia is an erect woody shrub growing to about 12 feet (more commonly 6 to 8 feet) tall wi
Polyscias fruticosa Bonsai  $9.95  A dwarf form of the Ming Aralia this attractive slow growing indoor plant has small, finely cut, par
Polyscias fruticosa Snowflake  $10.95  This is a variegated version of the dwarf 'Bonsai' Ming Aralia with small, finely cut, parsley-like
Polyscias guilfoylei Crispa  $10.95  This weird looking plant has blackish green sharply toothed pinnately-divided leaves curled and twis
Polyscias guilfoylei Marginata  $10.95  The dark green leaves margined in ivory white resemble a rose leaf, hence its common name. In the tr
Polyscias guilfoylei Variegata  $10.95  The lush green leaves of this variety are beautifully variegated with large irregular patches of och
Polyscias scutellaria Crispata  $10.95  This plant gets its name from the shape of the leaves which resemble chicken gizzards. The leaflets
Polyscias scutellaria Fabian  $10.95  This cultivar has rounded, dark green, leathery leaves with a slight reddish cast and maroon to almo
Polyscias scutellaria Marginata  $10.95  This beautiful lush compact plant, growing 3 to 5 feet tall with rounded gray green leaflets bordere
Polyscias scutellaria Pennockii  $10.95  This is a very showy variety with large 3 to 4 inch oval leaves of substance with crenate edges. The
Primulina Aiko  $9.95  Nodding yellow flowers, rosette of narrow tapered leaves.^common~(Syn.: Chirita 'Aiko'), Dark
Primulina Blue Moon  $9.95  Nodding lavender blue flowers, rosette of dark green foliage with light green mottling. (Boggan)^com
Primulina Chastity  $9.95  Rosette of narrow tapered leaves. Large clusters of lavender blue flowers in great abundance. (F)^co
Primulina Collection  $26.95  3 different, our choice.^family~Gesneriaceae
Primulina Crossroads  $9.95  Lavender-pink blooms on tall stems over a compact rosette of dark green leaves, some silver netting.
Primulina Destiny  $9.95  A beautiful Primulina with dark green leaves having a broad silvery green center band and vei
Primulina Diane Marie  $9.95  Beautiful outstanding compact hybrid rosette-type, silver and green leaves, large lavender blue nodd
Primulina dryas Hisako  $9.95  The most beautiful of this group. Makes a stunning rosette of silver veined dark green leaves. Laven
Primulina Keiko  $9.95  Clusters of large lavender blue flowers striped yellow throat, compact rosette of dusky green leaves
Primulina Loki  $10.95  Beautiful rounded green leaves with broad silver veining and blue tubular flowers. Compact habit. (F
Primulina Lola  $9.95  Large lavender-blue flowers, striped throat. Silver and green scalloped leaves, compact habit.
Primulina Moonlight  $9.95  Nodding lavender blue flowers, rosette of medium green foliage with silvery pattern. (Boggan)^common
Primulina Nakako  $9.95  Yellow flowers produced freely over a compact rosette of green leaves.^common~(Syn.: Chirita
Primulina Nemesis  $9.95  Grows as a rosette of dark green oval quilted leaves with medium lavender colored flowers. Similar t
Primulina Patina  $9.95  Medium green leaves with light green center radiating out along the veins. When leaves mature, reddi
Primulina Piccolo  $9.95  Compact grower with clusters of lavender flowers. The leaves are showy with a medium green center an
Primulina Rachel  $10.95  Unique with small, slender dark green pointed leaves and a center stripe of light green. Freely bloo
Primulina Silver Surfer  $9.95  Cluster of medium purple flowers. Green leaves are patterned silver.^common~(Syn.: Chirita 'S
Primulina Vertigo  $9.95  Rosette of dark green tapered leaves with pale center stripe. Nodding blue flowers.^common~(Syn.: i
Pseuderanthemum alatum  $9.95  This low growing ground cover has broad coppery brown leaves with silver patches along the midrib an
Pseuderanthemum and Graptophyllum Collection  $26.95  3 different, our choice, from a selection of colorful leafed tropical subshrubs such as: Pseudera
Pseuderanthemum carruthersii Ebony  $9.95  A distinctive foliage plant with deep, chocolate-burgundy, almost black leaves. Blooms in warmer mon
Pseuderanthemum carruthersii var atropurpureum Rubrum  $9.95  The most dramatic form of Pseuderanthemum with large lacquered maroon leaves, matching the sk
Pseuderanthemum carruthersii var atropurpureum Tricolor  $9.95  Irregularly margined leaves of rich lacquered purple with zones of gray green and pink on maroon ste
Pseuderanthemum carruthersii var atropurpureum Variegatum  $9.95  This erect tropical shrub has dark green waxy foliage marked with irregular patches of gray green, b
Pseuderanthemum carruthersii var carruthersii Broad Leaf  $9.95  Green leaves, yellow netting. Upright spires of white flowers dotted pink. Tropical, 50F. Broad l
Pseuderanthemum carruthersii var carruthersii Narrow Leaf  $9.95  Green leaves, yellow netting. Upright spires of white flowers dotted pink. Tropical, 50F. Narrow
Pseuderanthemum crenulatum  $9.95  Makes a wonderful conservatory plant or shade plant in the tropics. A small grower with glossy green
Pseuderanthemum laxiflorum  $9.95  Long lasting rosy purple flowers year-round. Attractive house plant plant with glossy green leaves.
Pseuderanthemum Purple Dazzler Variegated  $9.95  Showy small erect shrub with variegated leaves of green, pink, purple, and white and starry lavender
Pseudogynoxys chenopodioides  $10.95  Bright orange flowers throughout the year, light green glossy leaves. Colombia.^family~Asteraceae^co
Pseudogynoxys chenopodioides Sao Paulo  $10.95  A superior selection, collected from a cultivated plant in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This beautiful vine co
Punica granatum Alba Plena  $10.95  Rare flowering form with fully double, creamy white flowers, no fruit. Arching deciduous shrub or sm
Punica granatum Legrellei  $10.95  Rare cultivar with double coral flowers bordered and streaked with creamy white. Delicate petals are
Punica granatum Nana  $10.95  Similar to the typical fruiting pomegranate, but much smaller in size. Dense growth to 3 feet. Brigh
Punica granatum Nana Emperor  $10.95  Similar to the typical fruiting pomegranite, but much smaller in every way. This cultivar may be the
Punica granatum Nochi Shibari  $10.95  Dense, arching branches produce showy dark red carnation-like, double flowers from late winter throu
Punica granatum Party Dress  $10.95  Dwarf pomegranate with flowers that are salmon pink and pink fruit. (F,D)^family~Lythraceae
Rhaphidophora cryptantha  $19.95  This is a truly unique and beautiful variegated climbing plant. The rounded dark green leaves show o
Rhaphidophora korthalsii  $19.95  Rare tropical climber with juvenile blue-green leaves held tightly together, overlapping like shingl
Rhipsalis cereuscula  $7.95  This is an epiphytic (tree-dwelling) cactus with light green cylindrical jointed stems that look lik
Rhipsalis micrantha subsp. rauhiorum  $9.95  This "Mistletoe Cactus" has small white flowers on flattened fleshy stems, later followed with mistl
Rhipsalis paradoxa  $12.95  This sought after hanging epiphytic cactus has three-angled stems with the angles and facets alterna
Roldana petasitis  $10.95  Shrubby perennial from Mexico. Tropical look with large 8 inch fanlike velvety evergreen leaves. Clu
Rotheca myricoides Ugandense  $9.95  Beautiful clusters of brilliant blue butterfly-shaped flowers with long curving stamens. Prized by c
Ruellia affinis  $10.95  This is a rare winter blooming tropical ruellia with showy 2 inch wide scarlet flowers. Unusual for
Ruellia breedlovei  $9.95  Shade-loving showy tropical shrub with large 2½ inch trumpet-shaped luscious purple flowers w
Ruellia brevifolia Alba  $9.95  This is a selected cultivar with white flowers. South America.^common~(Syn.: Ruellia graecizans
Ruellia brevifolia Red Christmas Pride  $9.95  This selected cultivar has burgundy colored reverse on leaves with bright red flowers borne on slend
Ruellia chartacea  $10.95  Large impressive fiery red bracts with clusters of orange flowers. Dark green foliage. 40F.^family~A
Ruellia conzattii  $9.95  A tropical shrub with 2½ inch light yellow flowers. Evergreen with 5 inch ovate to cordate so
Ruellia devosiana  $9.95  Small foliage similar to Ruellia makoyana with beautiful powder blue flowers. Suitable for a
Ruellia elegans  $9.95  Our original offering. Scarlet red flowers produced all year on 2 to 3 foot shrub on tall stems. Par
Ruellia elegans Coral  $9.95  Similar to Ruellia elegans 'Rio Red' but with flowers that are a coral pink.^family~Acanthace
Ruellia elegans Rio Red  $9.95  A compact form growing 12 inches high and producing 1 inch deep red tubular blooms from late spring
Ruellia macrantha  $9.95  Beautiful display of 3 inch rosy pink trumpets throughout fall and winter, sometimes again in midsum
Ruellia makoyana  $9.95  Brilliant reddish-purple 2 flowers are produced all year, heaviest from fall through spring. Beautif
Ruellia maya  $9.95  Showy tropical subshrub with 2 inch funnel-shaped light purple flowers. Evergreen with mostly uprigh
Ruspolia hypocrateriformis  $9.95  Rare small shrub from tropical and southern Africa with 1 inch tubular red flowers in spikes. Blooms
Russelia equisetiformis red  $9.95  A popular and colorful plant, with many scarlet red 1 inch tubular flowers displayed throughout the
Russelia equisetiformis Salmon Pink  $9.95  Spectacular penstemon relative with horsetail-like, arching, stems and tubular, salmon-pink flowers.
Russelia equisetiformis Yellow Gold  $9.95  A choice variety with tubular yellow flowers. Use for hanging baskets, ground cover, or spilling ove
Russelia sarmentosa  $9.95  Clusters of crimson flowers, tiny leaves, small shrub. Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds.^family
Ruttya fruticosa Orange Dragon  $9.95  Clusters of unusual two lipped bright orange flowers with glossy black centers throughout the year.
Ruttya fruticosa Yellow Dragon  $9.95  Clusters of striking bright yellow flowers with glossy black centers all year.^family~Acanthaceae
Ruttya ovata  $9.95  Unusual South African shrub with dense, many-flowered, terminal clusters of white flowers with purpl
Ruttyruspolia Phyllis van Heerden  $9.95  Clusters of star-shaped dusky rose flowers all summer. Compact shrub to 3 feet with small pointed le
Sanchezia parvibracteata  $9.95  Glossy green leaves with bright yellow netting. A selected compact form with small golden tubular fl
Sanchezia sanmartinensis  $11.95  Rare tropical Sanchezia from Peru with solid green leaves covered with short, fine hairs. Tub
Sanchezia Singapore Gold  $10.95  This easy to grow tropical plant has tri-colored leaves of light green, gold, and cream with purplis
Sanchezia speciosa  $9.95  Glossy green leaves with yellow to cream veins with tubular yellow flowers enclosed by russet-red br
Sauropus androgynus  $13.95  Culturally, sweet leaf bush has been a popular leafy vegetable in Southeast Asia. It was added to sa
Scadoxus puniceus  $11.95  This is one of South Africa's most dramatic bulbous plants. It bears showy pale red brush-like dense
Scaevola taccada  $10.95  This flowering plant is a common beach shrub throughout the Indian Ocean and South Pacific, reaching
Schaueria calicotricha  $9.95  This Brazilian tropical plant with wide dark green glossy leaves produces 4 inch yellow brush-like b
Schaueria sp. Lime Puff  $10.95  A very different tropical plant with large bright yellow feather duster heads from which protrude wh
Schefflera arboricola Janine  $13.95  Unusual Schefflera with small frilly leaves, beautifully variegated in green and lime-white.
Schefflera schizophylla  $49.95  We previously offered this plant as Schefflera actinophylla 'Nova'. This is a very rare unusu
Schizolobium parahyba  $20.95  This spectacular flowering tree is crowned with masses of golden blooms in early spring. It's one of
Sclerochiton harveyanus  $14.95  This is an intriguing evergreen shrub from South Africa that bears masses of mauve-blue fan-shaped f
Selaginella erythropus  $11.95  Miniature plant with dark green fronds with deep crimson undersides. Resembling and closely allied t
Selaginella moellendorffii  $11.95  Miniature plant with small ferny dark green swirling fronds. Requires a contained atmosphere (terrar
Selaginella uncinata  $9.95  Miniature plant with tiny iridescent blue scale-like leaves on slender, creeping stems. Beautiful, u
Selaginella vogelii  $9.95  Miniature plant with upright fern-like fronds. Compact, beautiful. Requires a contained atmosphere (
Senecio angulatus  $15.95  South African vine with clouds of yellow daisy-like flowers all season long. Glossy leaves.^family~A
Senecio macroglossus  $15.95  This is a twining vine that resembles a small English Ivy with glossy green succulent leaves and pal
Senecio tamoides  $15.95  This is a vigorous fast-growing evergreen vine with semi-succulent stems and leaves. It has attracti
Senna bicapsularis Butter Creme  $9.95  Evergreen rounded shrub is covered in fall with pale creamy yellow pea-shaped blossoms. Grows to abo
Senna bicapsularis California Gold  $9.95  Evergreen rounded shrub is covered in fall with bright lemon-yellow pea-shaped blossoms. Grows to ab
Setaria palmifolia Rubra Variegata  $13.95  This is an uncommon variegated form of Palm Grass with long pleated emerald colored leaves, red cent
Sida fallax Black Coral  $9.95  Dwarf Hawaiian upright small shrub with single golden orange flowers and dark stems.^family~Malvacea
Sida fallax Kaneohe Gold  $9.95  Charming dwarf Hawaiian shrub, whose flowers are prized for making bright golden leis that in histor
Sinningia Apollo  $9.95  Unusually large, long blush-pink flowers with pink throat on a small, compact plant. Free flowering.
Sinningia April Pink  $11.95  Charming pink flowers with a broad dark stripe down the throat. Compact grower. A chance seedling of
Sinningia bragae  $11.95  Clusters of deep purple nodding flowers, broad light green leaves. Dormant in winter. Brazil. Previo
Sinningia bullata  $10.95  Bright orange flowers dotted red produced throughout the year. Small bright green leaves with intere
Sinningia bullata x leucotricha  $10.95  Orange tubular flowers with darker inner spots on this beautiful hybrid. The S. bullata and
Sinningia canescens  $10.95  Terminal clusters of salmon rose tubular flowers. Velvety foliage covered with white hairs. (F, D, W
Sinningia cardinalis  $9.95  Large brilliant fiery scarlet tubular flowers in terminal clusters. Broad velvety emerald green leav
Sinningia cardinalis Hybrid  $9.95  Seed grown hybrids with flowers ranging from bright red to pale peach. Taller and longer bloom perio
Sinningia cardinalis Pink  $9.95  Bright coral pink flowers.^family~Gesneriaceae
Sinningia Cherry Sprite  $9.95  Cherry pink flowers with some spotting in throat. Compact, dark foliage. (Kartuz) (F, M, T)^family~G
Sinningia Cindy Ella  $9.95  Many large blue and white nodding flowers with distinctive striped throat. (Nixon) (F, M, T)^family~
Sinningia conspicua  $9.95  Large pastel yellow flowers in abundance with fragrance reminiscent of Lily of the Valley. Soft down
Sinningia Doll Baby  $9.95  Large lavender-blue nodding blooms, yellow throat. Compact, free flowering, easy to grow. (F, M, T)^
Sinningia eumorpha Clenilson  $11.95  This is similar to Sinningia eumorpha, but with larger 2 inch flowers shaded a purple-blue. T
Sinningia Freckles  $10.95  Abundant purple and white flowers, spotted throat, small dark green foliage.^family~Gesneriaceae
Sinningia gesneriifolia  $10.95  Striking variegated leaves with silvery feathering of the center vein. Large downward facing flowers
Sinningia guttata  $11.95  Showy species with white flowers spotted with purple dots, yellow stripe down the center of the thro
Sinningia HCYs Pink Raindrops  $11.95  Bright rose pink flowers on short, upright stems. Constantly in flower. (Chia-Yu Hung) (F, M, T)^fam
Sinningia Heartlands Double Dilly  $10.95  Unique double flowers are dark pink with the broad white throat striped in dark pink. (Martens)
Sinningia helleri  $15.95  This beautiful sinningia was considered extinct until it was recently rediscovered by Mauro Peixoto
Sinningia High Voltage  $9.95  Very large salmon-orange flowers in abundance. Small soft green leaves, very compact. Outstanding co
Sinningia iarae  $10.95  New species, similar to Sinningia cardinalis. Verdant dark green leaves with clusters of slen
Sinningia insularis  $10.95  This species produces abundant clusters of orange-red flowers above small dark green foliage. It's e
Sinningia Laura  $9.95  Large, deepest violet-purple, slipper-shaped flowers, reddish-purple throat. Nice dark foliage. Comp
Sinningia leucotricha  $10.95  Terminal clusters of lovely salmon-pink tubular flowers. Noted for its beautiful and distinctive fol
Sinningia Lil Georgie  $11.95  Micro-miniature, the size of S. pusilla. Hybrid of Sinningia concinna and Sinningia
Sinningia macrostachya  $10.95  Clusters of bright red flowers virtually all year. Leathery medium sized leaves on a compact plant.
Sinningia Maidens Blush  $9.95  Pale pink nodding flowers. Finest of this color. Small, compact. Always in bloom. (Saylor) (F, M, T)
Sinningia Melodrama  $10.95  Clusters of striped and spotted pink flowers in abundance. Attractive deep green foliage, red undern
Sinningia Mod Imp  $9.95  This is a fine pink mini with tubular flowers. Reintroduction of one of our older cultivars. (Kartuz
Sinningia Mother of Pearl  $9.95  Abundant large bright salmon pink flowers, small light green leaves. Free flowering, easy. (F, M, T)
Sinningia muscicola  $11.95  Attractive Sinningia pusilla sized micro-miniature. White flowers flushed light purple. Leave
Sinningia Ozark Coral Freckles  $10.95  Coral orange, dotted violet. (David Harris)^family~Gesneriaceae
Sinningia Ozark Sentimental Journey  $10.95  Compact semi-miniature with clusters of large purple flowers produced in abundance. Repeat flowering
Sinningia Polka Punch  $11.95  Prolific flowering Sinningia guttata hybrid by Jim Steuerlein. Racemes of dotted plink flower
Sinningia Prudence Risley  $11.95  Pendant clusters of long deep red flowers on a compact plant with small oval leaves. Always in bloom
Sinningia pusilla  $9.95  Micro-miniature Sinningia. Tiniest of all. Miniature lilac-blue nodding flowers. ½ inc
Sinningia pusilla Itaoca  $10.95  Micro miniature, smaller and easier than the original Sinningia pusilla. Tiny plant with teen
Sinningia richii Robson Lopes  $11.95  Bright yellow nodding flowers sparsely covered with fine red hairs. Soft green leaves on this compac
Sinningia Romanza  $11.95  Plentiful pink flowers with red tube, throat dotted purple. Dark green bubbly textured leaves, compa
Sinningia Scarlet Sunset  $9.95  Large bright red flowers produced freely. Compact habit, small soft green leaves. (F, M, T)^family~G
Sinningia Species and Hybrids Collection  $28.95  3 different, our choice.^family~Gesneriaceae
Sinningia speciosa Blue Dandy  $10.95  Florist Gloxinia. Sinningia 'Blue Dandy' has deep violet blue flowers bordered blue-wh
Sinningia speciosa Carangola  $10.95  A superb varient of the Brazillian species, this the ancestor to the modern florist gloxinia. It's a
Sinningia speciosa Claire Roberts  $10.95  Florist Gloxinia. Clusters of deep red nodding flowers, dark green foliage veined light green
Sinningia speciosa Double Delight  $10.95  Florist Gloxinia. Upright clusters of very large double medium blue ruffled flowers with deep
Sinningia speciosa Double Red White Border  $10.95  Florist Gloxinia. Large fully double flowers edged in white on a compact growing plant.^famil
Sinningia speciosa Lawns Double Red  $10.95  Florist Gloxinia. Large fully double flowers in a tight cluster on a compact growing plant.^f
Sinningia speciosa Merry Christmas  $10.95  Florist Gloxinia. Showy clusters of large ruffled velvety double red flowers bordered white.
Sinningia speciosa Red Sizzle  $10.95  Florist Gloxinia. Very large velvety red double flowers, bronzy green compact foliage. Excell
Sinningia Tampa Bay Beauty  $10.95  Clusters of scarlet red flaring tubular flowers in abundance. Dark green foliage. (F, D)^family~Gesn
Sinningia Tetraploid Bright Eyes  $11.95  Tiny micro-miniature with flowers twice as large as Sinningia pusilla. Vigorous and free flow
Sinningia White Sprite  $9.95  Micro-miniature sinningia. Pure white sport of Sinningia pusilla. Smallest and best white flo
Sinningia Yma  $11.95  Semi-miniature by Jim Steuerlein with bright pink flowers produced continuously throughout the year.
Sinningia Zillanova  $10.95  Showy deep salmon pink flowers above attractive bubbly textured leaves. Large, easy grower. New sinn
Smicrostigma viride  $11.95  New! This shrubby succulent is sure to please a collector of the unusual. It has blue-green curved t
Smithiantha Big Dots Rule  $10.95  Flowers dotted crimson on white background. Velvety red foliage. (Martens) (F)^family~Gesneriaceae
Smithiantha cinnabarina  $10.95  Beautiful heart-shaped velvety red leaves. Racemes of nodding red flowers late summer and fall. (F)^
Smithiantha Extra Sassy  $10.95  Red flowers in abundance, velvety red foliage. (Martens) (F)^family~Gesneriaceae
Smithiantha HCYs Winter Glory  $10.95  Beautiful pink flowers with yellow and white throat, spotted with dark pink. This worthy hybrid is a
Smithiantha Prelude  $10.95  Compact variety, pink flowers with yellow face spotted red. Marbled purple and green leaves. (F)^fam
Smithiantha Zebrina Hybrids  $10.95  Racemes of nodding, bell-shaped flowers in shades of pink, red and yellow. Velvety heart-shaped leav
Solandra longiflora  $10.95  Large vine similar to Solandra maxima but glossy leaves are smaller and golden flowers are na
Solandra maxima  $10.95  One of the largest and showiest flowers of any vine is produced by this luxuriant Mexican species, w
Solandra maxima Variegata  $10.95  Cup of gold vine with purple stemmed leaves variegated and edged creamy white. 28F.^family~Solanacea
Solanum muricatum Rio Bamba  $9.95  Deliciously sweet fruit is provided by this compact, colorful and unusual flowering plant from the A
Solanum muricatum Vista  $9.95  An upright, green stemmed selection that may set fruit better on its own. Bright green leaves. Big f
Solanum wendlandii  $15.95  One of the finest blue flowered vines producing a spectacular display in the heat of summer with lar
Sparmannia africana  $13.95  Large heart-shaped felted leaves with clusters of 2 inch white flowers. An interesting oddity is tha
Sphagneticola trilobata Texas Gold  $9.95  Fast growing subtropical ground cover. Leaves are green brightly splashed with yellow with golden co
Stachytarpheta jamaicensis  $9.95  Spreading tropical perennial to 2 feet high with spikes of blue flowers that attracts butterflies an
Stachytarpheta mutabilis  $9.95  Robust tropical perennial to 4 feet with spikes of coral flowers. Part shade to full sun. Very attra
Stachytarpheta Purple Hybrid  $9.95  The deep ½" purple flowers are sure to lure butterflies and hummingbirds to this tropical per
Stachytarpheta sanguinea  $9.95  Compact tropical perennial with dark green foliage and numerous spikes of bright red flowers from Br
Stenotaphrum secundatum Variegatum  $9.95  Ornamental grass striped white and green. Basket or ground cover.^family~Poaceae^common~Variegated S
Stephanotis floribunda  $11.95  Prized for the wonderfully sweet fragrance of its waxy white flowers which are popular in wedding bo
Stephanotis floribunda Variegata  $12.95  An usual variegated form of the madagascar jasmine with brightly colored yellow variegation on the n
Stictocardia beraviensis  $19.95  New! This is a beautiful evergreen tropical climber from Africa and Madagascar that is related to th
Stigmaphyllon ciliatum  $10.95  Carefree slender vine with large heads of bright yellow flowers resembling oncidium orchids. Blooms
Streblacanthus amoenus  $10.95  Beautiful tropical shrub with rippled velvety leaves with purple undersides to 11 inches long. Very
Streblacanthus dubiosus  $9.95  Tropical shade plant with interesting color combination of light green leaves with a creamy blotch i
Strelitzia nicolai  $9.95  Tall growing banana-like plant forming huge clumps of stems to 30 feet high. The 6 to 8 foot leaves
Streptocarpella Butterfly  $9.95  Large deep blue flowers cover this dwarf, compact plant. Excellent. Our favorite. (Strickland) (F, B
Streptocarpella Concord Blue  $9.95  Popular African Violet cousin constantly in bloom with violet-blue flowers held on dainty stems. Wit
Streptocarpella saxorum  $9.95  Tiny succulent leaves. Light blue flowers with white throat. Trailing. Wonderful summer hanging bask
Streptocarpella Snow Flurry  $9.95  White flowers with a slight touch of blue. (F, B)^family~Gesneriaceae
Streptocarpella Sparkle  $9.95  Rosy purple flowers in great quantity all year. Self-branching, compact. (Strickland) (F, B)^family~
Streptocarpus Coral Comet  $10.95  Large deep salmon-pink. Grandiflora type.^family~Gesneriaceae
Streptocarpus Double Scoop  $11.95  Double white flowers with irregular pink markings and netting on the lower lobes. A wonderful new Da
Streptocarpus Fancy Frills  $10.95  Frilly white, netted rose- pink. Flower quality of a grandiflora and multflora combined.^family~Gesn
Streptocarpus Fandango  $10.95  Large deep pink flowers striped red. Grandiflora type.^family~Gesneriaceae

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