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Thunbergia to Tradescantia

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Popular with collectors, thunbergias are a large group of showy shrubs and vines with large, brightly colored, often cornucopia-shaped flowers. Shrubby types are listed below, and vining types are listed in the Vines and Climbers section. All have a long bloom season and make excellent container plants. From the old world tropics.

Thunbergia battiscombei Thunbergia battiscombei
Code: 66155
Price: $9.95

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Nearly everblooming with 3 inch electric blue trumpet-shaped flowers with bright yellow throats. 6 inch bright green leaves. Upright or scandent, good in containers or as a garden plant. May be cut back in early spring to make a fountain-shaped perennial. Tropical Africa. 24F. Acanthaceae


Thunbergia erecta Granada Purple Thunbergia erecta 'Granada Purple'
Code: 66164
Price: $9.95

Quantity in Basket: none

(Syn.: Thunbergia erecta 'Blue Moon')

Much larger than the species, flowers are violet purple with a yellow throat. Dark green glossy foliage. Possibly a sport of Thunbergia erecta or more likely the species Thunbergia affinis from Africa.

For other thunbergias, see listings under Vines and Climbers. Acanthaceae



A large group of shrubby plants and trees, often with large showy flowers in iridescent shades of deep purple and violet and large velvety leaves. Excellent in containers or as garden plants in mild climates. They prefer humus-rich acid soil, plenty of moisture, good drainage, and acid fertilizers. Tropical America.

Tibouchina clavata Tibouchina clavata
Code: 66257
Price: $10.95

Quantity in Basket: none

(Syn.: Tibouchina elegans), Glory Bush, Lasiandra, Bears Ear

A 3 to 7 foot showy shrub with silvery green, pubescent leaves. It blooms spring, summer, and fall with clusters of purple flowers about 1½ inches across. Stamens with distinctive long, eyelash-like appendages. Needs some pruning to shape. Plenty of light to bloom. Native to Brazil. Melastomataceae


Tibouchina heteromalla Tibouchina heteromalla
Code: 66323
Price: $10.95

Quantity in Basket: none

Large Leafed Glory Bush, Silver leafed Princess Flower

This choice evergreen shrub grows upright 8-10 feet tall with spectacular 4 by 7 inch ovate green leaves with silvery undersides. 1½ inch purple flowers are borne in showy, upright clusters in summer through fall. This large leafed species blooms well in Northern California, preferring cool coastal climates. A beautiful foliage plant even when out of bloom. It makes a fine container specimen plant. Native to Brazil. Melastomataceae


Tillandsia usneoides Tillandsia usneoides
Code: 90350
Price: $9.95
Quantity in Basket: none

Spanish moss is the classic image of the deep South as it hangs from Southern Live Oak and Bald Cypress trees. This easy to grow epiphytic bromeliad thrives in warm, humid shady locations with tiny green and yellow flowers. Grow it in a greenhouse or use as a patio plant hanging from tree branches. Just drape it on an on a branch or overhang and sprinkle with water a couple of times a week in dry weather. Can also be used as a decorative element in floral arrangements, etc. Propagated by simply dividing the strands and hanging where desired. Native to southern United States and the tropics of South America. USDA zones 8 - 12. Supplied in a generous clump about the size of a football. Bromeliaceae


Tradescantia fluminensis Variegata Tradescantia fluminensis 'Variegata'
Code: 90611
Price: $15.95

Quantity in Basket: none

Variegated Inch Plant

Glossy green "Wandering Jew" with irregular bands of creamy white striped foliage. Great for baskets or as a groundcover in warm climates or try as an annual in colder climates. Likes part sun to shade, dryness between waterings, and is very tolerant to neglect. Very easy houseplant. Can be invasive in the South. Native to Brazil and Argentina. USDA Zones 10 - 11. Commelinaceae


Tradescantia sillamontana Tradescantia sillamontana
Code: 90155
Price: $9.95

Quantity in Basket: none

White Gossamer Plant, White Velvet Wandering Jew, Cobweb Spiderwort

This charming basket plant has grayish green leaves densely covered in silvery white cobwebs. Magenta-pink flowers in summer. Can grow 10 inches high by 18 inches wide as a ground cover. Give it bright shade or sun and avoid overwatering. Briefly dies back in winter. Native to the mountains of northern Mexico. USDA zones 7 - 10. Commelinaceae


Tradescantia zebrina Tradescantia zebrina
Code: 90595
Price: $9.95

Quantity in Basket: none

(Syn.: Tradescantia pendula) Silver Inch Plant, Purple Wandering Jew

This popular hanging basket houseplant is grown for its striking variegated foliage. The fleshy lance-shaped leaves are bronzy purple with two broad silvery stripes above and with undersides of solid rosy purple. For the strongest leaf color, give bright light indoors or light shade outdoors. Best with consistently moist well-drained soil, but with less water in winter. Pinch stems to promote thicker growth. It can be used as a ground cover or filler around potted tropicals. In warm climates, it is best used as a container plant as it can become invasive in the ground. This tender perennial can be grown outdoors in mild climates (USDA zones 9-11) where it does not freeze or as an annual elsewhere. Native to southern Mexico and Guatemala. Commelinaceae


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